Date: 19/5/2019 19:33

Customers Q&A on AirForce Condor SS PCP Air Rifle, Spin-Loc Tank

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  • Danny from USA asked:

    I know this Rifle has an internal shroud, but can an aftermarket Suppressor be added? Thank you?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Yes they can be silenced further , Just enter you're search on the internet ? There are adapters and moderators avaiable .

    • Tyler from USA:

      Pyramyd Air does not sell one

  • Ellery from USA asked:

    I purchased a adjustable regulated Z valve and wondering what to set the PSI on it to shoot both 33 and 25 grain pellets and stay around 1000 FPS and remain subsonic on my condor SS..

    • Christopher from USA asked:

      how much modification is possible with this platform, and any suggestions on where to go to get it done? Thanks

      • Stanley from USA:

        Just enter Airforce Airguns modifications in the search engine and they will all be there.

    • Prakash from India asked:

      Do i need a medium or a high mount ring set if i use A/F tri rail on a condor?

      • Tyler from USA:

        With the tri rail, you are okay with medium, though you will still be comfortable with high rings. A lot of folks use the rail and still use high rings because it allows for a more vertical head position which a lot of folks find more comfortable

    • Garrett from USA asked:

      Will using a hand pump be easy to fill this how many pumps from 0 psi to a full tank in .22 caliber

      • Stanley from USA:

        Using a pump will take a long time around 450 pumps give or take.

    • Ciano from USA asked:

      What adjusments should I make on my CondorSS if I swap the Cal.25 with a Cal.22 barrel (18" 12mm Barrel, .22 Cal, Lothar Walther)?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Same result as below.

    • Ciano from USA asked:

      What adjustments should I make, if I turn my Cal.25 condor SS in to a Cal.22 SS (18inch barrel)?

      • Ciano from USA:


      • Stanley from USA:

        Minor scope adjustments should be it ? 22 caliber is a lighter round .

    • Esequiel from Mexico asked:

      I have a condor ss .22 its possible to change the barrel to a 24in in .25 ? If it is do i need extra parts o just the 24 in barrel u guy sell?

      • Stanley from USA:

        All you need is the barrel and you'll be good .

    • George Garcia from USA asked:

      Why Is FPS Is 1100 At 25 CAL Without SUPPRESSOR ,which I have but is it better I buy one with the original will FPS be still 1100 or 950 with there suppressor I'll use mine if the FPS will be 1100 150 is a lot to lose

      • Stanley from USA:

        The original Condor uses a 24 inch barrel which is 6 inches longer than the SS version that uses a 18 inch barrel , longer barrels can and do produce higher F.P.S. numbers .

    • Humayun from India asked:

      Can I change my condor .177 barrel to .25 ?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes you can but you would need to purchase a Condor specific air tank as well to get the full benefit from the 25 caliber f.p.s.

    • Brian from USA asked:

      I'm thinking of buying a PCP rifle, calibers .25 or .30 (for now). I cast a wide range of bullets for muzzle loading and cartridge firearms, and I'd like to hear your thoughts about gun choices using bullets. One use will be on black powder trail walks: gongs @20yd - 70yd. My only caveat: cannot be suppressed - I'm in Canada.

      • Stanley from USA:

        You might try the Texan it comes in 9mm , 30 caliber and 45 caliber and it is not suppressed unless you buy the SS version. They can and do shoot cast bullets . You will need a good air source from what I've read they need to be refilled every 5 to 8 rounds give or take ?

    • david from USA asked:

      how many effective shots on a full cylinder in 25 cal

      • Stanley from USA:

        Depending on settings somewhere between 45 and 55 shots . It varies.

    • jonathan from USA asked:

      If i get the condor ss 22 cal, can i change the barrel to the 18 in 25 cal without modification and will it still be suppressed

      • Stanley from USA:

        You are correct no further changes needed it will still be suppressed .

    • Kazuki from Japan asked:

      How the overall length would change if I put 24" barrel into Condor SS? Does the barrel tip stick out of the flame?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes the 24 inch barrel would extend past the shroud and would no longer be suppressed .

