Date: 29/5/2020 4:17

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Carbon Fiber Tank, 90 cu in, Gauge, Hose w/Female Quick-Disconnect

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  • David from USA asked:

    How many times will it fill my seneca 909s and my recluse?

    • Mark from USA:

      6 refills per tank fill.

  • Norman from USA asked:

    I own a nomad I air compressor, can the 94 cu in Benjamin tank be filled with the nomad ?

    • Mark from USA:

      We do not recommend the Nomad be used to fill a tank. To do it it you would need to fill the tank in stages. filling only 10-15 min at a time until filled. Letting the compressor rest in between sessions.

  • Danny from USA asked:

    Can you fill this with a hand pump?

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes; However ,it would be a very long pumping session. Probably a coup[le of days.

  • Joseph from USA asked:

    how many fills with a marauder from 1500 to 2900 psi will i get

    • Tyler from USA:

      Assuming the tank is full at 4500 psi, you will get 8 full fills back to 2900.

  • TEAMWOLF_777 from USA asked:

    Where do I fill up this tank at? I want to get back to Airgun again but never had a pcp

    • Tyler from USA:

      A dive shop, paintball store, fire department, maybe even an airgas type of place. Anywhere that can provide high pressure air or nitrogen up to 4500 psi.

  • Michael from USA asked:

    The description doesn't mention if the valve is regulated. Is the valve regulated?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, the valve is not regulated

  • Bernard from Guam asked:

    Can this tank be shipped by air if empty? Or does the valve have to be removed? Or not at all?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I believe it can be shipped by air, but you'd want to call Pyramyd Air and double check with them first.

  • Jason from USA asked:

    Adapter to fill this from the Benjamin hand pump?

  • Daniel from USA asked:

    What Tank Grip Bottle Cover fits the Benjamin 90CI tank?

    • Daniel from USA asked:

      How would a person go about filling it with an Air Venturi 4500 psi Electric Air Compressor? do you need adapters?

      • Tyler from USA:

        For this tank, no. The compressor comes with a male to male adapter that will connect the compressor hose, to this tank hose. You fill the tank right through the hose.

    • Bruce from USA asked:

      What else is required to get this tank filled at either a dive shop or paint ball store?

      • Tyler from USA:

        That depends on what kind of compressor or fittings they have.

    • Eric from USA asked:

      How many fills can I get for an Evanix Rex?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Pistol or rifle? Pistol will get you a few more since it's a smaller cylinder. For a rifle, I'd say around 8.

    • L. khang from USA asked:

      what is the output air pressure?

      • Tyler from USA:

        You can fill up to 4500 psi with this tank. The output pressure is not restricted or regulated.

    • Bob from USA asked:

      why is this $100 more than air yenturi

      • TriggerJerk from USA:

        Good question. It's actually $120 less @ A___z_n, $140 with the rebate????

    • Stevenson from USA asked:

      I got the benjamin bulldog how many fills can I get with this tank

      • Tyler from USA:

        around 6

    • oman from Indonesia asked:

      Hi, currently Im using airforce Condor pcp, so The tank will be just plug and ply fitted in or Do I need any additional adapter to be plugged in. My next question, and Does the tank need some maintanance (calibration per ten years , etc.) like the other Scuba Tank ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        No, you don't need any adapters if you have the spin loc style tank on your rifle. As far as testing, this tank requires a hydro test every 5 years.

    • RAUL from USA asked:

      Where can I fill my tank. I just bought it and no one can do it

      • Tyler from USA:

        Check with your local fire dept. A paintball shop, welding supply shot (you can fill it with nitrogen) or a scuba shop would be the best places to start.

    • J from USA asked:

      Max life of this tank is 15 years.. "disposable"... What manufacture dates should i be expecting if I were to order one?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Typically within 3-6 months at the most of your purchase.

    • Jocelyn from Canada asked:

      How do you explain the difference in the price betheen Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Air Tank & Fill Station, 4500 PSI, 90 Cu In at $299 and Benjamin tank Jocelyn - Canada

      • Michael from USA:

        I am leaning more toward the air venturi is 98 cubic feet Benjamin is 90 cubic inches. A LOT more air in the Air Venturi

      • Val from USA:

        different tank manufacturer most likely + different valve setup

    • Mickey from USA asked:

      Can you fill the tank with the Shoebox Freedom 8 compressor?

    • Jerry from USA asked:

      After the fill, how do you purge the line before disconnecting?

      • DAN from USA:


    • butchmhs70 from USA asked:

      Can & how do you install a gauge to show how much air is in tank?

      • Daniel from USA:

        It comes with a gauge already!

      • DAN from USA:


    • tacgirl2000 from USA asked:

      My main O-ring failed at the second filling (I know how to handle and care for high pressure gear). What is the replacement O-ring for this? need it ASAP.

      • Val from USA:

        I would call Crosman: 800-724-7486

    • mike from USA asked:

      Will this setup work on the evanix tactical sniper fill adapter?

      • Val from USA:

        Yes,it will

    • richard from USA asked:

      Scuba tank K-valve 80 cu ft Aluminum 3,000 psi maximum pressure (206 bar) Shipped empty Black Does this tank have to be filled at a scuba shop or can it be filled at a paintball fill stations? Does it come with necessary adapters

      • DAN from USA:


    • moo from USA asked:

      some some tell me why this benjamin carbon 90cu tank can fill my hatsan bt65 only two time when 4500psi after refill ?

      • Christopher from USA:

        are you emptying your airgun each time? You should get about 10-12 refills if you don't let your gun get below 2000.

    • Todd from USA asked:

      I and others are curious about the # of fills with this little tank. Say you have it at 4500psi, and a stock Marauder with 2200psi remaining, which you fill to 2900. How many times can you fill it from 22 to 2900 before you can no longer hit 2900?

      • Greg (PA SALES) from USA:

        I know you cant get about 10-12 refills on a Marauder. i would fill the gun to 2700 max you should get the best performance out of the gun

    • kevin from USA asked:

      can this tank be filled with nitrogen?

      • Stacey from USA:

        Yes, Nitrogen or Air

    • James from USA asked:

      Is the output regulated? If so, what is the setting and is the actual output +/- 10% of that setting?

      • Nicholas from USA:

        No. You open the valve and receive the full pressure from within the tank.

    • David from USA asked:

      Can a hand pump fill this?

      • DAN from USA:


      • Todd from USA:

        You could fill it part way because the hand pumps normally sold only go a little past 3kpsi. And you'd need to do it in stages so you can rest and let the pump cool. Considering the cost of the tank and hand pump I'd buy an elect pump instead.

      • Nicholas from USA:

        No. It would take too much effort, and put too much demand on a hand pump.

    • james from USA asked:

      How do I fill the tank can a fire department fill it or weldshop

      • Val from USA:

        Yes, many of them can, but you need to check with the ones nearby first.

    • John from USA asked:

      Where can I get an adapter to fit the tank to fill it?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Paintball stores will generally have the fitting you need.

    • MustangMike from USA asked:

      How many fills on a marauder ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        From about 2000 psi back up to 3000 psi you could get up to 15 full fills assuming you start with the tank charged at 4500 psi.