Date: 26/9/2020 8:36

Customers Q&A on AirForce Condor Bounty Hunter Air Rifle, Spin-Loc

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  • Curtis from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

    Can this airgun work with helium

    • Mark from USA:


  • marco from USA asked:

    Hello, I have a condor air rifle and here recently noticed loss of power. I have my PSI at 2900 and dialed to 10 and still not enough velocity. Im not losing any pressure from the tank. Could my problem be in the hammer ?

    • Mark from USA:

      The issue is in the power adjuster. Contact Airforce for service.

  • krisken from USA asked:

    Any guess as to fps with the .25?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I've seen Condors out of the box push a 25 grain pellet over 1050 fps right out of the box

  • marius from Germany asked:

    Hi i m from germany our laws legal only airgun to 7.5 joule or Sending the gun in parts . Is there any way maybe for more Money to do this possible?downgrade or sending it in parts it means the gun without the valve and the valve shipping in a different sending (Sorry for my english)

    • Tyler from USA:

      Sadly, no

  • James from USA asked:

    Can you use the Benjamin hand pump on the Airforce condor bounty hunter or even a original Airforce condor

    • Stanley from USA:

      Yes a benjamin pump can be used , there adaptors available such as a foster fill for current airforce rifles and pistol. Also airforce makes a wide range of connectors for any purpose.

  • yuwei from Chile asked:

    hola que silencer te sibi por este rifle ?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Just a flash suppressor does not make the rifle any quieter . for looks only.

  • Michael from USA asked:

    Whats the point of having a flash suppressor when air rifles don't produce FLASH!??!?!?!?!

    • TxNurse from USA:

      Using my legally obtained .22 suppressor. The 1/2x28 threads are appropriate for a standard .22 suppressor. I never event tried the flash hider on it.

    • Skinnymitch from USA:

      The pros of getting the flash suppressor is your Barrel would come pre threaded so you can add a silencer

    • Stanley from USA:

      Its just for looks mostly . I agree they look kinda out of place for sure.

  • nick from USA asked:

    Does the tank have to be removed to recharge or is there a port on the side?

    • Cory from USA:

      There is a male Foster quick detach on the side to fill with.

  • jasper from USA asked:

    how is real world max fpe i can get out the stock .25cal condor no mods just the gun and pellet ? is it really more powerful than sumatra 2500 500cc?

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      A stock .25 condor will give you 75 foot pounds. The 2500's max is around 78.

    • Tyler from USA:

      About 75 FPE. The Sumatra and Condor are very close in terms of power, but in their stock forms, the Condor will get a few more FPE.

  • Jimmy from USA asked:

    Are there sound suppressors available for this rifle, and if so where?

    • Geno from USA:

      Its threaded to normal firearm spec threwds for the cals. The .177 and .22 are threaded 1/2"x28mm. And the .25 is threaded same as a 7.62. Firearm supressors will work great

    • Stanley from USA:

      You might search the internet ,there are suppressors available for this rifle. Try

  • vipin from India asked:

    I have got condor bondy hunter .177, if I change cylinder to .22 cylinder & barrel .22 will it work or any other change required to make it work in .22 properly ?

    • Stanley from USA:

      All you have to do is change the barrel to 22 cal. and thats all it takes , everything else should work as it does with .177 cal. you shouldn't have to change anything else , this is the way they are made . Simple and easy ! Mine is the regular condor in 22 cal. and i changed it to 25 cal. what a power house all i changed is the barrel .

  • vipin from India asked:

    You are right stanley! but how much shoots per fill in full power?

    • Stanley from USA:

      You can expect around half as many shots on full power , but that may vary. I generally leave mine on about 3/4 power i find can take down most anything that comes along , and that way a tank can last a lot longer . I seldom shoot more than 50 rounds , when i get home i refill the tank back up. That way theres not as much pumping to do , works for me so far. If you want more shots i suggest you buy an extra air tank and take it with you , thats what i do.

  • vipin from India asked:

    Hi, like know how much shoots per fill (206 bar)we can get in .177 airforce condor boundy hunter?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Shots per fill depends on power settings, i use crosman 10.5 grain pellets in mine, i can usually get over a hundred shots easily.when im out shooting i bring a spare tank with me.

  • devon from Canada asked:

    how many foot pounds of energy does this gun put out?

    • TxNurse from USA:

      I am getting 1015 fps on power setting 3-4 with a .22 35 grain pellet/bullet. This puts me at 80 foot pounds out of the .22. Would not have believed it until I saw it.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Foot pounds of energy depends on what caliber your using. You get more foot pounds as the caliber gets bigger.For example my talon-p is 25 caliber so it puts out over 50 foot pounds down range , smaller calibers are lighter so the foot pounds are less , but with smaller calibers you get more feet per second, but they don't hit as hard.

  • TOSHI from USA asked:

    what is the length of AirForce Condor Bounty Hunter Air Rifle.

    • Tyler from USA: