Date: 24/11/2020 13:30

Customers Q&A on Crosman .22-Cal Steel Breech Kit, Fits 2240, 2250, 2260, 2289 & 1322 Air Guns

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  • Mikhah from USA asked:

    Will the origanal rear site fit on this breech? The 1322.

    • Thomas from USA asked:

      Does this breech have an 11mm rail?

      • Mark from USA:


    • Scott from USA asked:

      Will this work on the 1701 silhouette model?

      • Mark from USA:

        No. It is only for the CO2 powered Crosman pistols.

    • Dan from USA asked:

      Does this kit come with the upgrade transfer port?

      • Mark from USA:

        No. The standard transfer port.

    • Frank from USA asked:

      Crosman makes two different length breaches. Is this the long or short breach?

    • William from USA asked:

      need to convert my 1377 to a 22. if I buy this 22 steel breach kit and the 15" 22 barrel; will it work?? Thanks! William

      • Mark from USA:


    • Samuel from USA asked:

      Is it ok to use temporary locktite on the threaded parts while reassembling? (Especially the bolt lever)

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Deter from USA asked:

      How much does this weight?

      • James from USA asked:

        Can I use the brass bolt from the original kit when I upgrade to the steel breech kit?

        • Joseph from USA:

          Not as far as I can see. I could not unscrew the brass bolt. I had to use the new bolt handle that came with the kit. The new steel breech is one piece which does not allow you to use the old one piece bolt assembly.

      • James Brown from USA asked:

        What are the dimensions of the breech and dovetail?

        • Brenda from USA asked:

          Will the Crosman 459MT 2-Pc Intermount, 3/8" Dovetail parts fit on the installed Crosman .22-Cal Steel Breech Kit for the 2240 and 1322 air guns?

          • Calvin from USA:

            The 459MT Intermount clamps to the barrel--not the breech block. This steel breech has a machined 11mm dovetail for a scope mount.

        • Tom from USA asked:

          The bolt seems loose compared to the original and has a bit of play when closed. Seems like the bolt seal might not be great. Is this normal?

          • Garrett from USA asked:

            Will this work on a custom crosman 2400 kt .22 co2 rifle From crosmans custom shop

            • 65BAJA from USA:

              If it's a custom shop gun doesn't it already come with a steel breach?

          • Gunny from USA asked:

            I'm not mechanically this beech kit hard to install?

            • Val from USA:

              You may want to have Pyramyd Air install it for you...

          • Oscar from USA asked:

            is this 6 1/4"?

            • STEVE from United Kingdom asked:

              Has the .22 steel breech got a 20mm dovetail.?

              • Calvin from USA:

                The dovetail on this breech is 11mm (3/8").

            • Anton from USA asked:

              I have a 1377 model, but it was converted to shoot .22 caliber. Will this metal breech fit my model?

              • gerald from USA asked:

                Dose pyramid air mount this metal breech and where can I get a 14 or18 in. Barrel and if I can get a barrel at pyramid air and get it installed

                • stephen from Canada asked:

                  can I expect a large increase in fps adding a 18 or 24 inch barrel

                  • Ringo from USA:

                    According to myairgunreviews on YouTube just a 24" barrel and a steel breech will yield 620 fps, he shows it on his chrony.

                  • William from USA:


                • Serafin from USA asked:

                  Is there a steel breech for left hander and if there is can you please tell me the model number? Thank you!

                  • stephen from Canada:

                    seen a aluminum one on ebay $70 US

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    There is not.

                • Harold from USA asked:

                  Why is shipping so much on small items?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Ground shipping will depend on your location. If you are in a location where it can go from Fedex to the post office via Fedex Smartpost, that option will show as $7.99.

                • Jimmy C from USA asked:

                  Does it comes for left hand shooters?

                  • Stanley from USA:


                • Sam from USA asked:

                  Will the Crosman 0290 red dot site fit on this steel breech?

                  • Tristan from Canada:


                • philip from USA asked:

                  Will this work on the original 1377 with the rotating bolt cover?

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    No it will not.

                • Wayne from USA asked:

                  Can I use this on my crosman 2300?

                  • joseph from USA:

                    You would need the breech for the 1377. Both are the same other than one is .177=1377 and this one being 2240=.22

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    The 2300 series (both the T and S) have steel breeches on them. Not to mention they are both .177 and you would need a .22 cal barrel to make use of this particular breech kit.

                • Scott from USA asked:

                  Will this fit on the P1322?

                  • Dan the Man from USA:


                • Chuck from USA asked:

                  Instructions Instructions

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Instructions are included with the kit

                • Steve from USA asked:

                  I can use this on a 2240 to make it a .177 if I have a 177 barrel----same OD 7/16----

                  • Dan the Man from USA:


                • Michael from USA asked:

                  Will my existing rear site go on the back, or do I have to by a different rear site to use the steel breech?

                  • Michael from USA:

                    The existing Crosman rear sight will not work.

                • Paul from USA asked:

                  What type of scope mounts will this accomodate? Picatinny or Weaver rails or do you need a special mount?

                  • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:


                • Richard from USA asked:

                  Is there a need to purchase a different hammer when switching out the plastic breech for this metal one?

                  • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                    No, there is not

                • Robert from USA asked:

                  Is this breech going to work these sights if I buy them from Pyramyd too? Thanks : Item Code: Crosman-0066N [Crosman Williams Rear Sight, Notched...] Crosman Williams Rear Sight, Notched Blade, Elevation & Windage Adj., 3/8" Mount

                  • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                    Yes, it should work for you

                • brian from USA asked:

                  hi guys were is the location of the front breech screw thanks

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    It's the screw in front of the breech

                • will from USA asked:

                  will a 22cal type red dot fit on it?

                  • Dan the Man from USA:

                    Yes, as long as it has a 11mm mount.

                • tod from USA asked:

                  Is this all that is needed to make the conversion to the steel breech using the stock barrel? No other barrel bands or anything needed? Also it appears longer, so this will extend the barrel out a few inches also? Thanks.

                  • Cliff from USA:

                    It will not extend the barrel any as the port hole on the barrel cannot be moved forward or backwards. This breech simply covers more barrel surface in that respect.

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    Nothing else needed to convert

                • Stephen from USA asked:

                  The image appears to show dove tails cut into the breech. Is this the facts? and would this allow a scope to be mounted?

                  • J from USA:

                    To mount a proper optic, a 3" or smaller 11mm dovetail to picatinny adapter is recommended

                  • Mary from USA:

                    yes and yes