Date: 17/2/2019 1:54

Customers Q&A on TSD Universal Smart Charger 7.2-12V for NiCad & NiMH batteries

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  • Vinnie from New Zealand asked:

    Does this work with the battery that comes with the IWI X95 AEG Airsoft Submachine Gun

    • Richard from USA asked:

      Hello I have a Evanix GTK290 which comes with a 8.6v battery pack. I am buying one of these smart chargers which specifies mah (mA) for energy in the description paragraph. So, I believe the 8.6v to be 8600 mA (1v = 1000 mA). Correct? And as such I would use the 1.8A setting since it is over 2100 mA? And with the 1.8A (1800 mA) output of this charger a completely drained 8600 mA battery would take 4.77 hours. Correct? Just to clarify since the items output talks volts and the description talks milliampere (mA). Thank you.

      • Dermot from USA asked:

        Does the charger work for a Swiss Arms battery?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          If it's a mini Tamiya, then yes.

      • Bill from USA asked:

        Will this charger work with the default battery for a Umarex HK G36C ?

        • Dan the Man from USA: