Date: 19/3/2019 2:52

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank, 4500 PSI, 74 Cu Ft

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  • Ken from USA asked:

    I have a Yong Heng 4500 psi compressor. I also have a Gamo Urban pcp rifle. Besides the 74 cu ft tank, what else would I need in order to be able to fill the tank from the compressor and then take the tank with me to fill the urban once air is needed?

    • Tyler from USA:

      What kind of fitting does that compressor have on the output end? Is it a female quick disconnect like the hose on the tank has?

  • Julian from USA asked:

    Does it get delivered with air inside the tank or do we have tl fill it up when we recieve them?

    • Tyler from USA:

      They are shipped empty unless you purchase the Fill and Performance test with it

  • James from USA asked:

    is there a 3000 psi inline regulator for this tank?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not that Pyramyd air sells.

  • James from USA asked:

    when filling from 1500 to around 2800, how many refills will I get for my Benjamin Marauder.

    • Tyler from USA:

      About 40 if the tank has 4500 psi in it

  • Jason Nickels from USA asked:

    I just ordered this tank how many refills will I get out of it on the Hatsan Hercules.45 Topping it off when it drops down to approximately 200 bar? The Hercules has 1000cc capacity, I believe!

    • Chevota from USA:

      Super cool tool to check tanks fills:

    • Tyler from USA:

      You'd get about 9 full fills from 2900 back to 3600 psi, and that is assuming you have a full 4500 psi in the tank

  • Leonel from USA asked:

    How many refills can I get out of a Benjamin bulldog it having 340cc tank

    • Chevota from USA:

      Super cool tool to check tanks fills:

    • Tyler from USA:

      Depending on what pressure you refill the gun at, roughly 25 full fills

  • Pezhman from USA asked:

    where is it made?

    • gabriel from USA asked:

      When filling this tank does the Gauge read tank pressure or only the output pressure into what ever you are filling? I want to be able to read how much is left in the tank while at the range. My 90ci shows me the pressure the tank is at I am wondering if this is the same

      • Tyler from USA:

        The tank reads the output pressure. If you want to check how much is left in the tank, you need to plug in the test plug into the end of the hose and pressurize the line, then you will see on the gauge how much pressure is in the tank.

    • Thomas from USA asked:

      How many fills can I expect with the 74 Cu ft Air Venturi Carbon Fiber tank with a BSA R10 SE, assuming filling from empty to full? Same question with topping off at 1500 PSI to full 232 BAR. Thankis, Tom

      • Tyler from USA:

        From full to empty is nonsensical, you'd only be filling it from empty once. That said, if you wanted to top if off at 1500 psi each time, you'd be looking at around 25 full fills to 232 BAR.

    • fadi from Egypt asked:

      Is this vol at pressure 1 psi or at 4500 psi ?

      • Chevota from USA:

        It means if you vented it to sea level pressure (~14.7psia). Like if you filled a balloon at sea level the balloon would be 74CF. At 4500psi it's less than one cubic foot, closer to a gallon actually. Not sure about the 1psi vol bc I don't care, but 1psia would I guess be <1000cf, 1psi above sea level would be a little less than 74, I spoze ~70.

    • carlos from USA asked:

      Is changing the gauge as easy as just using a wrench to get it off? I have a gauge filled with glycerin i would like to put one there. I am surprised the one that come with the tank is so cheap.

      • Chevota from USA:

        I guess I'd pull the gauge off and see. Many high pressure fittings have straight threads, and of those there are SAE and British, possibly others. You don't want to mix the wrong ones and have that puppy launch outta the tank at that pressure. I'd check the new gauge bc glycerin filled is no guarantee it's better quality. In my experience the smaller the gauge the worse they are so I'd be wary no matter what.

    • David from USA asked:

      How many fills for a Dragon Claw .50 cal? Anyone?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Single tank or dual tank? This is a ball park figure, but the single tank, around 35 full 3000 psi fills, and the dual around 20.

    • John from USA asked:

      What is the output regulated to?

      • Tyler from USA:

        It is not regulated.

    • Terry from USA asked:

      Is the output on this tank regulated like the 90 cubic inch tank to 2900psi? If it is, it will not be of much use filling my hatsan nova or Ataman tactical rifle. Both of those rifles fill way beyond 2900 psi.

      • Tyler from USA:

        No, it is not regulated.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      What is manufacture date on this product and the interval between hydro tests? I should have read more. Retest is on 5 yr cycle, but I'd still want to know date tank was made. Thanks.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Usually they'd be no older than a month or two. And yes, 5 years between hydro tests.

    • cee from USA asked:

      Hi, this tank filled to 4500 psi, how many fills can I get on a AirForce Condor ? Thanks

      • Tyler from USA:

        If you fill the gun to 3000 psi, and you refill when the pressure drops to about 2000 psi, you'd get 21 full refills

    • Douglas from USA asked:

      Can I fill this tank with the attached hose/female foster if my compressor has male foster? Or do I need different hose/fitting?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, you can fill it through the hose. Just don't open the valve on your tank (assuming there is air already in the tank and you are just topping off) until the pressure in the hose is within a few hundred psi of the pressure already in your tank

    • Clayton from USA asked:

      Get fill at paint ball shop

      • Chevota from USA:

        Maybe he meant Phil. Phil's still waiting to be picked up...

      • Tyler from USA:

        Is this a question?

    • Clayton from USA asked:

      Can I vet this filled at paint ball shop doesn't show you how to fill? Thank you for anyone who helps me out

      • Abdullah from USA:

        must get it filled at a scuba shop, usually cost around $10.00, look in the phone book for scuba shop, and call them

    • Robert from USA asked:

      How can you know the tank pressure? The gage only measures pressure when the gun is filling so it doesn't indicate full tank pressure.

      • Leslie from USA:

        Get an Air Venturi quick disconnect plug. Plug your female adapter and open the valve. The valve gauge will show the pressure in the tank

      • Abdullah from USA:

        when the scuba shop fills the tank, his gauge will show how much air is going into your tank and your tank will show on your gauge how much air is coming into your tank;

    • Dan from USA asked:

      What do I need to make the connection to the tank side a quick disconnect?

      • ted from USA asked:

        If you take this tank to a dive shop, do they remove the hose to fill it ? It's says it has a DIN valve but the pics are unclear as to how it gets filled. I am assuming I would need to unscrew the fill hose before I took it to be filled ?

        • Robert from USA:

          They can remove the hose, or you can if desired. It is only finger tight anyway.

        • Clayton from USA:

          Great? Trying to find out myself friend

      • Andy from Canada asked:

        How many more Fills would I get w/ this model as opposed to the 90cu" model?,,I already have the 90cu" model, and it's great,,,,Just too small, w/ an "AirBow", and 3 Hatsan AT-44's, It sure doesn't take long before I'm off to the Paintball shop for a Re-Fill.

        • Clayton from USA:

          You will get about 35 with the At44 tubes

        • Clayton from USA:

          28 fills with 255cc tank on hatsan but some have 215 cc air tank on gun At44