Date: 23/3/2019 3:29

Customers Q&A on UTG 11mm-to-Weaver Adapter, Vertical Scope Stop Pin

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  • SpiceMan from USA asked:

    How long is the base ( part with the screws ), and how long is the overhang of the rail? Thank you.

    • Thomas from USA asked:

      Will this work on a rounded dovetail receiver? Wanting to put it on a Savage 64F.

      • John~John from USA asked:

        Would this mount fit on a Gamo Big Cat Whisper. 177 air rifle? I just got my UTG 3-9x32 Big Buster today but could not use the quick release picatinny/weaver rings it came with. I'm looking for the proper adapter to fit my type of air rifle so that I can still use the quick release rings it came with.

        • Stanley from USA:

          It should work the rings your scope came with should mate right up.

      • CHRIS from USA asked:

        Will this accept a picatinny mount? Some will and some won't.

        • Stanley from USA:

          In my experience no problems.

      • Jonathan from USA asked:

        Does it fit benjamin marauder pistol?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Yes very well.

      • Roger from USA asked:

        Given that 3/8" = ~9.5mm and mechanically the way the mount is built, this mount will be offset from the bore on either a 11mm dovetail or a 3/8"/9.5mm dovetail (or heaven forbid, both). Which width will this mount truly center on?

        • Paul_ATL from USA:

          I have no answer, but it is an interesting and valid observation. And relevant to the myriad of rail adapters accepting both rail styles. Would like to see a technical answer here, rather than a sales pitch for "what difference does it make".

      • Gene from USA asked:

        Will this fit a 22mm red dot scope?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Yes 22mm is the same as weaver , and as long as it says fits weaver rails.

      • Anthony from USA asked:

        Will this adapter fit my Benjamin Titan NP break barrel Rifle?

        • Michael from USA asked:

          Does anyone know if this will work on a Hatsan 95 and Hatsan 135? Thanks

          • Stanley from USA:

            Yes it will work.

        • Bob from USA asked:

          I have a Daisy 953 Powerline TargetPro. My new scope and offset mount do not match up with the narrow rail on the 953. Will this adapter fit the 953 and allow the attachment of the UTG offset rail? Or, UTG scope? Thanks

          • michael from USA asked:

            will this adapter mount on my ruger airhawk?

            • Stanley from USA:

              Yes it comes with stop pins to.

          • Jay from USA asked:

            Will this adapter mount on my Baikal IZH-61?

            • Stanley from USA:

              If you watch Paul Capellos review #36 of your rifle you'll see that he uses a similar mount and that it does hang over the dovetail a little , but yes it does work. He uses a bug buster scope.

          • Bob from USA asked:

            Will this adapter mount a Center Point 70301 sight to a P-17 air pistol?

            • Dan the Man from USA:


          • Thomas from USA asked:

            I have a Bennjamin trail pistol with 11mm dove tail, would this set up be a better set up for my pistol?

            • Jerry from USA:

              Yes, it would be a more secure set up

          • Kenneth from USA asked:

            How does it work on the Crosman 2300T?

          • frank from USA asked:

            well this adapter fit on a Beeman Mach 12.5 if so how high will scope be with a 22 millimeter high saddle

            • Jerry from USA:

              the mount is a little over 1/2" high

          • john from USA asked:

            will this fit the gamo bone collector

            • Richelle from USA:

              Yes, this will attach to the rail on the Gamo Bone Collector.

          • Steve from USA asked:

            Will this fit the Crosman steel breech for the 1377 and c77 pistols?

            • David from USA:

              I also use this on a Crosman 1377 with steel breech. I was concerned about it not fitting a 3/8" rail well, since it's marketed as being for 11mm rails, but the geometry is perfect for the Crosman 1377 steel breech.

            • Andrew from USA:

              I use this on my 1377 with the steel breech.