Date: 10/12/2018 4:56

Customers Q&A on Crosman Nitro Piston Conversion, Fits Walther Falcon Hunter, Talon Magnum, and Hatsan Torpedo & 125 Rifles

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  • zaza from USA asked:

    Its compatible with CROSMAN TITAN NP .177.

  • Ascarya from Indonesia asked:

    Its compatible with hatsan torpedo 155?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, says so in the title

  • Noel from Mexico asked:

    Le quedara a un benjamin genesis .22

    • Arthur from USA asked:

      Will this work in my 135 .30cal vortex if not what do you recommend

      • Thungcheo from India asked:

        Can this fit in Hatsan 125 Air Rifle, Black Stock, Vortex Piston .22?

        • Tyler from USA:

          You already have a gas piston in the 125, why would you want to replace it with another?

      • Matthew from USA asked:

        Does this fit the gamo viper express air shotgun?

        • H Lal from India asked:

          Will this fit in my hatsan torpedo105x springer?

          • IVAN U from USA asked:

            I have hatsan mod125 with original vortex gaspiston, but the vortex gaspiston is broken. Can This piston fit in my hatsan mod125 or only fit in a springs hatsan mod125?

            • Yograjsinh from India asked:

              Will this fit the Webley Patriot (Turkish)?

              • Chevota from USA:

                I would say it's very possible. I doubt it would be a simple drop-in deal but I'd imagine any mods needed would be fairly easy. I'm pretty sure this is a Trail XL spring with those plastic caps at each end to fit the 125, and the XL springs dimensions are: 300mm oal. Body 169 x 18mm. Shaft ~131mm x 8mm. So better than no info... If you or anyone buys this conversion nitro please post it's dimensions with and w/o caps because lots of people could use the info. Also, there used to be a gas spring conversion just for the Patriot ~7 years ago. They were kinda rare guns so they probably sold very few springs and no doubt stopped mfg, but maybe you can find some info like dimensions online?

            • Russell from USA asked:

              Will this fit a hatsan striker in .25 cal?

              • Chevota from USA:

                No, the Striker is a smaller gun so it needs a shorter nitro. I don't know anyone who has a Striker but I'm sure it can be converted since Crosman sells several sizes of nitro's. My guess is it has a stroke of ~100mm, so I'd look at the common spring use on guns like the Titan, Venom etc. That spring is ~260mm oal with ~111mm of that being shaft. So you can measure your guns internals to see if that will work, and my guess is yes. Then you have to figure out how to make it stay centered inside, at both ends. Or you can just tune yours with the coil spring which if done properly will be just as good (matter of opinion).

            • Trigger from USA asked:

              Will this work for my Gamo Varmint Hunter HP .177?

              • Tyler from USA:


            • Brian from USA asked:

              I have a WALTER TALON (1400 fps) will this unit work in it and will I keep the same amount of power +/- some.

              • Tyler from USA:

                Yes. It will likely be a little slower, but not too much.

            • Bosco from USA asked:

              I have the Hatsan 125 .25 and I thought I would like the spring and I do but I would like to know if I went with the gas ram will it effect my FPS, I love the power that it has its the spring taking a set is why I want the gas ram. Is the Crossman gas ram the same as the Vortex ram?

              • Chevota from USA:

                I've heard people complain it costs them fps, but no first hand experience. My guess is it's the nitro for a Trail XL with those plastic deals added to each end. The Hatsan Vortex spring is no doubt made by someone else but probably similar to the XL spring is size and strength. I would just tune the gun as-is, or tune and replace the spring with a new Vortek spring. That's with a k not an x. It's possible to quiet the spring noise down substantially so really there's no need for a gas spring unless you just gotta have it.

            • michael from USA asked:

              id like to purchase a diana 350 mag....can a ram be installed prior to shipping to me?

              • Chevota from USA:

                The 350 cannot accept a nitro. Find a pix of the piston online and you'll see why. Pyramid won't install anything like that anyway.

