Date: 19/9/2020 23:33

Customers Q&A on AirForce Spin Loc Carbon Fiber Spare Tank .457, TX2 Valve

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  • Matthew from USA asked:

    Will this upgrade be available in other calibers? If so, what's the eta? Thanks

    • Mark from USA:

      We do not know if Airforce is going to offer a CF tank for other caliber guns. You would have to contact them for that information.

  • Abdullah from USA asked:

    So I guess they means we cant shoot round ball ammo any longer with the CF tank.

    • Mark from USA:

      At high power you need to shoot pellets /slugs in the 300 gr range to prevent valve lock. If you dial the power back you should be able to shoot lighter pellets and or round balls.

  • reggie from USA asked:

    Will the current texan ss that has the STEEL TX2 valve have issues when upgrading to the CF tx2 tank? I know the older texans has issues with valve lock and proper seating if the top hat on the loading shelf. Not sure about the newer models though.

    • Mark from USA:

      You can still get6 valve lock if using too light a pellet. we suggest shooting over 300 gr projectiles at high power.

  • David from USA asked:

    If you were wanting to upgrade an original .457 Texan to the new carbon fiber tank and TX-2 valve is there a spring that we can purchase to change out as well? I think I may have heard something about the spring being different as well.

    • David from USA asked:

      Is the C-F tank the only Texan LSS 457 with the new TX-2 valve?

      • Mark from USA:

        All the current production Texans have the TX-2 valve.