Date: 25/3/2019 8:46

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8" BSPP Female Threads, Steel, Rated to 5000 PSI, Incl. Delrin Seal

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  • Melton from USA asked:

    Will this adapter connect to the gamo pcp pump

    • Tyler from USA:

      If the pump ends in a 1/8" male thread, then yes

  • austin from USA asked:

    Will this fit the quick-disconnect Foster fitting which is on the Benjamin Armada PCP air rifle?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No. What are you looking to attach? The Armada already has a Male QD on it, are you looking for a replacement male QD fitting for that? Or are you trying to attach something to it?

  • Dwayne from USA asked:

    Will this work with paint ball type quick disconnect? Like at the local paint ball park?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, it should

  • Robert from USA asked:

    How can I include this with a back ordered evanix pistol to avoid the 8.00 shipping?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Give the customer service dept a call with your order number and ask them to add it. 888-262-4867

  • kevin from USA asked:

    I have an Gamo Urban with the probe. My pump is an AirForce with the quick disconnect. Will the Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8" BSPP Female Threads, Steel, Rated to 5000 PSI, Incl. Delrin Seal. work to make the connection? Thanks

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Perry from USA asked:

    I just bought a Hatsan Nova, is this the disconnect I need for my fill probe?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • dillon from USA asked:

    Can I use this to fill my air tank? It's a fun 300 and I'm wondering if I can just thread this where the hose does and then have it filled the paintball shop?

    • Tyler from USA:

      A Male to Male fitting is probably what you need. That would go into the end of your hose (assuming you're set up for a quick disconnect this size) and the fill station would be able to easily connect assuming they use a quick disconnect set up as well. Air Venturi Double Male Quick-Disconnect...

  • John from USA asked:

    Is this the correct adapter for the Hatsan AT44s-10?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, this will fit the Hatsan fill probe

  • Ronney from USA asked:

    When compressing the seal between the fill adapter and the fill nipple, upon full compression the seal seems to restrict the air flow a bit. Am i over compressing the seal, or are they designed for full compression to seal?

    • Tyler from USA:

      You may want to back off just a bit, probably just over compressed the seal and squished the air hole.

  • D.J. from USA asked:

    I am wanting to buy an Air Force rifle but don't know what type of adapter I need to use a hill pump with it. Will this adapter work for Air Force guns?

  • robertmichael from USA asked:

    does this have an internal one way valve ??

    • Stanley from USA:

      No this converts a 1/8 BSPP threads to a male foster quick disconnect ( for use with air rifles that use a probe to fill ) . A pump with a female quick disconnect can fill them. Doesn't use any valve.

  • Josh from USA asked:

    Will this fit a Sumatra lever action airgun

    • Tyler from USA:

      If you have a Sumatra with a fill probe, then you will need this fitting to connect to the probe to attach it to a quick disconnect fitting on a pump or tank. If you are looking to get a Sumatra though, the new ones have this fitting on them already so no extra adapter is needed if you have a quick disconnect fill set up.

  • Wesley from USA asked:

    Will this adapter attach to a typical air compressor hose, or do I need to purchase a hand pump?

    • Richard from USA:

      Yes, it fits on a tank air hose.

  • Sam from USA asked:

    Just bought a Hatsan AT-P2 QE Pistol in .22. It came with an insert to fill the tank but no adapter for my hand pump or my Tank which has a foster fitting that I use on my Benjamin. Is the male adapter I need?

    • Richard from USA:

      Yes, but my Hatsan Gladius came with a brass fiting which slips over the quick disconect to be inserted into the hole behind the gauge at the end of the air cylinder.

  • Victor from USA asked:

    I can use this adapter in HATSAN bt65

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, it will fit the probe that comes with the BT65

  • Bernie from USA asked:

    Will this fit with my hill pump with a foster female fitting?

    • Richard from USA:

      It should.

  • derek from USA asked:

    could I use this fitting to fill the tank on an air arms t200 with a benjamin hand pump

    • Richard from USA:

      It won't lock into my Benjamin pump.

  • Christian from USA asked:

    Will this fit my adapter for my walther lg400 competition?

  • Sergio from USA asked:

    Will this fit FX probe?

    • Tyler from USA:

      So long as it is one of their probes that is threaded 1/8" BSPP male, then yes, it will

  • David from USA asked:

    I have an issue i baugth the hatsan bt65 and the benjamin hand pump i got this adapter but the threads of the air venturi adapter wont engage the threads on my bt65 probe

    • Richard from USA:

      It doesn't lock into my Benjamin pump fitting.

  • ivan from Chile asked:

    It is suitable for a G6 Hand Pump Air Venturi , 4500 PSI for sumatra 2500

    • Stacey from USA:

      Yes, this will connect right to the female quick-disconnect that is included with the Air Venturi G6 hand pump.

  • jordan from USA asked:

    Will this work for the sam yang dragon claw??

    • Stacey from USA:

      Yes, the Sam Yang probes have 1/8"bspp male threads that will screw right into this.

  • Keith from USA asked:

    Are the Delrin seals available for replacement????

    • Stacey from USA:

      Not currently sold separately. You could substitute NASS1/8BSP [Air Venturi 1/8" BSPP Self-Centering...] for most bspp connections as long as there is a flat collar around the male thread.

  • moo from USA asked:

    does this fit for benjamin air tank 90cu 4500psi to fill my hatsan bt65 ?

    • Dan the Man from USA:


  • Lawrence from USA asked:

    will this fit an Evanix Rainstorm 2 probe?

    • Jerry from USA:


  • Charles from USA asked:

    I purchased one of these (Pyramyd sent two replacements) and they all leak when filling my Evanix Conquest. How do I resolve this issue?

    • Stacey from USA:

      sounds like the probe threads are a bit too short to make a good seat with the face seal (white delrin). Call PA tech support 888-262-4867 #5.

  • brian from USA asked:

    What connector do I need to go from a scuba k valve to an air arms s510