Date: 24/3/2019 22:43

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi G7S Hand Pump, 4500 PSI

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  • michael from USA asked:

    will this fit the dragon claw

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Mathew from Canada asked:

    Will this fit the Evanix Rex fill probe?

  • Robert from USA asked:

    Will this fill a Benjamin Maximus with no mods to air fitting on the rifle?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • david from USA asked:

    will this work with the puncher breaker from kral

  • Kevin from USA asked:

    Can i refill a tank with it

    • Dan from USA:

      I refill my 13 cu. in. Bottle with it. On the Gaunlet its a bear from empty but going from 2000 up to 3000 not to bad at all.

    • Tyler from USA:

      I wouldn't recommend it purely because of the difficulty, but it is possible.

  • Bryan H. from USA asked:

    Is there a moisture filter that fits this hand pump?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not that I have seen

  • Memo from USA asked:

    Does this work on the Dragon Claw?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Sure does

  • douglas from USA asked:

    Will this work on the Benjamin Wildfire PCP Air Rifle? Does it need an adapter?

    • Kevin from USA:

      Will is work with a air tank

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, it will work right out of the box with the wildfire

  • Craig from USA asked:

    is this a 3 stage or 4 stage pump?

    • Stan from USA asked:

      Does this work on Ben Maurader without adapting?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Joey from USA asked:

      Will I need an adapter to use this with the FX Streamline, or will the quick-disconnect probe work?

    • Jerome from USA asked:

      What is the difference between the 7 and 4 that costs so much?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Been a long time since I've see a G4....but they're made by different companies, so that definitely has something to do with it.

    • Martin from USA asked:

      Is this more efficient than the G6 pump?

      • Tyler from USA:

        No, same efficiency

    • Omar from USA asked:

      What are the difference between this and the G6? Why is this cheaper?

      • Tyler from USA:

        The internals are different, mostly the orientation.

    • Osofa from USA asked:

      Does it include a moisture filter, or a seperate filter unit?

      • Tyler from USA:

        It has a small filter inside. Pretty much all hand pumps have some form of internal filter.

    • AGgroupie from USA asked:

      How is this pump different from the G6 which I assume was discontinued due to multiple problems?

      • Tyler from USA:

        The internals of the G7s are different than the G6. Other parts of the pump have been changed as well in the hopes of avoiding any issues that the previous version may have had.