    • L. khang from USA asked:

      Which is the most accurate hollow point pellet for this gun in .22 cal and best for shot count?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Everyone has there own opinions on which pellet is the most accurate and its just a trial and error process , for me i like the Crosman Premier 14.2 grain hollow points they work well for me .

    • pepegraves from USA asked:

      That looks like a shroud on the barrel but, it's listed as a "4" for loudness. Is it really loud? What does the "SS" stand for?

      • Stanley from USA:

        I have a Talon-P with 6 inch moderator or whatever were( not suppose ) to call them . It makes more of a metallic sound than anything else . Still quieter than without one , but not as much as what your talking about . I would think that the m-rod would pretty much be the ( king of quiet ) ? I have two Hatsan PCP s and all you hear is a ping , probably up there with a m-rod or maybe quieter who knows . We need a comparison test for sure .

      • Todd from USA:

        I've been eyeballin this gun for a while, and while I'd say the 4 is an error, I can't say exactly how quiet it is. It does have the sound-loc "system" per the AirForce website. So the Talon SS should be quieter due to its lower power level, but the longer barrel of the Condor SS would make it quieter when adjusted down to the same power. So imo the Condor is the one to get. Maybe this sound-loc isn't all that good which would explain the noise rating. Either way it could use a better/longer suppressor, at least as an option. This is why there's an aftermarket suppressor extension for the Marauder, because it works. Meanwhile it would be cool if PA could list more details about these guns because it's hard to make a decision when it's hard to tell exactly what features each gun has, like Stanley's question about the sound-loc. Would also be cool if PA tested the various "quiet" guns at various power levels so people could make better decisions. For example I'd like to know how this compares to a stock M-rod and with extended suppressor. For me quiet is super important so it's a big factor in my choice and I'd pay more to get it. As Homer Simpson once said; Shut up and take my money! ;)

      • Stanley from USA:

        SS means Super Silent . Its interesting to note that the Talon - SS comes with sound-loc and the Condor SS doesn't list this to quiet the report ? You have to remember that it is the more powerful version of the Talon - SS . I have the Condor with a 24 inch 25 caliber barrel and it is 22 long rifle loud.

    • Bruce from USA asked:

      Can anyone tell me what a "top hat" is?

      • Stanley from USA:

        At the rear end of the gun is an air reservoir ( or butt stock) that screws in to the main frame of the gun , this reservoir has valve that is called a top hat , when the gun is fired the hammer snaps back on this top hat releasing air. It actually resembles a top hat ( a small one though). You can search on this site under accessories to see what they look like.Enter this number in the search bar AirForce Spin-Loc Hi-Flo Air Tank,... spin-loc tank for condors. Hope this helped.

    • VITO from USA asked:

      Hi guys..! What I need to install a barrel of 24 "? Stay with the 1100 ft / sec in .25 caliber?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Barrels come complete just remove the forearm then the four allen set screws , you realize that installing a 24 ' inch barrel will make it much louder it will no longer be suppressed . It will be as loud as a 22 long rifle , no kidding.Not backyard friendly. It will still reach 1100 ft/sec in 25 caliber.

    • Kent from USA asked:

      Is the trigger adjustable?

      • Stanley from USA:

        For position only.

      • Stanley from USA:


    • Randy from USA asked:

      Can I go from .22 cal to a .25 cal barrel without changing anything else?

      • Stanley from USA:


    • George from USA asked:

      At what PSI do you need to recharge the air tank to keep the same FPS?

      • Stanley from USA:

        You could recharge after every ten shots or so depending on power wheel settings. Since every shot uses air its hard to keep fps stable.

    • Taylor from USA asked:

      can i leave the tank filled while not in use or will that end up hurting the gun?

      • Stanley from USA:

        The tank will hold air for long periods of time.My Talon ,Talon-p, and Condor hold air for months at a time ,and no it will not hurt the gun.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      Does the AirForce Condor come with the "sound lock" system to quiet down the shots?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Desrcription states it comes with an 18 inch barrel adding a 24 inch barrel would make it unsilenced , so yes to answer the question it does include sound-loc as long as you use the 12 inch or the 18 inch barrel . A barrel such as a 24 inch extending beyond the shroud would not be silenced.

