Date: 26/11/2020 8:6

Customers Q&A on Leapers 3-12X44 AO SWAT Compact Accushot Rifle Scope, EZ-TAP, Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 30mm Tube, See-Thru Weaver Rings

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  • Maurice from USA asked:

    Sorry Mark, I was not very clear. I should have asked, will I need high mounts for this scope on a Hatsan Bullboss?

    • Mark from USA:

      No. Medium rings will be fine.

  • Maurice from USA asked:

    Will this need medium or high profile rings?

    • Mark from USA:

      You can use Med. If you have a magazine fed gun,it will need high rings to let the scope tube clear the magazine.

  • richard from USA asked:

    how long

    • Mark from USA:

      11.10" long

  • Benny from USA asked:

    How many hours will the illumination run on fresh batteries?

    • Alex from USA asked:

      Will this be a good scope for my hatsan mod 95? Budget*

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, definitely.

    • Carrie from USA asked:

      Will this fit on an 11mm dovetail tail with the mounts that are provided?

      • Tyler from USA:

        No, you will need dovetail mounts, the rings that come with it are weaver/picatinny

    • Walker from USA asked:

      Is there a side wheel accessory that fits this particular scope?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes UTG makes two different sizes a 80mm and a 60mm diameter.

    • Aaron from USA asked:

      What is the mfg.part number? Is it :SCP3-UGM312AOIEW

      • Stanley from USA:

        No it is : SCP3-UM312AOIEW .

    • Aaron from USA asked:

      What is the difference between this and item Leapers UTG 3-12x44 AO Rifle...? 4319 appears to be the same scope but has EZ-TAP III illumination as opposed to standard EZ-TAP and is $20 more. What's the difference and is it worth the extra $20?

      • Chevota from USA:

        As Jim said that other one has the etched reticle, and he's right, it's worth it! I bought this wire reticle scope first and I liked it other than the fat reticle and illumination. So I bought the etched version (SCP3-UGM312AOIEW) hoping the reticle would be better, and it is soooo much better than I expected! It is basically a fine wire reticle, which they should advertise. The dots are much smaller, as you'd imagine, plus rather than all dots, every other one is a hash (tiny fine line). So there's the X at the center, then a line, then a dot and so on. The wire version has nine large dots on each leg and it's distracting, reminds me of a string of beads. The etched has four small dots per leg. There's also a small air gap between the fine center reticle and outer fat wire (which is actually still wire) so there's no question it's etched. Kinda hard to measure but my estimate is the wire reticle is 4-5 times as wide as the etched one. In fact I think the dots of the etched are as wide as the wire on the metal one. The wire dots are not quite round which gives the illusion it's out of focus which bugs me. The etched reticle and its dots are perfect. The illumination works out much better on the etched b/c the wire version isn't so good. The wire is lit at an angle which makes brightness a bit uneven and you can even see a shadow on one side of each wire and dot. It also lites up the inside of the eye piece and reflects a lot back at you which is even more annoying. The etched reticle is perfectly and evenly lit, and it only lights up the fine wire section leaving the thicker outer wires black. So with a floating red (the only color I use) reticle in the center it reminds me of a red dot sight but with an X. The light itself is probably the same but the inside of the eye piece is visibly different to minimize reflection so it's much better. The illumination is still way too bright and (imo) the current dimmest setting should be the brightest and go down from there. The only real bummer about this etched scope is it has made most of my other scopes unsat in comparo, so it looks like I may just have to spend a ton of $ to upgrade a lot of scopes..... As for the E-TAP vs EZ-TAP III, I think that's a typo. Looks like someone copy/pasted to make the new page and didn't delete all of the word Illuminated. I have both scopes and boxes side by side and there is no difference and no mention of a "III", and they look and function the same. In fact the only diff I can see at all is the reticle and change inside the eye piece to minimize reflected LED light.

      • Jim from USA:

        That other scope has an etched glass reticle. That is worth the extra money.

    • Travis from USA asked:

      Some have complained about the thickness of the reticle. Is it thicker than the reticle on the 3-9x32 bugbuster?

      • Tony from USA:

        I have several UTG scopes. I prefer the thick reticle

      • Chevota from USA:

        I'm one to complain about it, and while certainly not unusable, it is annoying compared to a better one. I just bought the etched glass version of this scope (see my post above) and it's so much better that I am now officially spoiled and the old retcile is no longer good enough for me. Just kidding, kinda. Maybe not... Put it this way; if you never see a fine wire reticle you'll be ok, but once you do you're screwed. Kinda like B&W TV vs color, mono vs surround sound, bias ply vs radial, Win 9x vs 10. Some things in life just spoil you. For me, I now have to buy a bunch of new scopes...

      • William from USA:

        No, I have all of these scopes, some may be bigger but hardly noticeable, the crosharis work just fine on all of mine. No they are not the finest in the world but they work very well. I have no complaints what so ever.

    • Alberto from USA asked:

      do this scope fits Stoeger Atac rifle?? Wich Scopes will be the best options for this rifle??

      • Chevota from USA:

        Yes it will fit. I think it's a great scope for the $ and worth the extra $10 to get this shorter version. Not sure I'd put a better/more expensive scope on that gun so I'd it's about as good as you'd want to get imo. The side parallax adj is really cool to have and worth any price difference. The one drawback is the reticle wire is rather thick so if that bothers you I'd consider something else. It's frustrating why it's so fat but it is what it is... Maybe the fat ones are stronger and they fear breakage complaints over those about thickness.

    • Scott from USA asked:

      There appear to be two versions of this scope. The first one I bought has a nice fine reticle center area with hash marks between the mil dots, at 10x the cross hairs cover about 1/4" at 50 yards. The second one I got (other vendor) had a fat reticle that's the same thickness from edge to center, no hash marks and covers about 3/4" at 50 yards. I returned it as unacceptable. Which version reticle will I get if I order one from you? How can I tell them apart without ordering/opening?

      • Chevota from USA:

        I have both versions and the fat reticle with all dots is the metal wire reticle and the fine reticle with dots and hashes is an etched glass reticle. The only diff is the G in the part #: SCP3-UGM312AOIEW vs SCP3-UM312AOIEW So maybe the vendor didn't notice the G or you actually ordered each version? I wish I could return my two fat wire versions :(

      • CORIE from USA:

        i ordered this exact scope from here and it has hash marks and is 1/4 at 50 yards, i hope this answers your question and that you get the same one i got!!!!

    • Avery from USA asked:

      will the mounts on this scope mount onto a picatinny rail? such as the picatinny rails on the Benjamin armada?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes .

    • Brian from USA asked:

      can this be use on a hatsan at44-10 tactical

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes this scope would be a good choice . Use dovetail mounts so they don't interfere with the mag release.

    • Frank from USA asked:

      Will this scope worth with a Marauder Gen2? If so, which rings do you need to buy with it?

      • Shane from USA:

        You need dovetail or 11mm or you can get dovetail to weaver rail adapter

    • George from USA asked:

      Is the parallax adjust ment on right or left side.

      • Dave from USA:


    • William A from USA asked:

      Is this scope and the other TS true strength scopes rated for HEAVY RECOIL spring air guns?

      • Stanley from USA:


    • Guillermo from texas asked:

      will this fit the hammerli 850 airmagnum .22 cal

      • Richelle from USA:

        The scope will work on that gun but you will need a different set of rings (dovetail) or an intermount.

    • Douglas from USA asked:

      does weight of scope 20 oz include scope mounts?

      • Chevota from USA:

        I weighed the mounts that came with mine and the pair are 5.46oz. So the claimed 23.1 + that = a hefty 28.5.

      • Jerry from USA:

        No, mounts are not figured into the weight of the scope

    • Frederick from USA asked:

      I would like to attach this scope Leapers 3-12X44 AO SWAT Compact Accushot Rifle Scope, to a Gamo Extreme Hunter .177 break barrel rifle. Can anyone tell me what mounts I will need? Thank you in advance...

      • Ft.Wendy from USA:

        Blk one piece mount dovetail to weaver mount. That way you can use the scope rings provided with this scope. If I liked the gun its what I would do.