Date: 21/10/2020 3:42

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Ported Muzzlebrake, .579" Barrel Diameter

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  • Richard from USA asked:

    does anyone know it this fits the rws model 34 or 36?

    • Mark from USA:

      No. it is a 15 mm barrel diameter. The RWS 34/36 is a 16 mm barrel.

  • stan from USA asked:

    Can you use this this muzzlebrake on a pellet pistol with a barrel diameter of .5 inches, or will it be too loose.

    • Mark from USA:

      You may need to create a shim to get a tight fit.

  • Dave from Canada asked:

    How much length does this add to the barrel?

    • Mark from USA:

      Approx 3 1/2 ".

  • Dave from Canada asked:

    What is this made of? Steel or Aluminum?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Jesus Alfredo from Mexico asked:

    Hello Friends, my question is if this suppressor can be used in a Walther Terrus air rifle .22. or what other options do you recommend

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Julien from Canada asked:

    This doesn't reduce the sound right? Silencers are illegal in Canada and I don't want to get in trouble. I'm just trying to add a cool look to my QB78S (it has a 15mm barrel).

    • Tyler from USA:

      Correct, no sound reduction

  • Paul from USA asked:

    How much does it weight?

    • Brenton from USA asked:

      Will this fit on a "Crosman F4 Classic" ?

      • RHumphreys from USA asked:

        Would this fit a 909 light hunter?

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Stoney from USA asked:

        will this fit Benjamin Maximus

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Raymond from USA asked:

        Will this fit a BSA SCORPION 1200 SE CAL. 22 with a threaded barrel?

        • Stanley from USA:

          No .

      • Michael from USA asked:

        Will this fit a Diana 340 N-Tec Classic?

        • YOUSIF from Saudi Arabia asked:

          Is it suitable for 6.35 mm /0.25 caliber

          • John from USA asked:

            Will this work on a .22 cal. Benjamin Marauder SYNROD

            • Mario from USA asked:

              Can a 25 cal bullet go thru it?

              • Angelo from USA asked:

                Will this muzzlebrake fit the QB78?????

                • Ricky from USA asked:

                  I have a Hammerli 850 Magnum .177, will this fit the barrel ?

                  • KENNETH from USA asked:

                    Will this fit a Weirauch HW50?

                    • Michael from USA asked:

                      Can anyone provide a list of the guns this will fit on?

                      • JOHN from USA asked:

                        will this fit a benjamin titan .22 cal,? i removed the barrel shroud and barrel dia. is .58 or 14.7mm. this one sounds close but want to know for shure. thanx

                        • victor from USA asked:

                          What silencer fits the sign sauer p226

                          • Ratt Meister from USA asked:

                            Will this fit a Weihrauch HW30S?

                            • DocD from USA asked:

                              What is the distance between the two set screws?

                              • Tyler from USA:


                            • stephen from USA asked:

                              will this fit air force condor in .22

                              • Tyler from USA:


                            • Isaac from USA asked:

                              Will this fit a Benjamin Trail np xl 1100? Thanks

                              • Tyler from USA:


                            • Chris from USA asked:

                              Which muzzle brake does work with stoeger x50 cal 0.22"

                              • Stacey from USA:

                                The Stoeger X50 has a barrel with a .630" OD. This muzzle brake has .579 ID, making it too small for the the Stoeger barrel. You should be able to use AV-7128 [Air Venturi Crow Mag Short...]

                            • brian from USA asked:

                              hey guys, dose any body know the over all length & diameter of this fine looking brake thanks brian from hatteras

                              • Stacey from USA:

                                .842" diameter x 4.54" long

                            • Apolonio from Philippines asked:

                              is this adaptable to BSA Buccaneer SE .177cal?

                            • Tomas from USA asked:

                              Is the cap of the suppressor removable?

                              • Tyler from USA:

                                It's not a suppressor, and no,

                            • Dan from USA asked:

                              Will this brake fit on the .25cal Benjamin Armada

                              • Tyler from USA:


                            • ivan from Chile asked:

                              sumatra 2500 500 cc cal 0.22" (5,5 mm)

                              • Dan the Man from USA:


                            • Phil M from USA asked:

                              Looking on putting on a benjamin trail np trail pistol any problems

                              • Cory from USA:

                                You would not be able to put it on the Trail NP pistol due to the front sight.

                            • Brian from USA asked:

                              Will this mount to my beeman ram air .22

                              • Connor from USA:

                                You have to remove the front sight fist though

                              • Connor from USA:

                                If the barrel if 15mm wide it will

                            • Edgar from Colombia asked:

                              fit with the beretta px4 storm?

                              • Tyler from USA:


                            • Rudyard from USA asked:

                              will this fit a RWS 350

                            • Kenneth from USA asked:

                              Will this fit ok on my Benjamin Discovery?

                              • Tyler from USA:

                                No it will not. The barrel is not thick enough.

                            • Brandon from Canada asked:

                              Will this fit a Crosman Optimus thanks

                              • rokitman60 from USA:

                                The Optimus has a 15mm barrel, which is what this item is supposed to fit. You should be good to go with this item.

                              • Cory from USA:

                                I would not recommend it as it would require removing the front sight. You would also want to measure the barrel first to see if it would be compatible before preforming a permanent modification of that sort.

                            • Brian from USA asked:

                              Is it aluminum or steel? Do not want too add weight to an already front heavy air rifle.

                              • Tyler from USA:

                                It is Aluminum

                            • Don from USA asked:

                              Will this fit the Crosman Vantage NP? Thanks!!

                              • Cory from USA:

                                It depends if your Vantage has the plastic muzzle tip or not.

                            • Carlos from USA asked:

                              will this fit a Gamo Hunter Extreme 0.22, if not please info me, thanks very much

                              • Cory from USA:

                                I do not know the barrel od on the Gamo Hunter Extreme .22 but the ID of the muzzle device is .58

                            • randy from USA asked:

                              with it fit a .50 cal dragon claw or is there one that will

                              • Cory from USA:

                                No the brake would be too small to fit over the barrel.

                            • tony from USA asked:

                              can it fit onto hatsan at44s in .22 caliber?

                              • Cory from USA:

                                That would depend on the barrel that is on the at44s that you have it would need to be under .579 in diameter.

                            • eric from USA asked:

                              will this fit on a H&K mp5? CO2 + BB version

                              • Cory from USA:

                                It is unlikely. There are many variations of the gun but the majority have too little barrel past the handguard for you to get the brake to slide on enough to let both set screws engage. There is also a high probability that the barrel on your gun is not optimal for the .579 diameter of the break. I would not suggest this item for a MP5.

                            • Mark from USA asked:

                              Will this fit on Beeman (Webley) C1?

                              • Cory from USA:

                                There is a few variations on the barrel on this model, it would fit if the barrel diameter is just under .579 and has no device on the end or no sight in the case of the Webley.

                            • gabe from USA asked:

                              Will this fit on a Ruger Air Hawk?

                              • Terry from USA:

                                If the Ruger Air Hawk barrel is .597", it is too large. This brake is .579 ".

                              • Stacey from USA:

                                The Ruger Air Hawk barrel is .597" in diameter so a thin shim around the barrel (about .009") may be needed to make it a nice tight fit.