Date: 25/10/2020 12:42

Customers Q&A on UTG Drooper Scope Rail, 11mm-to-Weaver Adapter, Compensates for Droop & Stops Scope Shift

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  • Louis from USA asked:

    will this fit older model 48 Diana with T05 Thanks

    • Mark from USA:

      It will project over one end of the scope rail but it should work.

  • Keith from United Kingdom asked:

    Does the Diana 56 TH suffer from barrel droop and if so will this sort the problem?

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes to both questions.

  • Jose from USA asked:

    What is the correct installation orientation of the rail? The UTG logo and model to the right or to the left?

    • Mark from USA:

      The rail is slightly taller on the end that mounts to the rear of the gun. It tilts the scope slightly down at the front,bringing the muzzle up.

  • ross from Canada asked:

    will this fit diana model 350 magnum T 06 utg dn034 + 20.7 degrees

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes. It will fit the Diana 350.

  • Alexis from USA asked:

    this will fit the gauntlet 11m dovetail to use RGWN-25H4 high profile scope rings

    • Mark from USA:

      It will work. Mount behind the magazine opening.

  • John from USA asked:

    Will this work for my texan ss to Trinity force scope

    • Mark from USA:

      As long as you have weaver rings, Yes.

  • Thomas from USA asked:

    Will low UTG Pro Picatinny rings work on this mount? The cross slot bar on a Picatinny is wider than a Weaver cross slot bar. The description for the UTG drooper rail on the PA website says Weaver/Picatinny, but the title says 11 mm to Weaver. Can anyone give a definitive answer?

    • Mark from USA:

      Picatinny orc Weaver rings will fit the drooper mount.

  • Gary from USA asked:

    Will the UTG drooper scope rial fit my Diana model 350 T 06 Is this the same as the UTG DN 034 rail? Gary

    • Eugene from USA asked:

      Will this work with a .22 caliber RWS Diana 52? What brand of scope would work? I understand that spring air rifles need a specially built scope.

      • Mark from USA:

        This is the correct drooper mount for the Diana spring guns. Try a UTG/leapers scope they are fully airgun rated. The Hawker Airmax line is also airgun rated.

    • Neeko from USA asked:

      A week ago I decided to pair my Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite IGT chambered in .22 cal with Center Point's Model LR312SFT2 optics. (3-12x44mm). It has a 30mm scope tube and came with "high" elevation Picatinny/Weaver rings that I have mounted on TruGlo's dovetail to Picatinny/Weaver adaptor. The TruGlo adaptor provides 15mm of added height to clear the rear sights, but that Is about 7mm too much. My scope is maxed out for moving point of impact up, yet I am still hitting 1"-1.25" below aiming solution at only 25 yrds! I enjoy plinking from distance with accuracy and precision as well as hunt/pest control using this rifle. Which would be the best route to go based on my intended use: swap TruGlo rail for UTG's Drooper Rail or change ring heights to medium or maybe even low?

      • Brian from USA:

        Whoa ! You should just buy a sling shot .

    • Gil from USA asked:

      Would this rail fit an RWS 48 with a T06 trigger?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Robert from USA asked:

      I have an RWS Panther 34 with .177. Someone gave me a BSA SW 4x32 CP scope. I mounted scope with rings attached to the RWS 11mm rail. At 15 yards it shoots straight but low. I have adjusted the scope as high as it will go but have run out of adjustment, still about 2" low. What can I get to fix this problem? Will the Drooper scope rail solve this?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, this rail should solve your problem

    • Andrew from USA asked:

      Can this be used for a rifle without barrel droop?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Sure. Depends on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to shoot longer range, a droop rail set up will help you get the most out of your scopes elevation adjustment at distance.

    • Walter from USA asked:

      looking for a scope mount for my grandson's Gamo Delta Break Barrel 0.177 air rifle GA-611005254

      • Tyler from USA:

        This should work, Do you already have a scope for the gun? If not, you can just get the proper dovetail mounts for the scope you are using.

    • ranjan kumar from India asked:

      What is the width of the upper rail of this UTG ' ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Picatinny/Weaver is typically a little over 21mm to fit standard picatinny mounts

    • ranjan kumar from India asked:

      Can I fit an 11 mm peep sight over this UTG Drooper ? I want to use this product on my Diana 350 panther which has serious drooping problem.

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Eddie from USA asked:

      does this fit the panther

      • Tyler from USA:


    • RALPH from USA asked:

      My Diana has 18 inches of droop at 12 yards. And 12 inches to the right. Any suggestions?

      • Paul from USA asked:

        I have a Benjamin Bulldog and just purchased a 6-24x50mm AOL Scope. It came with mounts of 3/8 or 5/8in. I believe the height is 30 mm, as it does not specify in the manual or the box. The length of the scope is 410 mm and a weight of 680g. The Scope does not clear the rail on the Bulldog with these mounts. I know that Benjamin recommends 37 mm mounting rings. With this rail being 11mm plus the rings that came with the scope being 30mm, that should put my scope at 41mm in height. That said, will the additional 4mm in height cause problems with the accuracy and sighting of the scope. I do have a Laser Bore sighter which makes zeroing a scope much easier.

        • Terry from USA asked:

          I ordered one of these for a Dianna 34P .22 and some UTG Max-Strength-Picatinny-Scope-Rings. Do I push the rings to the front or rear of the slots in the mount before tightening?

          • Don B from USA:

            Personally on this or any Weaver or Picatinny mount I move the front ring forward & the rear ring rearward. It always works for me.

        • William from USA asked:

          Can I use this on a crusher

          • Don B from USA:

            Yes, you should be able to use this mount on any 3/8" or 11mm grooved receiver. I have 1 on my Titan & F4 and its rock solid.

        • Robert from USA asked:

          Will these risers fit a Crosman nitro venom .22?

          • Don B from USA:

            Unfortunately no because it only works with a 3/8" or 11mm grooved receiver.

        • Nicholas from USA asked:

          Will this rail fit a Gamo whisper fusion pro?

          • Don B from USA:

            Yes, it should HOWEVER Gamo's grooved receiver is a little different at times. The grooves are more narrow. A hard recoiling gun like the Bone Collector Bull Whisper might actually shake the mount loose. Physically it will fit.

        • Collin from USA asked:

          What are the numbers on the top of the rail for (02, 04 .. 10)?

          • Don B from USA:

            I read somewhere that the numbers relate to more or less droop. Spread the rings further apart for more compensation, closer together for less. NOTE: If you mechanically or optically center your scope before mounting it to this dropper mount and use BB Pellerter's method of sighting in or test sighting at 10 feet its been my experience that the rifle will shoot centered for height +/- an inch maximum.

          • Val from USA:

            To help remember to put the mounts in the same spot if you are moving your scope from one air rifle to another.

        • bela from USA asked:

          Will this worknon Ruger Blackhawk Elit im out of vertical clicks on 20 meters with UTG 3-9x40 scope and it shoots 25cm low

          • Ringo from USA:

            Yes, the Ruger Blackhawk combo is basically the same gun and I have one on mine and it works perfectly but you will need weaver rings to mount your scope to this base.

        • Rick from USA asked:

          Will this fit the Weihrauch HW30S?

          • Val from USA:


        • Andrew from USA asked:

          Will this fit a Ruger Impact .22 cal air rifle? Is there a droop compensator capable of say 12-14" at 25 meters?

          • Pedro from USA asked:

            Would it fit on a Walther terries?

            • Will from USA asked:

              I have a Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper with a Centerpoint 3x9x40 mil dot lighted scope mounted on the original Gamo mounts. The setup is a year and a half old and holding zero just fine. Is there a discernible advantage to using this mount? Or can/should it be used?

              • Stanley from USA:

                You shouldn't need a drooper rail. Ive never heard of a gamo with a barrel droop problem? Keep things simple.

            • zameer from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

              I have a 4x16x44 UTG scope and I want to fit it on a HW 77k. Im wondering if the scope will be too big for the HW77 and what kind of mounts can I use. The hw has dovetail grooves and the scope came with pitcanny mounts. HELP! thanks

              • Stanley from USA:

                This mount should work fine the 11mm part mounts to the gun and i believe UTG scopes( at least most of them) come with weaver mounts (SNAP) there you go!

            • Christian from USA asked:

              "Fits any rifle with an 11mm scope base...either dovetail grooves or a raised rail" Does this mean it fits a weaver rail? Have Benj Trail NP and it is suffering from serious barrel droop.

              • Scott Smith from USA:

                The weaver rings mount to this unit. This unit mounts to the rifle with the 11mm dove tail.

            • Chris from USA asked:

              Will this fit an RWS Diana 34 with T05 trigger?

              • Lance from USA:

                NO, but there is one made for the RWS guns with the T05 Trigger. The oneyou need is Item Code: MNT-DN034 [UTG Scope Mount Base, Fits...], sold here at PyramidAir

            • Rich from USA asked:

              Will this work on my Ruger Blackhawks Elite

              • chad from USA asked:

                i have a webley patriot, i bought a 11mm to weaver adapter to fit a scope i bought with it , the bkl. adapter was to high, sent it back got bkl. rings to fit , still had a problem with the scope moving, i called PA. and they said this adapter is what i need , my gun is practically new has no barrel droop only no scope mount i can find will hold it still,, but PA. INSISTED THAT THIS IS WHAT I NEED! if i have no barrel droop will this effect the accuracy of my rifle? especially after 30 yards and greater? why would i need something that compensates for droop i do not have? can anyone tell me ?? i just want to shoot my gun ! not keep returning things ,

              • Ron from USA asked:

                Will this fit a Gamo Hunter 1250 ?

                • Dan the Man from USA:


              • Ray384 from USA asked:

                Can you tell me the height of this riser? I am looking at using it on a Airforce Talon being used at 10 - 20 yards.

                • Don B from USA:

                  Actually the use of this mount could be beneficial for airgunners shooting long distances OR very close distances.

                • Cory from USA:

                  It is .68" high, this rail does have built in droop and that may not be desirable on your PCP rifle.

              • Bruce from USA asked:

                This seemed like the perfect solution to scope shift issues on Diana rifles, but description says this won't fit on RWS34 with T06 trigger. Is there a dropper scope rail that fits the new Diana's with the T06 trigger?

                • Don B from USA:

                  Overall height is added BUT the rear of the scope is higher than the objective end.

                • Rudedawg from USA:

                  This is the mount I use on both of my RWS 34 T06 rifles; it fits perfectly and is rock solid. Be aware that this mount adds height. I am able to use low rings on UTG 4-16x50mm scopes and the scope bells still clear the barrel assemblies.

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  Yes, this one.

              • AHMSA from USA asked:

                Will this fit on a Hatsan 95?

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                  It will, but you would only want to use it if you have barrel droop

              • Johnny from USA asked:

                what rings should I use to mount a Leapers UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12x44 AO Rifle Scope on this rail

              • Brad from USA asked:

                On Gamo's does the rear stop pin line up with the hole correctly?

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:


              • Mauricio from USA asked:

                Has anyone tried this UTG Dropper on a Umarex Octane? I so, How did it performed? Thanks

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                  Have not had any feedback from anyone using this on an Octane

              • zimbabweed from USA asked:

                Is this the correct mount for a centerpoint 3-9X40 scope? I want to put it on my Beeman R7.

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                  Only if you have barrel droop, otherwise it will over compensate and you won't be able to shoot

              • Stanley from USA asked:

                I have a tech force model 66 (or a QB57 looks the very same) anyway does this rifle require a droop rail like this#PY-A-1491 ? I can hold the crosshairs on bullseye but the rifle hits about 5 inches low and i run out of scope adjustment. Would this help? I have a leapers scope a 3x9x 32 AO on this rifle.

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                  It should help

              • Terry from USA asked:

                I have a new rws 48 with the t6 trigger, will the allow proper set up for a weaver based set of rings?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  Yes it will.

              • FC from USA asked:

                I bought a Benjamin Discovery air rifle and a scope, LE Accushot 3-12x44 SWAT 30mm 36 color. What scope rail do I need. Do I need any more accessories besides the scope rail to connect the scope to my air rifle?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  You can't use a scope rail, you need to use a 2 piece mount going from the dovetail to the 30mm.

              • Bill from USA asked:

                I havea Gamo Fusion IGT can you tell me what utg drooper rail I would need?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  This one.

              • Don from USA asked:

                What's the extra screw for?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  scope stop pin.