Date: 26/3/2019 21:33

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Charging Station, 4500 psi, 98 cu ft


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  • Marco from USA asked:

    Where do you fill these tanks

    • DENNIS from USA asked:

      Is this tank manufactured in the USA ?

      • Troy from USA asked:

        Can this tank be filled with a hand pump

        • Tyler from USA:

          Is it possible, yes......would you physically want to attempt it, not likely. The amount of time it would take to pump that kind of volume would be crazy

      • Jaime from USA asked:

        How do check the psi in the tank?

        • Tyler from USA:

          You would plug a test plug into the end of the hose and open the valve. That will fill the line to the max pressure available in the cylinder and that pressure will display on the gauge.

      • Tim from USA asked:

        What is needed to fill this tank with a shoebox compressor?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Nothing. The quick disconnect on the hose will connect to the output on the shoebox.

      • Vincent from USA asked:

        I received the tank today but the pressure gauge on the valve is losing. You can move the gauge back and forth, left and right. Is that normal?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, that is normal.

      • Gerald from USA asked:

        Sir, concerning the tank below, how can I be assured it is not more than a year old? Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Charging Station, 4500 psi, 98 cu ft

        • Robert from USA:

          The date of manufacture is printed on the tank's label.

      • Keith from USA asked:

        Will the hose supplied connect to my discovery , Maximus and future marauder ? On the 2000 psi guns - how many charges can I expect ?

        • Chevota from USA:

          Fill calc:

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes it will connect. With a full 4500 psi in the tank and filling to just 2000 psi, you'd be looking at well over 100 full fills. The Marauder would get about 50-60 full fills.

      • Helmut from USA asked:

        Is there a regulator I can buy for this tank? Like the one the 74cu ft tank came with.

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Geoffrey_K from USA asked:

        how many cubic inches is this tank ? is it more than 550CI ?

        • Chevota from USA:

          You'd have to do the math to figure it out but I'd imagine 550CI is very close. If you want max size I'm not sure they make a bigger tank of reasonable size. Or I should say the only larger ones I've seen were much much larger.

        • Stanley from USA:

          98 cubic feet . 4500 psi.

      • kenney from USA asked:

        Can this be filled directly from a shoebox or do in need another fitting to go with it to fill from a shoebox

        • Geoffrey_K from USA:

          A shoebox should fill it if you get the 4500psi model. It will take a bit of time to fill from empty though.

      • kenney from USA asked:

        What else do you need to fill this tank from a shoebox compressor

        • Chevota from USA:

          Fitting wise you should be good, plug straight into the Shoebox. I'd be concerned about water tho, so I made a dryer for mine. I saw a pix of a pcp where the guy used normal/wet air for a year or so and it was an omg disaster inside. Maybe he had an ocean breeze or something but whatever the case I'm paranoid now.