Date: 23/1/2021 12:26

Customers Q&A on CenterPoint 4-16x40 AO Rifle Scope, Illuminated TAG-Style Reticle, 1" Tube, Picatinny Rings

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  • Mike from USA asked:

    I'm looking for a scope for a .270 center fire rifle. Will this scope hold up to a large cartridge?

    • Clay from USA asked:

      The sales photo shows rings. Then you offer rings in the recommended accessories. What should I order?

      • Kenneth from USA asked:

        I ordered a 40mm sunshade figuring it would fit on this but it does not. It also seems like maybe theres an outer ring that can come off and be replaced but I can't seem to remove it.

        • Mark from USA:

          Crosman sells only a soft shade for the scope. That is apparently all that will work.

      • Andrew from USA asked:

        I got this scope with the Pyramyd Air Marauder package. Has anyone figured out the TAG reticle for use with .22 caliber PCP rifles? I can't seem to find anything at the Crosman website even though they claim to have some sort of BDC chart for the reticle.

        • Andrew from USA:

          The scope came with a BDC chart in the literature. My search on the web came up with some crazy looking "TAG" reticles. Pyramyd has the correct reticle depicted.

      • Craig from USA asked:

        HI - Looking for a scope for a Benjamin Trail NP pistol that would later transfer to a marauder. Would this work?

        • Mark from USA:

          This scope is very big for a pistol. We suggest one of the UTG Bug Buster line Compact Scopes. They will work on both pistols ande rifles.

      • MICHAEL from USA asked:

        I have a black ops sniper rifle. Is it worth getting this scope.? I've heard Springers mess up scopes. Is this true please help.

        • Tyler from USA:

          I would recommend a Leapers scope over this centerpoint. This isn't a bad option, just have had better luck with leapers on springers. Like this one: UTG 4-16x40 AO Rifle Scope,...

      • Mouse from USA asked:

        Can I zoom in at 100 yard with this scope and zero it in at 100 yard ?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Sure, it has an adjustable parallax so you will be able to adjust and get a clear image at 100 yards.

      • james from USA asked:

        Will this scope work on my GAMO MAGNUM .177 mounted to the Bullseye ZR-Mount?

        • Tyler from USA:

          It should fit the mount. If it does have problems, it carries a lifetime warranty.

      • Shaun from USA asked:

        Will this work with my infrared lighting?

        • Stanley from USA:


      • QUANG BI from USA asked:

        This product, made in?

        • Stanley from USA:

          China .

      • hunter from USA asked:

        I have recently added this scope to my pellet rifle and was wondering if I wasted my money due to the fact that I don't know if it's air gun rated. Is it?

        • Val from USA:

          Yes, it is airgun rated.

      • Bosco from USA asked:

        I've got a Mod 125 .25 Sniper will it hold up on my springer with it's massive recoil ?

        • Tom from USA:

          I think it will. It's doing fine on my .25 Vortex

      • Jeff from USA asked:

        What center point scope can hold up to the recoil of rim fire rifles?

        • Paul from USA:

          Any of them will hold up to a rimfire

        • Stanley from USA:


      • John from USA asked:

        Will this scope hold up to the recoil of the Benjamin Trail NP2 ?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Yes i have a centerpoint on my benjamin np holding up well.

      • Joseph from USA asked:

        I would like to add a set of flip open covers. What size do I need? Any suggestions on brand?

        • Sean from USA:

          Bring the bikini covers to your local store if you have one. Most people at a good gun store really know their stuff and will point you in the right direction.

        • Stanley from USA:

          You would need a caliper to measure the objective and the eye piece then they have a chart as to which size you would need. I like the Butler Creek flip-ups myself.

      • RifledDNA from USA asked:

        That's the cf500 centerfire reticle. I found that and love it for simple trajectory points. What does TAG stand for though?

        • Paul from USA:

          TAG = Trajectory Aiming Guide

        • Stanley from USA:

          It means red and green illuminated per description.