            • Vance from USA asked:

              Will this fit in a Browning Leverage/XS46u?

              • Tyler from USA:


            • dereck from USA asked:

              If I buy this and Hatsan torpedo at the same time will you guys install it.

              • Tyler from USA:


            • steve from USA asked:

              Will this piston fit in the hatsan 125 sniper vortex 22 the same as the original piston? My gun needs a replacement and is out of warentee

              • Chevota from USA:

                Could've swore I answered this before. Anyway; send me the dimensions of your spring and pix of it and I'll give you my opinion since I have about six or so springs to compare it to: chevota at hotmail

            • Rod from USA asked:

              Will this piston fit the NP2

              • Rod from USA:

                No, but it is only averaging around 730 fps at one foot from the muzzle with 14.3 gr. Premiers. Crosman send me a replacement gas spring but it isn't any better. Yes, the gun has been tuned and all seals changed. Thanks for the part number!

              • Chevota from USA:

                No. Is yours dead already? If so I'd assume it's still under warranty? If not the Crosman part # is NP214-012

            • Jose from USA asked:

              Can I fit into my Hatsan 125 .22 vortex???

              • Chevota from USA:

                It's possible, but doesn't the Vortex already have a gas spring? If yours is dead can you just order another from Hatsan? If not you can remove your spring and post pix and measurements on a forum so people can tell you what available springs are close in size.

            • Walter from USA asked:

              Can this piston be fitted to a Hatsan Striker Edge .22? If so, would there be any loss of power?

              • Chevota from USA:

                This spring is no doubt too long for that model, maybe the more common size which they put in the Titan for example. It won't just drop in either, it would require some modifications. Cheaper and easier to tune what you have.

              • Tyler from USA:

                No, it will not fit the Striker series.

            • Zamri from Malaysia asked:

              Can i fit into hatsan torpedo 100x?

              • Dan the Man from USA:


            • punith from India asked:

              Can I fit it for Benjamin trail np xl 1500

              • Dan the Man from USA:


            • AirGunWarrior from USA asked:

              Anyone know the dimensions of this? Thanks!

              • Jerry from USA:

                I would suggest calling Crosman

            • Ntp from USA asked:

              can i use this Hatsan Model 135 Air Rifle ?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                No, you can't.

            • Jack from USA asked:

              Would this fit the Hatsan Mod 95 .22? If so, will it change the velocity at all?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                No, you can't.

            • Douglas from USA asked:

              Anyone know if this piston will fit my hatsan 95??

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                No, you can't.

            • alex from USA asked:

              can i use this gas ram for umarex surge?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                No, you can't.

            • alex from USA asked:

              can i use this gas ram on a umarex surge?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                No, you can't.

            • John from USA asked:

              Is the installed Nitro Piston the same one found in the Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle in .22? If not, is this more powerful Nitro Piston available for installation, and, if so, at what cost?

              • Chevota from USA:

                I can't say for sure if it's the same (excluding the plastic caps), but as far as I know Crosman only has one nitro spring long enough which is the XL version. So since this is a Crosman product my guess is it's an XL spring with those adapter caps on it. If you have an XL there isn't any point in a stronger spring, not that I think they exist anyway, so as long as yours hasn't leaked it's good to go. If you want to bump power you can install this main seal; Piston Seal, Fits Walther Falcon..., which is not meant for the XL but works perfectly and will net you some power, like ~10-15% which is quite a bit. It also makes the gun smoother and less abusive to scopes.

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                No, this is only for the Walther Talon Magnum series and Hatsan 125 series.

            • Jason from USA asked:

              I have seen varied reviews on this gas piston. Can I be sure that indeed, my talon will shoot as hard with the piston as it does with the original spring?

              • Tyler from USA:

                It is close but each gun is different. You are talking about a 25-50 fps difference between the two.