Date: 17/8/2019 21:46

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi MK4 Kit by Hill Hand Pump, Up to 4500 PSI

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  • Charles from USA asked:

    What do I need to connect to a Diana Stormrider or Bandit? If a regulator DIA-41500220 [Diana Regulator for Stormrider &...] and pressure gauge DIAP-SR-66 [Diana Fill Valve and Gauge...] are installed on Stormrider, are there any more parts needed to connect?

    • Mark from USA:

      Nothing. The fill probe has a male foster end.

  • Bruce from USA asked:

    What kinds of desiccants can be used? Can I use the kind of desiccant that changes color in this pump? (The kind that you bake in the oven to 'recharge'?) I think it is a variation of silica gel. The granules change from blue to pink when they absorb too much moisture.

    • Howard from USA asked:

      Good day. Are there any additional add-ons I need to get to use this as a back up to the installed system on the Seneca Aspen? Thanks.

      • Mark from USA:

        You do not need anything else. The Hill MkIV pump will connect to the Aspen.

    • CHITA from Romania asked:

      Can I load a compressed air cylinder for a Walther 1250 Dominator?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Sure. Will be tough to get to the 300 BAR max, but you can definitely fill it. Make sure you check out the PCP hookup section to get all the right adapters.

    • deadeye from USA asked:

      Has anybody rebuilt one of these. After little use mine will not pump when probe is in rifle, but will when probe is not inserted in port. Which seal I'd most likely the culprit?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Give the tech team at Pyramyd Air a call, they can probably help you trouble shoot

    • bruce from USA asked:

      Im buying the marauder pistol I need anything extra with this pump to fill my marauder?

      • Tyler from USA:

        No, the kit comes with the parts you need

    • Allen from USA asked:

      Roughly how many pumps would it take to fill a 4,500 psi rated piston? And generally how long would that take?

      • Blayden from USA asked:

        Dose this pump work for the gamo coyote with out attachments or what attachments do I need ?

      • mike from USA asked:

        Why only a 5 year warranty on this site? Air gun depot site lists a lifetime warranty.

        • seth from USA asked:

          I will buy this pump to use on my new Bj Discovery and what adapter i need to use this pump?

          • Tyler from USA:

            No additional adapters are needed

        • CRAIG from USA asked:

          I will be buying a Brocock Compatto Target .22 will I need an adapter to use this pump?

        • Vaibhav from India asked:

          Will the pump work in steyr evo 10 air pistol

        • Patrick from USA asked:

          Would I need any addition fittings to fill a WingShot II?

          • Tyler from USA:


        • Gary from USA asked:

          Does this pump come with the correct fitting to fill a Marauder Pistol .22cal

          • Tyler from USA:


        • jason from USA asked:

          Will this work for the Hatsan bt65 elite qe

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, you can screw the fill probe right into the end of the hose.

        • Justin from USA asked:

          I'm looking to switch my Sig MCX CO2 over to the Air Venturi 3000psi 200 bar pressure tank. Would this pump be a good option for me to use? Thank you!

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, as far as pumps go, this would be the best choice.

        • john from USA asked:

          will this work on the gamo urban or do i need an adapter

          • Tyler from USA:

            If you do not add the female qd to the end of the hose (it comes with this kit) you can screw the fill probe right into the threaded end of the hose. So yes, it can work. If you want to use the QD fitting, put this adapter on the fill probe: Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"...

        • GEORGE from USA asked:

          is silicone oil necessary for tgis pump

          • Tyler from USA:

            It is always a good idea to use silicone grease on the pump shaft to keep it performing well.

        • Jayv21 from USA asked:

          Can you fill a Air venturi 4500 PSI tank with this pump?

          • rcmaniachicken from USA:

            It would require a lot of weight, strength, and endurance. It would be very, very hard and probably impossible for most.

          • Tyler from USA:

            Is it possible, yes. Would I recommend it, NEVER.

        • Ptrack from USA asked:

          The pump is advertised as 4500 PSI (310 bar); however, one of the answers to a question says: "It can damage the pump to exceed 3300psi. The gauge reads higher simply due to the type used on the pump." and the manual says not to exceed 275 bar. So is it capable and safe to use to 4500 PSI (310 bar)? Thanks.

          • Tyler from USA:

            I've verified with the Air Venturi tech department that the pump is capable of 4500 psi safely.

