Date: 15/10/2018 16:29

Customers Q&A on Crosman LPA MIM Rear Sight, For Crosman Guns with a Steel Breech

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  • Leslie from Canada asked:

    Would you know if this sight would fit a Walther CP88

    • JimA2 from USA asked:

      I am not unfamiliar with an Allen set screw but the Allen wrench that comes with my sight does not turn anything. I cannot feel it set into place, but it is small enough to slide around in the set screw hole. Can anyone confirm it really takes a 1.5mm Allen wrench?

      • Jonny V. from USA:

        I just got off the phone with Crosman who confirmed it is in fact a 1.5 mm hex. I can also confirm what a royal PITA it is to try and set that wrench into the screw. I have done it but it takes a great deal of patience.

    • Nicholas from USA asked:

      Will this fit on a Crosman Vantage?

      • Bill from USA asked:

        This sight slides into the slot but is so loose it falls out. How do you attach it to the breech?

        • Tim from USA:

          It has two small holes on top of it. Those have screws in them. Use the very small Allen wrench to tighten them up when the sight is centered.

      • Randall from USA asked:

        will this sight fit the dovetail notch on the crosman 1710P. It looks like the Williams site will not work because of interference with the bolt.

        • Christopher from USA:

          I would also like to hear an answer to this question. I have a 1700P

      • John from USA asked:

        does the allen wrench lock the adjustments?

        • Tim from USA:

          No. The allen wrench locks the sight in place on the pistol. You have to use a small flathead screwdriver to adjust the sight after you lock it down. Lock it down close to center.

      • Curt from USA asked:

        Which direction do you turn the screws for elevation and windage?

        • Jerry from USA:

          clockwise to raise the elevation, clockwise to move the sight to the left

      • Chay from USA asked:

        can this sight be used with real pistol?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          No, it's designed to go onto the steel breech of a crosman pistol.

      • Dennis from USA asked:

        Will the LPA MIM rear sight fit the 1701P?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Yes, it is a direct fit.

      • DEWAYNE from USA asked:

        How do I install and adjust the Crosman LPA MIM Rear Sight, For Crosman Guns with a Steel Breech?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          There is a grove at the rear of the steel breech. It slide into it.