Date: 19/2/2019 10:56

Customers Q&A on Nardi USA Atlantic G Air Compressor, Gas, 4500 PSI/300 Bar

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  • Franklin from USA asked:

    Does anyone who has this compressor have a good step by step sequence for starting , filling, and securing. Manual is confusing on steps. Have written pyramyd air for help but other than emailing the same manual have been absolutely no help and have ignored all further requests for help.

    • Robert from USA:

      Hello, I have had mind about two years now. Works well but one time I did have to drain the carburetor bowl because if junk in the bottom of the bowl. So.......starting, (1) Connect your fill bottle to the full hose. (2) Make sure the bottle valve is closed and the bottle release valve is also closed. (3) Open both release drain valves on the compressor. (4) put choke on (if cool outside). (5) Move the gas lever to about one half open. (6) Turn the on switch to (on) from off (located on side of motor. (7) Pull the start rope as needed to get the gas engine running. (8) After the engine is warned -up and running okay close BOTH DRAIN VALVES on the compressor. (9) As the pressure builds up on the fill gauge located on the hose OPEN the FILL BOTTLE. (10) You will see the pressure slowly build-up in the FILL BOTTLE GAUGE. (11) When the FILL BOTTLE GAUGE READS 4,500 psi CLOSE the FILL BOTTLE VALVE. (12) Working fast, with fill bottle valve closed......turn the switch to the off position and shut the engine down. You air tank should be filled. I also let some air blow out the two relief drain vales about every 10 minutes of running the compressor. Open each one for about 3-5 seconds at a time you will see a lot of water blow out, close when no more comes out. I am sure this is the same procedure for the electric model. I hope this helps, if not call me 301 977-4405...Maryland

  • deerflyguy from USA asked:

    Is there any American manufacturer that makes a compressor for pcp airgun tanks? The major problem for anything made in Italy is finding parts or someone to repair them when they break down. Everything mechanical ALWAYS breaks down eventually! Other than the outrageous price per unit, I really have no faith in the quality of the offerings sold here, and will drop my interest in going pcp unless my faith is restored. The nearest dive shop around here is a 45 minute drive. That kind of fill up is not realistic, nor is using a hand pump for a man my age. So, it's a good quality compressor or not at all!

    • Jojo from USA asked:

      How long it'll take to fill up 88 cu ft tank?

      • Stacey from USA:

        About 45 min. to an hour.

    • Dennis from USA asked:

      Is the breathable?

      • Val from USA:


    • dereck from USA asked:

      how loud is it

      • Stacey from USA:

        Listed in the description as 84 db. This sounds about right, kind of like your average lawnmower, maybe not quite as loud.