Date: 20/2/2019 7:27

Customers Q&A on UTG 1x39 6" ITA Red/Green CQB Target Dot Sight, 1/2 MOA, Offset Quick-Detach Mount

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  • Jim from USA asked:

    How would this be on a Crosman2240?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Well you would need to add the steel breech kit, and then you would need dovetail to weaver/picatinny adapters on would be a very heavy addition to the 2240. I honestly wouldn't recommend it.

  • jerrid from USA asked:

    Is this strictly a red dot or does it have a recital when not illuminated?

    • Tyler from USA:

      There is no reticle when it is not turned on.

  • Mike from USA asked:

    Will this fit on a Benjamin Marauder rail?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, you would need a dovetail to weaver adapter to mount this

  • GySgt John from USA asked:

    Will this fit on the Beeman AR2078 CO2 Thumbhole Target Rifle

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, not without a dovetail to weaver adapter

  • Don from USA asked:

    In attempting to zero my unit, I managed to develop what looks like a torn piece of a blue film. I didn't remove anything, but something looks loose now??

    • Maynard from USA asked:

      Will this work on a hatson 135 qe .30 rifle?

      • Justin from USA asked:

        What kind of rail does this mount on?

        • ted from USA:


      • Michael from USA asked:

        Forgive this potentially abysmally stupid though serious question but a 1x magnification would be just enough to make a target at, say, 7/8 yards just a bit more crisp, and shots a bit easier to see? Is that about right?

        • Mark from USA:

          The raison d'etre of the red dot type sight is that it superimposes an illuminated dot onto the target that coincides (after adjustment) with the point of impact. So it's not meant to enhance the target when viewed through the sight.

      • Eric from USA asked:

        can the mount be flipped around, so the scope is further forward from the place it is mounted ?

        • ted from USA: