Date: 21/5/2019 5:50

Customers Q&A on Crosman Nitro Piston Conversion, Fits Many Newer Gamo Rifles

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  • Jonathan from USA asked:

    Does this fit Ruger blackhawk elite .177

    • Dave from Canada asked:

      Which nitro piston will fit my crosman phantom.22 Springer and do you ship to Canada

      • Tiatemjen from India asked:

        Will this fit in gamo whisper. 177? Kindly help.

        • Tyler from USA:


      • tim from USA asked:

        Does this fit Gamo Hunter 440?

        • Pall from Faroe Islands (Denmark) asked:

          does this fit gamo replay-10 with spring power, aka. swarm

          • Andrew from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

            will this fit in my gamo 1250 hunter

            • Jason from USA asked:

              does this piston fit the gamo wildcat whisper .22

              • Richard from USA asked:

                Will this fit the Gamo Accu .22???

                • lance from USA asked:

                  Will this fit a stoeger atac

                  • Daniel from USA asked:

                    Will this fi the crossmen nitro blaze

                    • Sherif from USA asked:

                      did this gas ram sutable for kral safari al455

                      • dato from USA asked:

                        it is for Benj-BT1500WNP?

                        • William from USA asked:

                          Is there a conversion kit to change a Ruger Impact from spring to Gas piston?

                          • David from USA asked:

                            Does this gas piston fit the Gamo ACCU rifle? If so, does it require changing any thing other than swapping the spring for the gas piston?

                            • paul from New Zealand asked:

                              can you replace spring on a crosman quest 1000 for a piston thanks

                              • Edmond from USA asked:

                                Will it work with the Gamo Shadow Express?

                                • Jared from USA asked:

                                  Can this be used to replace the piston in a Crossman NPSS ?

                                  • Ilhan from USA asked:

                                    will it work with a gamo shadow 1000

                                    • Spencer from USA asked:

                                      My question is can get better accuracy and f.p.s. by changing my original IGP, with this part or will it be the same or worse, I have a Gamo whisper elite, it's only a year or so old I'm very happy with it, but I would like a lil more out of it.

                                      • Caezar from USA asked:

                                        This coversion fit to gamo G2 177?

                                        • Caezar from USA asked:

                                          This conversion fits for gamo G2 177 ? And what cylinder not include for this iteme

                                          • Oscar from USA asked:

                                            Good morning, you have to sell gas piston for Crosman Quest, Thank you

                                            • Jose from USA asked:

                                              Will this work with the Gamo Accu .22? If not, is there any other kit for the Accu?

                                              • Philip from USA asked:

                                                Will this work on a Gamo Big Cat 950

                                                • Garry from USA asked:

                                                  Will this fit either the Gamo Hunter Extreme and the Gamo Accu both in .177 ?

                                                  • Luc from USA asked:

                                                    does a nitro kit exist for weibley vulcan

                                                    • Kenneth from USA asked:

                                                      Will this piston work with the Gamo Viper Express?

                                                      • Anthony from USA asked:

                                                        I have a gamo silent stalker whisper, would it work in that model?

                                                        • markellus from USA asked:

                                                          Will this fit the gamo accu air rifle? And if I buy this with an airgun will they convert it then?

                                                          • Henry from USA asked:

                                                            I have a crosman optimus that has had thousands of rounds go through it. Eventually the velocity dropped and soon the rifle just wouldn't cock anymore. I'm pretty sure the spring broke, I would like to know if this piston could replace the spring piston. I think the optimus was manufactured some time after 2010.

                                                            • Tyler from USA:

                                                              I would recommend contacting Crosman directly and asking them which of their pistons (if any) would fit an Optimus. This one would not be the correct one.

                                                          • Russell from USA asked:

                                                            I have a Benjamin super streak will this conversation fit my 22 Cal. gun?

                                                            • Tyler from USA:

                                                              It will not

                                                          • Desmond from USA asked:

                                                            Will this fit the BSA polaris .22 2014 model which i believe is the same as the gamo cfx just with a different trigger assembly?

                                                            • Juganaru from Romania asked:

                                                              Will it fit to a Gamo CFX .22 caliber from 2012??? Thank You!

                                                              • Robert from USA asked:

                                                                I see answers both yes and no as to whether it will fit a Gamo Hornet. Has anyone confirmed this one way or the other?

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  If you're willing to take it apart and send pix of the insides I can give you my thoughts on it. chevota at hotmail. If it's like a generic Crosman (like an Optimus) then I can explain how to install a nitro spring yourself for pretty cheap if you're willing to do a little work. If not I'd just buy a nice Vortek coil spring and call it good, which is also very cheap. This nitro for $100 + a ton of shipping charges will be much more than the gun is worth.

                                                              • Janne from Finland asked:

                                                                Can i install/ does it fit Gamo Black bull whisperer? bought in 2012

                                                                • Tyler from USA:

                                                                  No it does not fit

                                                              • MARIO from USA asked:

                                                                Will this fit my gamo silent cat????

                                                                • Tyler from USA:

                                                                  If the gun has a plastic trigger, it should fit.

                                                              • John from USA asked:

                                                                Will this fit my hatsan 125?

                                                              • Jose from USA asked:

                                                                Will this nitro piston fit my Gamo Whisper fusion .177????

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  Doesn't that gun already have a gas spring? If your spring has leaked/died then you might be able to get a Crosman replacement to fit since they make about 5 different versions. Gamo may or may not sell a replacement, or it might be too expensive. If you need you can give me your springs dimensions and I'll see if any are a match; chevota at hotmail

                                                                • Dan the Man from USA:


                                                              • Christopher from USA asked:

                                                                Will this nitro conversion fit a BSA Meteor MK7?

                                                                • Tyler from USA:


                                                              • Joseph from USA asked:

                                                                Is there any kind of a Nitro piston conversion for the Stoeger x20s

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  The X20S is the same inside as a generic Crosman, so yes it can be done. I did it to my 20S first thing. You have a few choices; either buy just the nitro spring and one additional part which will total ~$28 and improvise the fit, or buy more parts to make it easier. All the parts to make it basically a kit will be ~$70. You can also buy a cheap Crosman nitro gun like a referb Titan or similar for ~$80 and mix parts so you have a nitro 20S and coil spring Titan. The conversion won't do much for you, but if you really want I can explain in more detail; chevota at hotmail. I can also explain how to make the oem coil spring as quiet as a nitro with little or no $.

                                                                • Tyler from USA:

                                                                  Not at this time

                                                              • Hogea from USA asked:

                                                                will this fit on a gamo maxima .22?

                                                                • Tyler from USA:


                                                              • Peter from USA asked:

                                                                I have a Gamo Big Cat 1250. I plan on ordering this and installing it myself. Are there any other parts that I need to buy to make this work?

                                                                • Tyler from USA:

                                                                  You should be okay as long as your piston seal is still in good shape.

                                                              • Joseph from USA asked:

                                                                Can this be installed and work properly on the Gamo Big Cat 1400 or Bull Whisper Extreme.177?

                                                                • Tyler from USA:


                                                              • Steve from USA asked:

                                                                will this fit in a Benjamin classic .22 if so will It need any extra parts

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  This spring won't, but you can order parts from Crosman to convert it, like parts from a Titan. Basically it's the same as the answer I gave a few Q's up about the X20S. You'll need at bare min those two parts for ~$28, but for a more effortless conversion you need a new nitro piston (not to be confused with the nitro spring)~$18. Lastly a new receiver tube makes it all a bolt together ordeal, but it's fairly easy to mod your tube and make it work so few people buy a new tube. Otherwise I remember a service via Crosman where you send in your gun and they convert it, but that cost >$100 plus shipping which ends up as much or more than a whole nitro gun complete with scope. Also see where I talked about making the coil quiet which is an excellent and more reliable option than nitro. Many Benj Classics are 500fps models in Canada, if that's you then you need to decide if you want to keep 500 or exceed it, because the common US parts will do 7-800.

                                                                • Richelle from USA:

                                                                  This will not fit the Benjamin Classic .22.

                                                              • Lloyd from USA asked:

                                                                Will this fit the Gamo Big Cat 22 cal. and is there a difference from this nitro piston and the new np2? Also is there a conversion for the np2?

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  The NP2's claim to fame is buttons and a rubber spacer at the front of the piston. Best to see the vids Greg mentioned. The actual NP2 nitro spring itself will probably fit with some tinkering, but it is imo too strong for that gun and will likely destroy your scope. The NP2 piston is a larger 1.125" diameter, so no it won't fit, but you can button your piston and mod it so it will perform as well. If you just want a nitro spring then I'd look to find the conversion meant for yours, or make a regular Crosman nitro spring fit. It should be the same install as my above answers.

                                                                • Greg (PA SALES) from USA:

                                                                  It should fit the big cat if is a 2008 or newer model. The NP2 is a smoother piston its only available in the NP2 you can watch videos online on how the NP2 works

                                                              • Marc from Lebanon asked:

                                                                Hey, will it fit the gamo whisper fusion pro? Will the velocity remain the same (1400ft/sec)? If yes, how come the velocity remain the same for less powerful converted air rifle?

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  You might be able to use parts from other guns like a Trail XL to convert it, maybe. The guns power is mainly due to two things; the volume of air it compresses (just like a car engine), and the spring strength. So your gun with a super light spring will make x power, double the spring strength and you double the power, but at some point the spring strength no longer has much of an effect. The oem coil and nitro is about where more strength will do little good, so if one is say 10% stronger you may only see a 1% power increase but you will see that 10% and some in harsher reverse recoil. If you want more power you need more displacement, but if the oem spring is weak from use and/or defects then a new one will help.