        • RALPH from USA asked:

          I ordered this as suggested by the tech in chat and also the adapter he said I needed for the quick disconnect. I received the pump fine and everything was in there except for the quick disconnect and the extra $10 fitting I was told I needed. Well it turns out those pieces aren't required to fill the AT44-10 QE that I ordered along with this pump and I was able to fill my rifle once before the pump shot craps. It seems I need to rebuild it already? Anyone else had this problem? Was I supposed to disassemble it and lube every thing before I used it? It only had less than 50 pumps on it before it started acting up. Anyone have any suggestions here?? Thanks in advance.

          • Tyler from USA:

            Give the tech department at PA a call. They should be able to help you troubleshoot or set you up with a return/repair order if needed.

        • Vu from USA asked:

          Do I need any adapter to fill out my Samyang dragon claw .50 ? Thanks

          • Tyler from USA:

            If your Dragon Claw has the quick disconnect fitting, then you don't need any extra fittings. If you have the older fill probe style, then you need Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"... for the end of the probe

        • Carlos from USA asked:

          Does this work with the Evanix Rex .45 pistol?

        • William from USA asked:

          I've heard that this is thee best hand pump available. I'm thinking about getting a Benjamin bulldog .357. Is it compatible or will I need an adaptor?

          • Tyler from USA:

            It's a great pump and yes, it is compatible right away. Comes with the adapters you need

        • george from USA asked:

          does anyone know who will repair a hill air pump

          • Tyler from USA:

            Air Venturi can. 216 220 1180

        • Domingo from USA asked:

          What are the accessories included with the pump?

          • James-M. from USA:

            I received two dry pacs with my Hill pump kit.

          • Tyler from USA:

            I believe it comes with a refill or two for the dry pac.

        • Domingo from USA asked:

          Does it include accessories & spare o-rings grease etc ?

          • Tyler from USA:

            No spare o-rings

        • david from USA asked:

          with this hill pump,do i need an adapter to fill my Benjamin marauder 25 cal ?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Yes Air Venturi Foster Female Quick-Disconnect #PY-A-4926....

        • Anthony from USA asked:

          With this Hill pump, do I need an adapter to fill a Gammo Urban?

        • Teagan from USA asked:

          I'm trying to plan a hike. How much does this weight?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Approximately 8 pounds give or take .

        • Jose Alberto from Mexico asked:

          Do I need an adaptor to fill a Sam Yang Big Bore 44 909s?

        • ziggy from USA asked:

          would it work with Airforce talonP?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Yes purchase the Air Venturi Foster Female Quick Disconnect #PY-A-4926 ( w/spin-loc ) Plug and play baby.

        • Bryan from USA asked:

          Would it work on a Benjamin murauder. 25

          • Stanley from USA:

            Yes you would need to purchase the Air Venturi Female Quick Disconnect # PY-A- 4926.

        • Dipen from India asked:

          Can you ship this pump to India?

          • Jonathan from USA asked:

            Would this work well with a ataman bullpup

            • Stanley from USA:

              Yes you would need to purchase the Air Venturi Female Quick Disconnect #PY-A-4926.

          • richard from USA asked:

            I am filling a carbon fiber tank to 4000psi, can i accidentally go over 4000 psi with this pump say 4200 or will i damage the internals?

            • agustin from USA:

              Yes and no. Yes if you pump it over 4000psi and no if you stop pumping at 4000 psi . To much pumping can cause heat and heat can damage the iternals . Taking breaks can help keep the pump cool,

          • Thomas from USA asked:

            What adaptor do I need with this pump to fill my Marauder?

            • richard from USA:

              Air Venturi Foster Female Quick-Disconnect to 1/8" BSPP Male, 5000 PSI

          • Aaron from USA asked:

            Does this pump come with a tube of grease?

            • richard from USA:


          • Paul_ATL from USA asked:

            It is absent in the description, but reviews have stated that the base of the pump is aluminum, and a plastic shroud covers the base; the two "feet" being plastic extensions of the same plastic shroud, and not aluminum material. Is this assumption correct ?

            • Stanley from USA:

              The foot base is plastic ( heavy duty ).

          • jeff from USA asked:

            What adapter do i need (part number) to use this pump to fill a condor w/ a spin lock tank? thanks.

          • Sammy from USA asked:

            Do I need any extra parts if I'm using this to fill the gamo coyote whisper?

