Date: 5/8/2020 7:13

Customers Q&A on Crosman Pellgun oil

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  • Dracula from USA asked:

    I own a Gamo P85. Should I use this oil.

    • Mark from USA:


  • Rafael from USA asked:

    Should only one drop be administered to the tip of the C02 capsule? Will it always guarantee C02 leakage?

    • Chevota from USA:

      Richard is spot on with both statements. Yes, the internet will jump in if you make a mistake ;) I will only add that you should order a few seals in advance for the day yours leaks. If you have a Crosman they'll have seals, and cheap, to your door in maybe 1-2weeks? If not a Crosman then I can't say, so I'd start looking into it now. Some places it's just impossible to get parts, or they're super expensive. I like to have a seal on hand because I hate having to tighten the CO2 harder and harder as it gets worse so I change more often than most. It's kinda like a sink washer, how over time you have to turn harder to get it to turn off, then finally you replace the washer and it shuts off so easily and smooth you wish you'd done it years ago. Imo one drop per CO2 is excessive. It won't hurt, but I did more like a part of a partial drop every 5-10 CO2's. Rather than put in on the tip of the CO2, I would tilt the gun so the seal and puncture tube was facing up, then I'd fill that little cavity with oil. Then put the CO2 in, tighten, then it gets a good dose of oil... Up to you, I just wasn't willing to oil it each and every time.

    • Richard from USA:

      There are NO guarantees to your question. What applying a drop of Pen Oil does is that it dispreses into your mechanism and helps lubricate the other seals as well as the CO2 seal. I'm confident that if I erred, someone will jump in.

  • Robert from USA asked:

    I put a dab of Vaseline on tip of my CO2 cartridges, and they seal fine so far. How is Pellgun better?

    • Chevota from USA:

      It's real oil and it gets sprayed in there to get all the internals, and it's for pneumatics where the vaseline would likely damage the plunger. It's also real hard to get vaseline in the pivot joints and other parts of other guns they make. So with this you get a good lube, no doubt a better lube, and works on all their guns and all those guns parts. I suggest you use a drop of this or motor oil once in a while to be sure your internals are getting lubed. Probably not a big deal with most CO2 guns, but if it's of value I'd take the extra step just in case. Lastly, vaseline just may damage the other seal(s) inside the gun prematurely. I've never tried it because I'm straight and do not own vaseline ;) Sorry, couldn't resist...

  • Matthew from USA asked:

    Is this safe to use if you're using the Air Venturi tank with adapter? Or is it only safe with standard co2 cartridges?

    • Riccardo from Italy asked:

      Just bought, on the blister I read, "petroleum based oil". I always known that petroleum oils are dangerous for seals. Why Pellgun not?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Apparently it's 8430 Monolec GFS 30wt engine oil, which for whatever reason does not damage rubber seals as quickly. The only time I've seen regular motor oil damage an airgun seal quickly is the plunger on pneumatics, which basically dissolve and do so quickly. O-rings and other seals harden but like the seals in your engine it takes a looong time. If using for CO2 then note the seal will still fail over time no matter what so the only real fix is to replace them now and then. So imo this oil is really only special because it doesn't dissolve the pneumatic plungers, but may also extend the life of other seals. Being an actual real oil it is in fact good for lubing the rest of the guns metal parts. CO2 guns don't need lube as much as a pneumatic or springer but it still has metal parts that need lube. Normally the little bit you're supposed to add to the tip of the CO2 is what does that because it gets sprayed inside and eventually out the barrel to get all the internals, and of course the seal gets wet too. So it's basically a universal airgun oil because of those plungers. I replaced the plungers on my pneumatics with O-rings so I use syn motor oil on everything, or bearing grease. So if you buy the pellgun oil you get a little piece of mind that it's probably the best single all-around airgun you could find and you got a cool little container to store it in. I use syn motor oil in a Visine bottle, the super tiny Visine bottle. Note to anyone reading: Many people get suckered into buying the silicone oil, which is not oil at all imo, but concentrated liquid metal damage in a tube. So do yourself a favor and keep silicone away from the guns moving parts. Yes I also mean springers despite the whole world saying otherwise... If you have not had to repair a fine German springer because of silicone damage then you cannot argue the point. If anyone still wants to, please use silicone grease on your cars wheel bearings or silicone oil in your differential first, then talk to me.

    • William from USA asked:

      What is the quantity of this container?

      • Chevota from USA:

        You get 1/4oz. Yes, .25. So it would take 128 of these to make one quart. Someone is making a profit... Keep in mind that airgun companies don't exist to make airguns, they exist to make $.

    • Riccardo from Italy asked:

      I have an Umarex Colt SAA Airsoft version, 6mm plastic bb's. Is safe to use this oil on the top of the co2 catridge while inserting it? Normally in softair I use only thin silicon spray but this Colt is my first co2

      • Val from USA:

        Yes, absolutely, use this

    • Ioannis from Greece asked:

      Is it advisable to use this product to lubricate the moving parts of my Umarex Beretta M92A1, or should I use another product?

      • Ronald from USA asked:

        what type of ail can I use on a Browning break barrel [gas] piston type pistol single shot .22 caliber

        • Chevota from USA:

          I wouldn't use air tool oil, but you can use this or motor oil. Just keep in mind it will diesel at first, which may sound like a firearm, smoke too, so be ready. I put the muzzle into a tightly rolled up towel so it's quiet, and the towel catches the pellet.

        • David from USA:

          Air Tool Oil works very well. RWS has a product that might help you, RWS Air Chamber Lube &....

      • Melanie from USA asked:

        What is this for

        • Elvira from USA:

          You put this at the top of you CO2 cartridges to reduce CO2 leakage. Use it continuously to let the pellgunoil work itself into the gun. Pour only a tad on top of the CO2 cartridge for each cartridge.

      • wayne from USA asked:

        should I ever oil the pump head (or piston cup) on my Sheridan silver streak? if so what is the best oil to use?

        • Chevota from USA:

          You've never oiled it so far? Yes you should, and this is the oil you want. You might be needing a new plunger (piston cup) too, they don't last forever...

      • Robert from USA asked:

        Can I use Pellgun Oil on my Umarex MORPH 3x CO 2 ?

        • Elvira from USA:

          You can use it on any CO2 gun. Just put a little on top of your CO2 cartridge where it's punctured. Then go ahead and put it in the gun and puncture it. Do this everytime you use a CO2 cartridge.

      • gary from USA asked:

        i have it coming with a high powered break barrel, do you put this inside the piston hole with the barrel broke open,if so how many drops ?

        • Chevota from USA:

          Yes, it goes in as you described. One drop should do it every 500 shots. If you add more oil it'll just diesel harder and/or for more shots. I usually use 2 drops but I don't care that it diesels, I'd rather it have too much lube that too little. I also use motor oil, which is what this is but it's specifically for pneumatic guns for a reason I mentioned several posts up. It's also extremely expensive if you were to calculate it out to a quart. I also mention a couple times in posts above that silicone is a bad idea. The more your gun cost the worse of an idea it is imo. If you bought a nice German gun I personally wouldn't allow silicone in the same house. I can picture the RWS execs in a meeting: "We can sell this for $30 an oz and it'll increase future guns sales as they prematurely seize up!" Actually premature is the wrong term considering they would not seize up all if you keep silicone away from it. Had you noted the gun you ordered I could've added it's special needs or if it is especially dangerous to use silicone in it. It doesn't hurt most break barrel guns very much, but it's still bad for them, never good.

        • Art from USA:

          Not for break barrels. Use RWS chamber oil (the piston hole, leads to that chamber). Or use Crosman silicone.

      • Luis from Canada asked:

        Is this product silicon based?

        • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

          It is not

      • Mr_Oren from Israel asked:

        it is good for walther CP99?

        • Ashley from USA:

          Yes. This is recommended for use on all CO2 guns. You just put a drop on the cartridge before inserting it into the gun.

      • Samuel from Canada asked:

        What is this? Is it good for the tangfolio 1911?

        • Val from USA:

          Yes, it's recommended to be used with any and all CO2 powered guns. Put a drop of this oil on top of the CO2 cartridge before inserting it into the gun.

      • Ahmed from USA asked:

        should I use this product on a PR077 gun if my gun is leaking co2

        • Val from USA:

          Yes, you should. Just put a drop of this oil on the cartridge tip before inserting it into the gun and make a few shots in a safe direction to make sure oil gets into the gun internals to seal o-rings. Hopefully o-rings are not destroyed at this point or it maybe too late to use the oil and you will need to change the o-rings.

      • Hot Shoot from United Kingdom asked:

        Can this be used in every 12 gram co2 capsule using gun?

        • Val from USA:

          Yes, it can.