                                                                • Greg (PA SALES) from USA:

                                                                  I do not believe it will fit the fushion pro it has a larger compression chamber. 1400 fps is not a real number you may get that with a 4grain pellet on a good day. with lead those guns only shoot 1000-1100

                                                              • Alejandro from California asked:

                                                                Will this fit on the Ruger impact

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  I'm 98% sure the Impact cannot accept a nitro/gas spring at all. I say 98 because I don't have one to verify. It should be more or less the same internally as the Ruger Blackhawk and Diana 34, neither of which can be converted. Guns like the Ruger Yukon and Umarex Octane were the same base design but modified quite a bit to accept a gas spring, so while technically possible it's substantially easier to just buy a gas spring gun. The Impact will probably accept a Vortek kit meant for the Diana 34, google it. Expensive but people like them.

                                                                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                                                                  No, it will not

                                                              • Aaron from Australia asked:

                                                                Will this fit in a gamo zombie/bigcat 1250 and are they easy to instal because I'm from Australia and won't be able to send the gun into you guys

                                                                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                                                                  Yes, it will work

                                                              • Ahmed from Pakistan asked:

                                                                Hi there. I have a question I have Gamo shadow 1000 .22 cal. Does this piston fits in it if I replace the spring with it?

                                                                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                                                                  No, it will not

                                                              • Nikola from USA asked:

                                                                I have a crossman tr77 and gamo hornet,both .177 will this fit them and will it have the same velocity if it does fit?

                                                                • Hiram from USA:

                                                                  It will fit in the gamo Hornet according to the parts dept. I'm about to do the same conversion.

                                                                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                                                                  No, it will not

                                                              • Aaron from USA asked:

                                                                Pretty sure the answer is yes, but I have a Whisper Fusion Pro .177. Is this the piston I would need? Also, you guys would install it for just the price of shipping the rifle?

                                                                • Stacey from USA:

                                                                  No, the Whisper Fusion Pro has a larger power plant than the Whisper-series, Hunter Sport, Varmint Hunter, Big Cat & Shadow Sport. There is no aftermarket gas spring for this higher powered Gamo as far as I am aware.

                                                              • michael from USA asked:

                                                                is there a nitro piston conversion for the Ruger air hawk

                                                                • Stacey from USA:

                                                                  Not aware of a gas spring for the Ruger Air Hawk

                                                              • OLEG from USA asked:

                                                                I have 2005 Gamo hunter Pro sport.You have $79 and $109 Nitro Piston Conversion, which one is better fit to my rifle? Thank you.

                                                                • Stacey from USA:

                                                                  The Gamo Hunter Sport (shoots 1000 with lead and 1200 with PBA in .177cal) from 2005 would take the other Nitro Piston for the older Gamo guns for $79.99 Crosman Nitro Piston Conversion, Fits.... I am not aware of a Gamo Hunter "PRO" Sport. This sounds like it could have a larger power plant than the Gamo Hunter Sport as with other "Pro" and "Extreme" models. If that is the case, then the Nitro Piston will not work.

                                                              • Michael from USA asked:

                                                                How do I figure out of I have an older or newer model of air rifle?

                                                                • Val from USA:

                                                                  The cut off was around 2010-2011. you may want to call Pyramyd Air to confirm

                                                              • John from Taiwan asked:

                                                                Does it fit whisper fusion pro .22

                                                                • Val from USA:

                                                                  it should as that rifle went into production in 2013

                                                              • robert from USA asked:

                                                                will this fit my Crosman Quest 1000X

                                                                • Chevota from USA:

                                                                  That link Val provided is the one, but it isn't just a drop in deal. You need to buy more parts and possibly do some modifications. Basically it's better and probably cheaper to just buy a nitro gun. The Vantage Nitro is basically a Quest with a nitro and darker stain on the wood, but the Titan and others are also the same base model gun.

                                                                • Val from USA:

                                                                  This version of the piston should fit, but you may want to call Pyramyd Air to doublecheck.

                                                              • Brian from USA asked:

                                                                Will this gas piston fit the gamo black fusion .22?

                                                                • John from Taiwan:

                                                                  Well, actually for Gamo 33mm cylinder, there will be an eccentric problem for this gas spring conversion...I'm suffer for this now...

                                                                • Tyler from USA:

                                                                  If you Gamo has a plastic trigger, this is the ram you need. If yours has a metal trigger, you need the ram that fits older style Gamo rifles.

                                                              • Brycen from USA asked:

                                                                will this gas piston fit the Gamo Hornet .177?

                                                                • Dan the Man from USA:


                                                              • James from USA asked:

                                                                Will this piston fit the gamo big cat 1200?

                                                                • Dan the Man from USA:


                                                              • James from USA asked:

                                                                Do the converssion kits fit a crossman Extreme G1?

                                                                • Tyler from USA:

                                                                  Sadly it will not.

                                                              • gregory from USA asked:

                                                                Do the conversion kits fit a Crosman Phantom?

                                                                • Dan the Man from USA:

                                                                  No, there are no nitro piston kits that will fit this rifle.