Date: 22/5/2019 15:54

Customers Q&A on End seal 357/CO2 guns


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  • Danny from USA asked:

    Does this fit the 1077?

    • McDonell from USA asked:

      Hello, I recently bought a Vintage Crosman 357, 177 Cal, Pellet Gun ("U.S. Patent No. 4,422,433"). Will this seal fit this model? It continues to leak C02 and I assume its the seal. Thank you!

      • Felix from USA asked:

        how to change seal???

        • Val from USA:

          probably want to look at the instructions or call Crosman if you are not sure.

      • Kenneth from USA asked:

        will this seal fit my older crossman357 4 in. barrel it starting to leak air

        • Felix from USA:

          it does not fit; there is no where to put it; no help to change it; no answers;

        • Gregory from Canada:

          It will fit all crosman 357 air pistols regardless of barrel length.

      • Patrick from USA asked:

        will this work for my crossman tr77 spring break barrel

        • Gregory from Canada:

          No, this is a co2 caplet seal, you need a "breach seal" for your spring piston break barrel tr77.

      • monkeydo from USA asked:

        Will this seal work on my Crossman 357 phase 1 circa 1990 pistol?

        • robert from USA asked:

          will this work on my 38T Crosman

          • Richelle from USA:

            That appears to be an older model and Crosman does not even have parts for it. You might try contacting them to see if they know a source for parts. This item will most likely not fit.

        • irwin from USA asked:

          Hello I can use the seal for my pistol walther cp 99 compact?

        • Lynn from USA asked:

          Hello I have a older 1077 and bought the Air Source adapter. Worked fine until the Air Source stated leaking. They replaced it and all was fine until the 1077 started leaking as soon as I turned on the Air Source. I bought a Stoeger X5 but because I am 65 loading it and the break barrel doesn't cut it. I bought another 1077 in June it worked fine but now it is leaking near the clip area. Will the end seal 357 fix the problem and how do I install it. Thank You for any help Lynn Rasske [email protected]

          • Tyler from USA:

            It will not fit sadly. I would contact Crosman directly for replacement parts.

        • josh from USA asked:

          Why is the shipping so high for this? $11 dollars to ship an o-ring?

          • Val from USA:

            You can ship using SmartPost ($7.99), still kind of high, but better...