Why you SHOULDN’T clamp your airgun in a vise!

by B.B. Pelletier

First let me share the inspiration for this blog. Pyramyd Air received a negative review about an air rifle from a customer. He said the air rifle he received was unable to group closer than three shots in several inches at 35 feet. He also said he was shooting the gun from a shooting vise. He was extremely unhappy with the gun and ended up returning it.

Okay, an angry customer. And also one who just shot himself in the foot and doesn’t even know it. He doesn’t know that he was most likely the cause of the lousy accuracy he got. It probably came from the very technique he used to supposedly make the gun accurate. It was proven a century ago that a vise is no guarantee of accurate shooting and can actually rob accuracy. I refer to the work of Dr. F.W. Mann and his extensive work shooting target guns mounted on his massive “Shooting Gibraltar” concrete pedestal with a massive vise bolted to its top. read more