          • David from USA asked:

            How long would it take to pump up an Air Force Texan reservoir? It is 490cc. I'm thinking 3000psi, take three shots, pump it back up.

            • John from USA asked:

              So which pump would fill a marauder faster Hill Mk4, Air Venturi G6, or the AirForce? And by how much faster?

              • Val from USA:

                Rate of fill is roughly the same.

            • Greg from Canada asked:

              Just ordered one,not sure what this pump comes with as far as a foster fitting?Using for my 2240 hipac!I have a Benji now!

              • Robert from USA asked:

                What is the measurement of a complete stroke in inches for this pump?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  18 inches.

              • hunter from USA asked:

                is this compatible with benjamin discovery

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Yes but you will need an Air Venturi Foster Female Quick Disconnect to 1/8 BSPP Male #PY-A-4926 .

              • Harry from USA asked:

                What is the size/ dimensions for this MK4 pump? Im deciding to purchase this pump & house it in a Pelican case for storage when not in use....

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Approximately 26 inches tall , base is 10 1/2 wide and 6 inches deep , hose is 17 3/4 long .

              • William from USA asked:

                How many pumps to fill a marauder from empty? Then how many to top it back up after 16 shots?

                • Val from USA:

                  Use the Fill Calculator on the PCP Hookup tab for Marauder.

              • Eric from USA asked:

                i want to make a pump station with this, in my woods, that draws air through an earth heat exchanger with a dry well condensate there a way to tap into the pump's air intake and make a sealed intake connection?

                • Orlo from USA:

                  I have the MK3 and this looks pretty much the same. With the mk3 you could attach hose/fittings to the top of the air dryer (where the intake is) - Possibly make a new cap with whatever fitting you desire.

                • richard from USA:

                  This is very interesting i hope you post it on youtube if you figure it out

              • Erick from USA asked:

                Is this pump ready to use in a benjamin marauder or i have to buy any adapters?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  You will need #PY-A-5501 foster female quick-disconnect to fill your M-rod.

              • Nauglanch from USA asked:

                Which seals, parts, grease, should I buy for my new HILL for normal wear, maintenance, and tune up? Complete kit? Just pistol seals? Grease? Wait for issues and ask?

                • Don from USA asked:

                  Can the moisture absorbing pellets be dried in microwave as needed?

                  • Nauglanch from USA:

                    Manual says it's not silica gel nor similar. Offhand it looks like molecular sieves. Silica gel and similar dry only to 20% or so; molecular sieves dry to under 1%. There may be dusting and other issues with silica gel. Molecular sieves (if that's what they are) can be dried at 260C (google it) but there is no color indication. One way would be to get on a 1/10th gram or reloading scale the before and after weights to establish a minimum drying time.

                  • Dan the Man from USA:


                • VetteProfessor from USA asked:

                  Why does my pump get hard to pull up (intake stroke) when the pressure in my gun gets over 1500 psi? Is this normal?

                  • Old Gunny from USA:

                    yes but make sure the unit is properly greased.. Use only recommended grease.

                • Dominic from USA asked:

                  Why is it limited to 3300 psi when the gauge in the picture shows 4,000 (300 bar) to be the maximum? Can it be used for pressures above 3,300 psi?

                  • Cory from USA:

                    It can damage the pump to exceed 3300psi. The gauge reads higher simply due to the type used on the pump.

                • Dave from USA asked:

                  How often does this pump need maintenance? Is that something end users can do? What do the service parts cost?

                  • Chip from USA asked:

                    Will it accept a standard DIN adapter from a Steyr LP2?

                    • Greg (PA SALES) from USA:

                      No you may need a din adapter to screw into the end of the hand pump such as Air Venturi Female DIN Adapter,.... I would recommend running scuba air in those highend competition guns unless you have no choice.

                  • Leon from USA asked:

                    can i used it for benjamin marauder .25 cal

                    • Val from USA:

                      yes, you just need a quick-disconnect adapter. Use the PCP Hookup tab on the Marauder page to get the right parts recommended.

                  • rong from USA asked:

                    Are the rebuild kits and dryer packs the same ones that are used by the MK3?

                    • Shellie from USA:

                      Main pressure O-ring is the same as the MK3, according to Hill.

                    • Gregory from USA:

                      Not the same rebuild kit not out yet here at PA, Z4128-401 from Hill. Not sure if the main pressure O-rings are the same as MK3s, but the kits are different. Dry-pacs are the same ones.