    • kris from USA asked:

      can I get a .177 barrel for my 25 cal.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes, but you would need to purchase an air tank with the smaller valve . The condor tank can only be used with 20 , 22 and 25 caliber otherwise the tank valve can stay open and empty all the air from the tank.

    • dereck from USA asked:

      What is the shot count

      • Stanley from USA:

        You can expect 35 to 50 shots depending on settings.

    • fred from USA asked:

      Are fittings available to charge from regular air compressors

      • Stanley from USA:

        You would need a compressor capable of 3000psi. Regular compressors can't reach this requirement.A variety of fittings are available.

    • jasper from USA asked:

      What's the velocity with 43.2 eunjin

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Low 900's fps.

    • Marco from USA asked:

      Is the Condor SS really a 4 medium loud? In the .177 caliber, say shooting under 1000 fps.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Yes, it is really kinda loud.

    • Dan from USA asked:

      Will a foster adopter from a benjamin hand pump connection work on the condor ss tank

      • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

        Yes, it will

    • Gleb from USA asked:

      What is exact length of the SS barrel, I mean not just the barrel itself, but the whole thing including the silencer.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Measures at 23 1/2 inches, or about 5 1/2 inches past the barrel.

    • Cyril from USA asked:

      Does this gun need its barrel cleaned when we first get it? I hope not, mine is shooting great without cleaning the barrel.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        No, just clean it when it becomes inaccurate.

    • Joe from USA asked:

      Do i need a medium or a high mount ring set if i use A/F tri rail on a condor?

      • Dan the Man from USA:


    • david from USA asked:

      Will my scuba tank hose connection for my marauder work with condor ss or do I need some adapter

      • charles from USA:

        same used one today

    • Brian from USA asked:

      Is it advisable to shoot the Condor SS on CO2? FPS numbers?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Only for target shooting at closer ranges.

    • daniel from USA asked:

      how many shots per fill does the 25 cal get on the medium power?

      • Stanley from USA:

        I have the regular condor with the 24 inch barrel unsilenced, i can get at least 50 shots or more on power setting 9 , i just set it and forget it, with a 25 caliber pellet theres more than enough knock down power. Im more than satisfied.

      • Cyril from USA:

        Added April 13, 2014: I shoot in my yard, and I call 25 foot pounds of energy = Medium power for my Condor SS. With an adjustment, the answer to your question is "a quiet 100 shots per fill of 2700 PSI." I spent two days running the test for you. There may not be enough room in this small box to hold all the information. Condor SS with "Quick-Change" Tophat/Medium Restrictor (Earlier I got similar results by only using an O ring behind top Hat) Power Wheel set at "2" centered (regardless of subsets) (Condor SS Power Wheels set on 2 or 3 are quieter than my Marauder or any of my springers) 25.4 grain JSB .25 cal pellets 2400 PSI on my gauge = which is really 2700 PSI (learn how your gauge reads different than reality) Average speed = 700 FPS X 25.4 grain pellet = 28 foot pounds of energy. 2700 PSI Shot # 1 = 667 FPS (Feet per second on my Chrony) Shot # 2 = Bullseye at 40 yards (using top arrow on scope) Shot #3 = 690 FPS Shot #4 = Bullseye 40 yards Shot #5 = Bullseye 40 yards Shot #6= 691 FPS Shot 7 = Bullseye 40 yards Shot 8 = Bullseye 40 yards 2600 PSI Shot 9 = Bullseye 40 yards Shot 10 = Bullseye 12 yards (used one mil dot above cross hairs on scope) Shot 11 = Bullseye 12 yards Shot 12 = Bullseye 12 yards Shot 13= Bullseye 12 yards Shot 14 = 692 FPS Shot 15 = Bullseye 10 yards (use exact cross hairs) Shot 16 = Bullseye 10 yards Shots 17 -27 = Bullseye 10 yards (Still at 2600 PSI - This is sweet spot on my rifle. - Most efficient pressure. