Date: 23/8/2019 21:14

Customers Q&A on CenterPoint AR22 Series 4x32 Duplex Reticle Rifle Scope, 3/8" Rings

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  • Tom from USA asked:

    When my windage and elevation knobs are horizontal and vertical, my reticle is tilted about 35-40 degrees. How can I adjust it to vertical?

    • Andre from Canada asked:

      I bought a Crossman Optimus with 4x32 CenterPoint. i installed it and I noticed that the windage adjustment is on the left side of the scope when looking through the adjustable lens for the focus. Is that normal ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Is the elevation still on top if you have the windage on the left side? Because that would not be right. If it is still on top, then I suspect you've got it mounted backwards

    • alexander from USA asked:

      Would this scope fit on to a Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 Dual Caliber Air Rifle?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Paul from USA asked:

      Will this mount on a Bluestreak?

    • Drew from USA asked:

      Is this a leapers made scope? It has the (true strength/TS) logo in the description.

      • Stanley from USA:

        No made by the Crosman variety .

    • Albert from USA asked:

      Does anyone know what the factory settings for elevation and windage are for this scope? I had a terrible time zeroing the scope and I am afraid I may have really messed up the settings. I would like to restart the process by setting the factory settings back on the scope. Thanks in advance

      • Ringo from USA:

        The only way you can get close to zero is to turn the dials all the way to the left or right or up & down till it stops and then count every click in the opposite direction and then divide it by 2 and then count that numbers of clicks back, it'll put you close to zero and then you can adjust your POI as needed.

      • timothy from USA:

        there is no factory reset you have to mess with it and it can take some time do little adjustments at a time till you see the point of impact move

    • Dennis from USA asked:

      Will this scope mount to the Crossman 459 MT mount

      • timothy from USA:

        yes but the mounts have a lot of play i had them on a 1377 i would strongly recommend a steel breech for a scope i already wish i would have bought one ps youtube for install

    • William from USA asked:

      Can this scope be used on the spring guns without comming apart?

      • wade from USA:

        two reviews from springers say it won't last

      • wade from USA:

        I just mounted mine to a Vantage . Working on sighting it in @ 22-24 yrds. As long as the rings hold, it's a shockproof scope. Otherwise spend twice the money. Take a look at the reviews

    • Ricardo from USA asked:

      Is the reticle illuminated?(as it says), Is it mil-dot as shown in the picture of the reticle?

      • Will from USA:

        This scope does not have the extra lines on the reticle. Just a single cross hair duplex. Thicker on the sides and thin in the center.

      • William from USA:

        NO and NO

    • Moonray13 from USA asked:

      Will this fit the steel breech upgrade on a Crosman 1377?

      • Jerry from USA:

        Yes, It's a dovetail set up

    • nawar from Canada asked:

      Hi Can I fit this scope on Umarex MORPH 3X co2??? Thanks

      • Tyler from USA:

        You would need different mounts, weaver mounts.