Beeman R10: Part 2

Beeman R10 trigger out

by Tom GaylordWriting as B.B. Pelletier Beeman R10. Part 1 History of airguns This report covers: Start Scope base off Tip 1 Mainspring Remove piston Sleeved piston Threaded spring tube Breech seal Cleaning Piston seal Tuning strategy Trigger Insert the piston with the new Vortek seal — tip 2 Last thing — the trigger box! … Read more

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Things you can do to make your new airgun better: Part 2

bottlecap CO2 cartridge

by Tom Gaylord Writing as B.B. Pelletier Part 1 This report covers: • CO2 facts • CO2 is a self-regulating gas • The temperature thing • Piercing pin problems • Chilling bulk-fill guns to fill better • Crosman Pellgunoil • Automatic transmission stop leak • Getting more power from a vintage CO2 gun It took … Read more

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