Date: 14/10/2019 20:40

Customers Q&A on Crosman Pellgun oil

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  • Gerald from USA asked:

    Can I use this on the leather seals of my Diana #16 air rifle?

    • Richard from USA:

      That's a great question. Personally, I use to own a Benjamin silver streak and used 10w motor oil. Pen Oil should work, as the viscosity is less than 10w motor oil.

  • Rafael from USA asked:

    Should only one drop be administered to the tip of the C02 capsule? Will it always guarantee C02 leakage?

    • Richard from USA:

      There are NO guarantees to your question. What applying a drop of Pen Oil does is that it dispreses into your mechanism and helps lubricate the other seals as well as the CO2 seal. I'm confident that if I erred, someone will jump in.

  • GANZ from India asked:

    Can this be shipped to India

    • Robert from USA asked:

      I put a dab of Vaseline on tip of my CO2 cartridges, and they seal fine so far. How is Pellgun better?

      • Matthew from USA asked:

        Is this safe to use if you're using the Air Venturi tank with adapter? Or is it only safe with standard co2 cartridges?

        • Riccardo from Italy asked:

          Just bought, on the blister I read, "petroleum based oil". I always known that petroleum oils are dangerous for seals. Why Pellgun not?

          • William from USA asked:

            What is the quantity of this container?

            • Riccardo from Italy asked:

              I have an Umarex Colt SAA Airsoft version, 6mm plastic bb's. Is safe to use this oil on the top of the co2 catridge while inserting it? Normally in softair I use only thin silicon spray but this Colt is my first co2

              • Val from USA:

                Yes, absolutely, use this

            • Ioannis from Greece asked:

              Is it advisable to use this product to lubricate the moving parts of my Umarex Beretta M92A1, or should I use another product?

              • Ronald from USA asked:

                what type of ail can I use on a Browning break barrel [gas] piston type pistol single shot .22 caliber

              • Melanie from USA asked:

                What is this for

                • Elvira from USA:

                  You put this at the top of you CO2 cartridges to reduce CO2 leakage. Use it continuously to let the pellgunoil work itself into the gun. Pour only a tad on top of the CO2 cartridge for each cartridge.

              • wayne from USA asked:

                should I ever oil the pump head (or piston cup) on my Sheridan silver streak? if so what is the best oil to use?

                • Robert from USA asked:

                  Can I use Pellgun Oil on my Umarex MORPH 3x CO 2 ?

                  • Elvira from USA:

                    You can use it on any CO2 gun. Just put a little on top of your CO2 cartridge where it's punctured. Then go ahead and put it in the gun and puncture it. Do this everytime you use a CO2 cartridge.

                • gary from USA asked:

                  i have it coming with a high powered break barrel, do you put this inside the piston hole with the barrel broke open,if so how many drops ?

                  • Art from USA:

                    Not for break barrels. Use RWS chamber oil (the piston hole, leads to that chamber). Or use Crosman silicone.

                • Chris from USA asked:

                  Can I put a drop on a rag and lube the barrel for more fps? Also to keep it cooler? Sorry... used to the real thing.

                  • Lynn from USA:

                    I use it to clean the barrels of my c0-2 guns, Works great!

                • Luis from Canada asked:

                  Is this product silicon based?

                  • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                    It is not

                • Mr_Oren from Israel asked:

                  it is good for walther CP99?

                  • Ashley from USA:

                    Yes. This is recommended for use on all CO2 guns. You just put a drop on the cartridge before inserting it into the gun.

                • joe from USA asked:

                  can i put a drop or 2 in the piston chamber of a break barrel?

                  • Kentucky Airgunner from USA:

                    NO. This is rated as an engine oil and may damage your gun. Use Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil for your break-barrel piston chamber.

                • Samuel from Canada asked:

                  What is this? Is it good for the tangfolio 1911?

                  • Val from USA:

                    Yes, it's recommended to be used with any and all CO2 powered guns. Put a drop of this oil on top of the CO2 cartridge before inserting it into the gun.

                • Ahmed from USA asked:

                  should I use this product on a PR077 gun if my gun is leaking co2

                  • Val from USA:

                    Yes, you should. Just put a drop of this oil on the cartridge tip before inserting it into the gun and make a few shots in a safe direction to make sure oil gets into the gun internals to seal o-rings. Hopefully o-rings are not destroyed at this point or it maybe too late to use the oil and you will need to change the o-rings.

                • Hot Shoot from United Kingdom asked:

                  Can this be used in every 12 gram co2 capsule using gun?

                  • Val from USA:

                    Yes, it can.

                • LES from USA asked:

                  Should you use this product in a Benjamin NP Titan ?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    It is not recommended for spring and gas ram rifles. At least not the inside of them.