Date: 20/5/2019 21:45

Customers Q&A on AV 3000PSI 13ci Tank & valve 1100psi set


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  • Curtis from USA asked:

    Has anyone used this with a Chrony? Does it maintain a close FPS reading as you use it, or does it drop quickly like the 90 gram cylinders?

    • David from USA asked:

      Will this fit a QB79? I already have the adaptor for the paint ball tank.

      • Douglas from USA asked:

        Can this be re-filled from an 88cuft tank?

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Randy from USA asked:

        got a hammerilli 850 can i use this bottle and what adapter needed to convert to PCP

        • Tyler from USA:

          You need the adapter that comes with Air Venturi Tank with Adapter,... and you'll probably need to do a little work on the 850 stock for the bottle to fit

      • Gerald from USA asked:

        Re: Tyler from USA: Yes, you should be able to adjust the bonnet the same way you can on the Gauntlet cylinder. How is the bonnet adjusted to reposition the gauge?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Once you loosen the bonnet (I recommend doing this without air in the tank), you can rotate the tank or bonnet to the desired position and then tighten down the set screws. Simple as that.

      • Eric from USA asked:

        Can the regulator gauge be adjusted so that its tight AND be visible from the side? When the tank is tight on my Gauntlet, the gauge is facing down so the shroud cant even put back on.

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, you should be able to adjust the bonnet the same way you can on the Gauntlet cylinder.

      • Chris from USA asked:

        Does this need any adapters to screw in to my qb79?

        • Sten from Denmark asked:

          Do you sell O-ring set for "AV 3000PSI 13ci Tank & valve 1100psi set"?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Give the PA tech department a call or email, they should be able to get you the necessary o-rings or at the very least the sizes so you can source them locally.

        • Ievgen from USA asked:

          Can you fill that tank straight from compressor or fiber tank? Or only when connected to the Gauntlet?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, you can fill it straight from a tank or compressor

        • Beto. from Guatemala asked:

          Does it fit in the umarex gauntlet ?

          • Tyler from USA:


        • marvin from USA asked:

          With a air force co2 adapter will this tank work on a talon ?

          • Gary from USA asked:

            I got mixed up and mention the wrong gun I was wondering if it will work with the SIG Sauer MCX CO2 Rifle and you mentioned a adapter What adapter would I need if it fits the sig

          • Gary from USA asked:

            you can convert a co2 to air like do you mean this will replace a 88 gram disposable co2 , Can you fill it with a hand pump. will this work with Gamo Urban PCP air rifle

            • Tyler from USA:

              It only works on some guns, but yes, in some cases, with the appropriate adapter, you can fit it to some CO2 guns. Yes, this can be filled with a hand pump, it's about the same size as a Benjamin Marauder air cylinder. And no, you cannot use it with the Urban.