Date: 11/8/2020 11:45

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Quiet Pellet Trap, Incl. Ballistic Putty + Steel Backstop

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  • Delphine from USA asked:

    I own a 1200 fps airgun, (20 joules/15 foot lbs), and shoot from 10 meters (11 yards). Will 4,5 pellets hit the backstop badly ? From experience do you recommend round headed pellets or wadcutters ? (how do they affect noise, penetration in the putty, and bouncing back from the wood?) Thanks for your help !

    • Mark from USA:

      A double layer of putty blocks will prevent any penetration to the wood, After several hundred rounds it is advisable to remove the trapped pellets. Then smooth/push the putty back into position.

  • Matthew from USA asked:

    Are these traps recommended for .50 BMG at 10m?

    • Mark from USA:

      No. You would need a very thick steel plate construction to handle that much muzzle energy. This trap would be destroyed.

  • Matthew from Canada asked:

    Are these traps recommended for the colt peacemakers? i only know fps of my guns..what would be min/max fps range required for shooting this trap?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Sure, the Colt SAA air pistols would be fine

  • Marco from USA asked:

    I only see rifle targets available for this trap. Are there any B40 AP targets available for this size that will slide into the trap?

    • mark from USA asked:

      Very surprised by the comment below that the Daisy 747 with muzzle velocity in the 375 area across a variety of pellets doesn't penetrate. First of all, can others confirm this experience with a 747 or other lower velocity guns? BTW, was the pellet a wadcutter? Could that make a difference vs a rounded head? I would LOVE to shoot my 747 indoors, but . . . . Thanks, Mark

      • micheljgaudet from USA:

        This pistol, producing 2 FPE or less, using around a 7-8gr pellet, and using a wad-cutter type, CAN produce bounce-back. Use pointed/round and should have no issues.

    • Harold from USA asked:

      Will this handle bbs

      • micheljgaudet from USA:

        I would not recommend for BB use, unless the gun produces at least 2-3 FPE. As an example, the Daisy Red Ryder CAN produce about 1.5 FPE, wich will result in some bounce-back. ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION. And try not to expose the teeth as in smiling. My buddy had a bounced BB chip a tooth.

      • Dan the Man from USA:


    • Darrell from USA asked:

      What velocity of .177 pellet does 20 ft/lbs muzzle energy translate to?

      • micheljgaudet from USA:

        For an 8gr pellet, around 1060 FPS.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        What is the weight of the pellet?

    • Jesse from USA asked:

      What are the best type of pellets to use with ballastic putty? I just purchased this item along with a Daisy Avanti 747 and pellets are bouncing all o Edit | Delete

      • Val from USA:

        For BBs, I would use the BB Bandit trap. Air Venturi BB Bandit Target...

      • micheljgaudet from USA:

        BBs and non-pointed or round -nosed pellets DO tend to bounce back, but will mostly stay behind the backing cardboard panel until the panel is really shot-up. I would not recommend the trap for low-velocity BB guns, like the Red Ryder; actually nothing under 3-5 FPE. The Red Ryder produces ABOUT 1.5 FPE. I want the projectiles to actually do some penetrations, not bounce.

      • Cory from USA:

        I would suggest round nose pellets. The pellets not penetrating is mostly due to the lower velocity of the 747.