Date: 26/11/2020 6:59

Customers Q&A on Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph

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  • Tim from USA asked:

    Can I get a outlet adapter to supply electricity instead of using a battery? This thing drains batteries even when its turned off.

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes There is power converter available.

  • rfguy from USA asked:

    Does this allow for a 9 volt battery eliminator (Wall Wart)?

    • Gerald from USA asked:

      Is there any chance the ProChrono Digital Chronograph will work with a Mac (using Excel) as well as a PC?

      • richard from USA:

        search 'chrono bluetooth and you'll find it!

      • richard from USA:

        it appears with the bluetooth option it can at least work with iPads etc. Maybe that translates to desktops? I'm gonna find out! I suspect it will.

    • Don from USA asked:

      Are the "Light diffusers" included as standard equipment?

      • Mike from USA:


    • Don from USA asked:

      Does "in the box" include the light diffusers accross the top?

      • Mark from USA:

        Yes, the diffusers (2) and the steel rods (4) are included.

    • daffy2doffy from USA asked:

      Will my alpha master crony printer work with this ProChrono

      • Cory from USA:

        No, it will not.

    • kim from Korea (South Korea) asked:

      Can i use this device for aluminum bullet?

      • Dan the Man from USA:


    • steve from USA asked:

      what is the highest speed that will register on this product

      • richard from USA:

        Measures velocities from 22 to 7,000 feet per second.