Date: 16/2/2019 9:25

Customers Q&A on Schofield No. 3/ Webley Mk VI Pellet Cartridges, .177 cal, 6ct

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  • David from USA asked:

    Will these cartridges work with darts in my dan wesson 715 revolver that has a smooth barrel ?

    • jose from USA asked:

      Do they fit and shoots well on the bb version of the revolver or not? Please answer!

      • Peter from USA asked:

        Can these cartridges also work with the Webley BB pistol?

        • Russell from USA asked:

          Will these work of the Bear River Schofield No. 3 BB Revolver?

          • Stephen from USA asked:

            Is Aug. 18th a realistic date for this item to be in stock?

            • Val from USA:

              ETA looks like 9/6 now...

          • joverton from USA asked:

            Jed from USA: do these fit the Schofield Model 3 BB Pistol,or not? One answer you say they do,and in another you say the don't. I'm confused!

            • Val from USA:

              They do fit

          • Michael from USA asked:

            Can someone please answer the question regarding the intended purpose of these?? Are they truly designed to allow the BB version to fire pellets?

            • Val from USA:

              Yes, although why that would work well in a smooth bore barrel remains to be seen

          • joseph. c from USA asked:

            I just purchase these shell because they said they are for the Schofield bb gun but I got a email form pair they said they won't work with the Schofield #3 I am confused the site says they're for the gun but pair says no then they should remove the shells saying that the shells will work what's the story will they or not

            • stephen from Canada:

              I bought these and am shooting pellets with them in the bb model. Accuracy is a bit better and noise is not as loud.They are packaged from Bear River and statethey are for the schofield 3

            • jose from USA:

              They work on bouts scofields and the webley mark 5

            • Jed from USA:

              I ordered them and they fit perfectly in both the Schofield 3 models (Black and Nickel). They are not the same shells I ordered from Amazon that do not fit.

            • Jed from USA:

              I suspect these don't fit in the Schofield Model 3 BB Pistol. They look the same as ones I purchased from Amazon and they are too long for my Schofield - the cylinder won't close! Luckily they fit my Colt Pellet Revolvers and shoot well too..

          • Kade from Canada asked:

            Has the pellet revolver been posted? Or is this an example of putting the carriage before the horse?

            • michael from USA asked:

              So these are for the bb revolvers to shoot pellets from a smoothbore,or is a pellet revolver coming?