Date: 22/3/2019 17:13

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Pre-Filled 90-Gram CO2 Tanks, Disposable, 2pk

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  • Blake from USA asked:

    Will a 20 oz co2 tank without a regulator

    • Tyler from USA:

      Work for what?

  • Rick from USA asked:

    What is the difference between 88 and 90 gram tanks?

    • Tyler from USA:

      It really has to do with the neck of the cylinder. Usually the 90 gram necks are a little longer which can cause some issues when piercing in certain guns

  • Gregory from USA asked:

    What is the shelf life on these, can I stockpile? Thanks!

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, unless pierced, the CO2 isn't going anywhere

  • Richard from USA asked:

    what crosman guns will accept this size tank ?

    • George from USA asked:

      I need to fill a Crosman 115 bulk fill gun. What type of fitting would I need to use these? Thanks!

      • Joe from USA asked:

        I just purchased the Sig mcx and the air venturing cartridges, when screwing the cartridges do you recommend Pell gun oil on the threads and tip ?

        • Jairam from USA:

          In general with any co2 use that for a better seal and longer life of your gun's sealant bushings. I have had to replace mine on my 1077's because they dried out over time.

      • PEDRO from USA asked:

        I have a hammerli 850, can I storage the gun with the tank with pressure or I have to finish the tank in order to storage the air gun?

        • Jacob from USA asked:

          Are these tanks refillable

          • Michael from USA:

            They are not refillable

        • John from USA asked:

          Will this fit right in my Crosman 1077 ?

          • Bruce from USA:

            Yes if you have the airsource attachment....

          • Stanley from USA:

            No it uses the 12 gram cartridges .

        • Allan from Mexico asked:

          I tried to fix it to my Hammerli 850 Airmagnum but the threads was not fit. Do i need to change the fittings of my gun?

          • LvtheOtdrsman from USA asked:

            CAn you Uninstall and Reinstall after use ?

            • Stanley from USA:

              No once installed you shot till its gone or can be saved in the gun depending on the model.

          • Paul from USA asked:

            Will this product work with my PX4 storm?

            • Val from USA:

              you probably mean Beretta CX4 - yes, it will. PX4 is a pistol, and no, this will not fit the air pistol

          • jordan from USA asked:

            how Many shots could u expect from a tank?

            • Stanley from USA:

              175 to 200 ?

          • Ed from USA asked:

            Will the 90 gram fit the Walther lever action

            • Val from USA:


          • andrew from USA asked:

            Will the 90 gram fit the crosman 1077 air rifle with adapter?

            • Val from USA:

              yes, it will

          • leonard from USA asked:

            How much pressure [p.s.i.] is in a co2 tank?

            • Val from USA:

              usually 700 psi

          • Steven from USA asked:

            I have found that the Crosman 88 gram tanks are a little bit wider than the Walther tanks, which is a problem for my Gamo Extreme. Are these Air Venturi tanks wider than the Walthers also? Has anyone used them successfully in a Gamo Extreme?

            • Cory from USA:

              I have spoke to a person who has had that problem with these in his Gamo extreme. I would recommend the Walther cartridges for the Gamo.

          • Jeremy from USA asked:

            Will the 90 gram co2 fit in the Beretta CX-4 Storm?

            • Val from USA:

              yes, they are the same dimensions

          • Steve from Canada asked:

            These 88Gr co2 tank does fit on a Tanfoglio witnesss 1911?

            • Dan the Man from USA:

              No, 12 gram only.