Date: 30/11/2020 9:24

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer P226 and P250 Pistol Magazine, 16rds, 2 Pack

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  • Hannah from USA asked:

    Are these magazines plastic or metal?

    • LvtheOtdrsman from USA:

      Plastic.I just Ordered a P226 straight from SIGS Promotion Web site and Talked with CS in NH plant.they are Plastic but out until November.I did not ask if UMAREX( builds for many brands) mags will fit.

  • Mark from USA asked:

    Unlike some of the other similar looking magazines I do not think they ever intended to shoot bbs. I also know that the gamo magazines were not designed to shoot bbs is that correct mark from usa

    • LvtheOtdrsman from USA:

      I have the Beretta Px Storm Pellet BB adn the mags look Identical Umarax makes em I think.I looked at The Umarex Updated web site, and they are not selling any thing SIG SAUER.I talked with SIGS C S agent with Sig In NH adn\\ and they say Umarex makes the mags fir them as they maek teh Berettas.the mags two packs are are currently out Until Nov.

  • Roger from USA asked:

    These clips for the SIG Sauer P226/P250 appear identical to the clip for my Gamo C-15. Are they interchangeable? Thank you.

    • LvtheOtdrsman from USA:

      I believe they will as They look the same as my Beretta PX storm I am not going to say they won't because I believe UMAREX out of Germany with a Plant in AR Builds The Plant in AR Is the Refurbish center for all Brands,taht are built by UMARAEX Like Colt,They also build the Colt AR 15 22 lr as well as the S&W AR 22 LR.Theise Mags successfully shoot .177 Pellet and BBs,Out of my PX StormBut SIG is Pellet Only as described by SIG in their NH Plant.UMAREX is supposedly building the P226.P 320 and 250 Air Co2's.You will not Currently see any SIG Products for sale by UMAREX Nothing But Walther adn UMAREX. The CS for SIGSAUER say they are Building the Air pistols and Rifles.

  • Sean from USA asked:

    Will these work for the Gamo C-15 pistol? Any help appreciated. Thank You Kindly, Sean