Date: 24/11/2020 13:20

Customers Q&A on AirForce Condor Bounty Hunter Blue PCP, Spin-Loc

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  • hieu from Vietnam asked:

    I am currently in Vietnam .. can you send me products to Vietnam?

    • Stacey from USA:


  • Francisco from USA asked:

    Does anyone have the figures for the maximum shots at the minimum power levels along with the chrony velocities for the 0.177? Thanks

    • Benjamin from USA asked:

      What is the real difference between the Ecape and the bounty Hunter. It seems as the BH has a bigger tank and muzzle. Dose the Ecape really make 45fps more.

      • Stanley from USA:

        The Escape does have the smaller tank and it is said that it has a redesigned valve producing a little more power. Other than that they both use the same 24 inch barrel in two calibers only 22 and 25 .The Bounty Hunter looks different because the shroud is longer by 5 inches making the barrel look smaller , but the same barrel is used on both. Then a flash hider is threaded on the end of the barrel ( for looks only does not make it quieter or hide any flash ) With different pellet weights and a reworked valve F.P.S. figures could be 45fps more or less on the Escape ? One thing to remember the Escape is nothing more than a Talon-P with a longer barrel and reworked valve ( same concept ). Check out the Talon SS Airforce shortened the shroud gave it a smaller tank , offered it in 25 caliber only then tweeked the valve and wallah you have the Talon-P, a real thumper on anything it hits. I have all three and really like them. It only goes to prove how flexible these guns are. One is a variation of the other.

    • Steven from USA asked:

      how well do the 30gr .22 piledrivers work in this?

      • TxNurse from USA:

        Mine didn't like them. They are a very tight fit and I had to us the handle of my stapler to get them seated. about a 6 inch group at 35 yards. The H&N Rabbit Magnums and JSB Jumbo Monster (both over 25 grains) do good. I haven't tried the JSB Beast (34grains) but I bet they would be very good.

      • Stanley from USA:

        You won't know until you try them ? I'm sure the condor has more than enough power to propel them. It says magnum springers or PCP" s.

    • Ralph from USA asked:

      How long is the dovetail on the bottom?

      • Stanley from USA:

        6 1/2 inches.