Date: 20/10/2020 22:20

Customers Q&A on Umarex Universal Steel BB Speedloader

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  • Ray from Canada asked:

    Will this loader work with the KWC Witness 1911 mag. It is a thumbnail breaker for sure. If not can you recommend one that does work?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Richard from USA asked:

    Is this speed loader compatible with the MP40 and M1A1? Thank-you

    • Jose Octavio from Mexico asked:

      Hello will it work on the Umarex Colt M45 CQBP Blowback ?? Thks and Brgds

      • Mark from USA:

        It should.

    • Robert from USA asked:

      I'm using Crosman Copperhead BB's and the dang thing keeps jamming on me, anyone got any ideas?

      • MOUNTAIN~MAN from USA asked:

        Will it work on the P-08?

        • Paul from USA asked:

          Will it work with a Daisy Powerline 415?

          • John from USA asked:

            Will this speedloader work with the MP5 Silver Storm (H&K MP5-PDW) magazines?

            • Mark from USA:

              It may. We have not tested the speed loader on the MP5

          • Larry from USA asked:

            Will this speedloader work with the crosman sbr ?

            • Jack from USA:

              Crosman has a speedloader that works great for sbr.

            • Gavin from USA:

              It should work I have the sbr as well but my speed loader broke while shipping its a great concept but very delicate

          • VINCENT from USA asked:

            will it load the magazine for a legends M712?

            • Ray from USA asked:

              Which adapter is used with the Walther PPK/S?

              • Gavin from USA:

                Yes it says there is an attachment included in the description specifically for it

            • anthony from USA asked:

              will this speed loader work with the MP-40 mag?

              • Albert from USA:

                Yes it does, but the attachments are no use. hold back the spring and squirt bbs in the fill hole. for $10 it is an improvement..

            • david from USA asked:

              i have a Barrett 92a1 and find it hard to load the mag pulling down spring is very hard to do. i purchased a umarex speed loader but am unable to make it work it dose not want to push the bb's into the mag from the top , how do i use the loader? is there a video

              • P M from USA:

                I have the same Beretta and I load by hand. Its a bit hard to do, but you get used to it. I dont know if this speed loader will work

            • ivan from USA asked:

              how many steel bb does this Speedloader hold at on time

              • Stanley from USA:

                Reviewers state about 12 , then still doesn't operate correctly.

            • Terry from USA asked:

              Will it work with a Tanfoglio Gold Cup magazine?

              • Bob from USA asked:

                Will this work on cybergun .177 tangfoglio

                • Rogerio from Brazil asked:

                  hello friend good day okay? This speed loader supports steel ball 4.5mm caliber 0.177? Grateful!

                  • Jake from USA asked:

                    Is this compatible with my Umarex Colt Commander1911?

                    • Jake from USA:

                      Been using my shooting buddy's. Now that I need to order a couple more Commander mags the speedloader will be in the basket too.

                    • Stacey from USA:


                  • MARK from USA asked:

                    Does it work with the Legends m712? If so, what attachment? It is a great gun, but what a pain in the dairy air to keep loading!, mew, FL

                    • Stacey from USA:

                      Even without attachment, this ejects the bbs from a small round hole, so when you pull down the follower past where the slot gets wide, you just load it right there.

                  • Virgil from USA asked:

                    Will it work with Remington 1911 RAC

                    • Stacey from USA:


                  • joan from USA asked:

                    Will it work on a sig sauer p226 x-five

                    • Greg_PA from USA asked:

                      It shows only 3 extensions, but the Amazon has 4 of them. Why?

                      • Allen from USA asked:

                        will this item work with 4.5mm steel BBs & can it be used for the swiss arms 1911 & the umarex h.p.p. thank you

                        • Dan the Man from USA:

                          Yes and it will help.

                      • Gregory from USA asked:

                        Hi. Will this work on the Colt Commander? Thanks.

                        • Dan the Man from USA:

                          It will make it a little easier to load.

                      • Raihan from South Africa asked:

                        Hi, I have a Taurus 92 blowback 4.5mm. It's very difficult to load I want to know if the umarex speed loader will work Thanks

                        • Cory from USA:

                          I am not familiar with that particular pistol but the speed loader is adaptable to almost all types of magazines.

                      • Clay from USA asked:

                        Which adapters fit what? I own both the Umarex Universal Steel BB Speedloader and the Legends C96 CO2 BB Pistol. Pyramyd Air lists the speedloader with 2 of it's 3 pre-packaged bundles for the C96, yet I cannot find any information on which adapter to use with the speedloader for the C96 magazine. I've thoroughly checked both the PA site and the Umarex site (at least, I believe my searches have been thorough) and have come up dry. Any help will be appreciated.

                        • Cory from USA:

                          The way the adaptors are set up you would want to use it without one. Just carefully line it up with the hole in the magazine and use it.