Date: 15/9/2019 9:9

Customers Q&A on FX Radar Pocket Wireless Chronograph

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  • Deter from USA asked:

    Theoretically i could set this 20ft away, as long as the pellet passes by, it should read?

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes; It will read the pellets.

  • Loren from Canada asked:

    What units is the scope height inch, cm, or mm?

    • howard from USA:

      I believe its more of a bore height issue with the Impact I place it about 2 inches below and about 1-2 inches back from the tip you might need to take a few shots to find perfect placement

  • Alvaro from USA asked:

    How many shots per session can it support and can you store info for future references?

    • howard from USA:

      Ive had it store up to 70 shots before I left the app and lost my string. Take a screenshot ASAP

  • Alvaro from USA asked:

    Can you print results to PDF or Image file and share file via email or whatsapp ?

    • howard from USA:

      I take a screenshot and transfer it to excel

  • Peter from USA asked:

    In use how long do the batteries last? Does it have a usb port that supports a battery pack? Peter

    • Rick from USA asked:

      Can you tell me what stats (other than fps) are available with this chrono? i.e. fpe, high, low, avg speed, deviation. thanks

      • Mark from USA:

        Powered by three, widely available AAA batteries, FX's new chronograph is lightweight, pocket-sized and provides all the pertinent information serious airgunners are after, like muzzle velocity and how many foot-pounds of energy their projectiles are pushing. Because it uses Doppler Radar to calculate its stats, the Radar chronograph functions in all lighting conditions. It returns data in both audio and visual formats. It's extremely easy to set up and it's as accurate as other, often bulky, chronographs. For other specifics contact FX.

    • Merl from Canada asked:

      will it work on hi power rifles or just air guns?

      • Donald from USA:

        It will only do air guns and bows. I know it won't be able to do my one Airgun that shoots well over 1600 fps

      • Calvin from USA:

        Advertised speed range is up to 1300fps. So I doubt it would work for that application.

      • Digger from USA:

        From what I've read so far, it looks like air guns and arrows only.