Date: 26/3/2019 21:36

Customers Q&A on Colt Peacemaker SAA CO2 BB Revolver Shells, 6ct

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  • Anthony from USA asked:

    Most belts have 38 caliber loops. Will they work?

    • Dilcia from USA asked:

      Tyler, some of us shoot these quite frequently and have invested more than a few coins in shells. Where can we get replacement grommets when these wear out? Also in regards to other shells for say the Colt Python which has the plastic tip (Bullet shape.) where can we get those as well? Also, I would like to point to what I think is going to be a future problem with these shells and the Umarex Legends Cowboy. The problem that I foresee in the future is going to be extractor bite on the rims of the shells. Sooner or later that extractor is going to tear these rims up. Thank you for your reply in advance.

      • Tyler from USA:

        I have not seen the grommets for sale by themselves. Maybe Umarex USA has them? Though, it may not be something that will ever be available. They may just be relying on folks to buy a replacement pack of shells if the rubber parts wear out. I can't say for sure though, again, question for Umarex as the manufacturer. Time will tell as far as the extractor thing goes, I'm told the first batch of Cowboy guns have shipped, so just a matter of seeing how they do.

    • Peter from USA asked:

      Since I have a pellet version of this pistol and do not see extra cartridges for it, could these be used for pellets? If not, what is the difference between them?

    • joseph. c from USA asked:

      Will these shells fit the Crossman 357 snr I see a recess at the front end

      • Gene from USA:

        No they will not......they are too fat

    • Kyriakos from Greece asked:

      dimensions of the bullets; diameter and length in m.m do these bullets match to replica's revolver

      • Jody from USA asked:

        Did they change the design of the shell pics show a recess in the end

        • Bill from USA asked:

          What are the actual dimensions of these?

          • alp from USA asked:

            Will the shells from other CO2 revolvers fit this? The other shells are about the size of a .38 what size are these?

            • Dan from USA asked:

              Will the Dan Wesson cartridges work in the Colt Peacemaker? If so, is the velocity affected?

              • Stephen from USA asked:

                Will the Gletcher Shells work in the colt Peacemaker?

                • Dave39 from USA:

                  It depends on which Gletcher "decorative cartridges" you mean. The shells for the Gletcher SW-B series, the SW-R (pellet) series and the CLT-B series will fit in the Umarex Colt Peacemaker but will exhibit considerably lower muzzle velocities because their projectiles are located in the tip of the cartridges rather than in the base where they are right next to the CO2 source. The Gletcher NGT shells are too small for the Peacemaker.

              • michael from USA asked:

                why this type of shell instead of the more realistic Dan Wesson style?

                • Cory from USA:

                  It is due to the seals that are needed for this design type.

              • michael from USA asked:

                Why this type of shell instead of the dan wesson more realistic type shell/

                • stephen from Canada:

                  I have a gletcher ngt that uses this kind of shell and I believe that it makes a better gas seal