Date: 9/8/2020 16:42

Customers Q&A on Shooting Chrony Beta Chronograph, Blue

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  • Lalliansanga from India asked:

    Can you shipped to India, will i have difficulties in Customs Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata.???

    • Owl from USA asked:

      Does anybody know where this was made? I do not want to buy a,,, well,,, I would prefer to buy an American made product if at all possible. Is this model made in the USA? Do you know of any that are???

      • Stanley from USA:

        Made in Canada .

    • Victor from USA asked:

      Can one later add a master control for your bench like the red one?

      • walter shipman from USA:

        I believe this excerpt from the Chrony User Manual for this item: STEREO JACK On the left-hand side near the front of the Beta and Gamma Chrony is a Stereo Jack that will accept the 16' (5 m) cord for the optional two-button Remote Control. The Push Buttons on the Remote Control are color-coded: The black button activates the FU-button functions, and the red button activates the ST-button functions. This Remote Control gives you access to all Chrony functions from the shooting bench. The Stereo Jack also accepts the IBM/PC Interface patch cord, or the Ballistic Chrony Printer. In conjunction with our Shooting Chrony Ballistics (for Windows Ballistics Program), the IBM/PC Interface lets you download all data stored in your Chrony memory into your IBM/PC compatible computer. This data can be automatically downloaded into a file on your computer for further manipulation by our optional PC-BULLET ballistics program. With Shooting Chrony Ballistics you can generate charts and graphs, and calculate down-range performance and tons of other data. The Remote Control is optional for the Beta Chrony. Please note: The Remote Control, IBM/PC Interface and Shooting Chrony Ballistics are optional accessories. They are available directly from Shooting Chrony Inc. only. (See ACCESSORIES). The CHRONY BALLISTIC PRINTER also functions as a Remote Control. Hope this helps.

    • Hemn Mahmmod from Albania asked:

      how many foots should place/put the chrony from the muzzle of the air guns ? i mean the distance between the muzzle and the chrony screen?

      • Eugene from USA:

        I have put over 40,000 shots through it and depends on which gun I shoot 6 to 12 inches from muzzle.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Pistols, 5 to 10 feet. Rifle, 10 to 15 feet.