Date: 19/6/2019 2:0

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Williams 64 Peep Sight

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  • David from USA asked:

    I wish they would make this in the notch site version.I my opinion it would work better with the front blade site on the 392 & 397.Somebody tell em we want a notch site version.Please !

    • Tyler from USA:

      Ever thought about sending Williams an email?

  • Anthony from USA asked:

    Will this sight fit on a Diana Chaser? Tony from Maryland

    • Gary from USA asked:

      how many apertures does this sight come with and what size are they?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Just the one shown

    • Dave from USA asked:

      Are there any problems with the front sight being too low for this sight>

      • Tyler from USA:

        That all depends on what you are mounting it on

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Hello I am looking to upgrade my open site for my Diana 34 (dated 08 02) will this sight, work or is there a better sight for a Diana 34? Thanks

      • Nathan from USA asked:

        Considering purchasing this sight to replace the scope on my 397 from the early 1990s. How do I remove factory rear sight? Do I need to use a wood block or mallet to knock it off, out of the grooves? Thanks.

        • michael from USA asked:

          I have a Silver Streak made in 1968 or 1969 that I would like to put a peep sight on. Will this on work on my gun?

          • james from USA asked:

            Will this Williams sight fit Gamo Whisper Fusion?

            • Charles from USA asked:

              Would you recommend this model for Beeman R7 or would a different peep sight work better?

              • Val from USA:

                This will work well for Beeman R7

            • Michael from USA asked:

              I have a Benjamin Sheridan C9a, and seen you have to remove rear sight. My question is must the rear sight be removed. Afraid of scratching the gun all up

              • Spencer from USA:

                Yes, the original rear sight will need to be removed.

            • Matilde from USA asked:

              Can this Williams peep site be put on a crosman 2240 and pc77 pump gun that have a steel breech

              • Spencer from USA:

                No, but there is one that will.

            • boyce from USA asked:

              will this peep sight fit a Benjamin 392 manufactured approximately 20 or 25 years ago

              • Stanley from USA:


            • wayne from USA asked:

              Will this peep sight fit a Benjamin 397p manufactured approximately 20 years ago?

              • Forrest from USA:

                Just put one on mine, fits like a glove, and sights in fast.

            • Forrest from USA asked:

              Will this fit a Benjamin 397P serial number I001489 ?

              • Forrest from USA:

                Just put one on Mine, I001489, and Fits like a glove. Sights in Fast too. I asked the Question !

            • steve from USA asked:

              What is the best open site to mount on a Benjamin 397?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                This one, as long as it has the 2 screw holes on the side of the receiver.