Date: 14/10/2019 20:20

Customers Q&A on Williams Diopter Sight

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  • Martin from USA asked:

    Hi Will this fit a Weihrauch 80 ?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Eric from USA asked:

    once you know how much elevation you need , can you remove and shorten that screw?

    • Tackleberry from USA asked:

      Has anyone put this on a Benjamin discovery?

      • Tony from USA asked:

        Will this sight work on the Seneca Sumatra?

        • Charlz from USA asked:

          Will this fit my recently ordered Seneca Dragonfly? By that I mean can the standard rear sight be easily removed to allow clear sight picture if the Diopter is placed on the optics rail? Also, will it adversely effect the hold for pumping?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, the rear sight is easy to remove. Can't say this will properly align with the front sight though. And no, it shouldn't impact your pumping hold

        • Ronald from USA asked:

          One customer review (Clay in 2016) said left side of stock on hw30s requires inleting to achieve full vertical adjustment. True?

          • Harold from USA asked:

            Will this sight fit a Wiehrauch HW90 with easy adjustments? I do not want to use a scope and like iron sights.

            • Tyler from USA:


          • Norm from USA asked:

            Will this sight also fit regular size Williams rails?

            • Mark from USA asked:

              Is the front sight on a Crosman Vantage NP the correct height for this sight to be zeroed ?

              • Bryan from USA asked:

                Will this Lazer sight work with an Evanix AR6 PCP pistol without needing a scope"?

                • richard from USA asked:

                  Would this work for a Benjamin Marauder? Could it see over the magazine? Any other recommendations?

                  • David from USA:

                    Double-edged sword on this one. Yes, you can put the rear sight on, only issue is you will not be able to put the front sight on.

                • george from USA asked:

                  will this sight fit crossman vigilante air pistol model ccp882

                  • David from USA:


                • Nate- from USA asked:

                  Does anyone know where to get the .050 replacement aperture for this sight?

                • David from USA asked:

                  Will this work on a Daisy 499?

                  • David from USA:


                • Gregory from Canada asked:

                  I know this will attach to the dovetail on my Crosman .22 cal Phantom but does it work right with the front fibre optic post sight?

                  • ruckus from Canada:

                    It works excellent on my Phantom. Couldn't be happier with it

                  • Joseph from USA:

                    So long as you can adjust it sufficiently to make point of aim = point of impact, you'll be fine. On some rifles the front sight is not sufficiently all enough but the type of front sight is of no concern. Center the front post in the aperture and adjust until POA = POI.

                • michael from USA asked:

                  Will this sight work on a Stroeger X20 and on the Gamo Hunter Big Cat?

                  • David from USA:

                    Just like the answer to the Marauder, this sight will work as your rear sight, but installing a front sight cannot be done.

                • NICHOLAS from USA asked:

                  Will this fit on a winchester427 (diana27)

                  • David from USA:

                    Unfortunately, no. It would be interesting to see it happen on this great older rifle. But the 427 has a great iron sight all ready featured on the rifle, so messing with it might not be the best option.

                • Joseph from USA asked:

                  Has anyone used this sight w/ the Benjamin Trail Pistol?

                  • Gregory from Canada:

                    It probably wouldn't work so good unless we can put a shoulder stock on our Benjamin trail NP will attach to the dovetail but using it would be like using a peep sight on a Crosman 1322 without the shoulder stock.

                • Scott from USA asked:

                  I have a new crossman shockwave. The center front fiber optic sets up .725 from the top of the barrel. is the right height williams sight?

                  • ahkell66 from USA asked:

                    Would this be a good choice for a Diana 54 Air King?

                    • Dan the Man from USA:


                  • Katherine from USA asked:

                    Has anyone used this with a Crosman Vantage NP? Does it work with the existing front sight?

                    • Tony from USA:

                      It fits an 11mm dovetail fine and the front fiber sight dot is clearly visible in the peep hole making it very easy to acquire target.

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      It could fit, but with the way the front fiber optic sight is encased on the rifle, I wouldn't recommend it.

                  • Robert from USA asked:

                    Is this too tall for a Crosman 1077, with the stock front sight?

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      It could work, but it depends on how the rifles shooting.

                  • tom from United Kingdom asked:

                    can you supply this sight with target knobs rather than screws? If not can you suggest a diopter sight with knobs that woudl fit an 11 mm dovetail? Thanks.

                    • Ken from USA:

                      Sure. If cost isn't the primary concern, the Williams Full Proof Peep Sight FP-AG/TK is a winner. It is about as expensive as a decent scope. It has the same rugged fixture, but features the "clicky-knob" adjustments that are very convenient for "on the fly" field adjustments. Among many others, I have found that even the best airgun scopes "can" fall prey to heavy springers. I now employ peeps almost exclusively. No, they don't have the same tack-driving sex-appeal as scopes. But: They Just Don't Break. o_-

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      No, it only comes with screws.

                  • James from USA asked:

                    Is this the sight that comes with the Air Venturi Bronco Target Pro? will it work with the Bronco?

                    • Jerry from USA:


                  • Fred from USA asked:

                    Anyone know what the height range of this sight is?

                    • Cory from USA:

                      The sight has around 1/2" of adjustment.

                  • Jim from USA asked:

                    for Beeman /Wiehrauch rifles dose this have a stop pin or screw so it don't walk on the rail

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      No, but it will fit and shouldn't move.

                  • Travis from USA asked:

                    Will this sight fit and work well on RWS Diana break barrel rifles?

                    • Dan the Man from USA:


                    • Richelle from USA:

                      It will fit on RWS Diana rifles. It should work well if the rifle has a high line of sight.

                  • Alexandre from Canada asked:

                    Anyone with a Ruger Mark I tried this rear sight??? My stock sight is maxed out and it's still shooting too low.

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      It would look a little odd, but should work.

                  • gregory from USA asked:

                    Does it fit on a 2240 with the steel breech ?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Yes it will fit the rail on a steel breech

                  • robert from USA asked:

                    Would this be a good sight for the RWS 34?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      It would be a solid choice. If you don't like using scopes, this would be a great option.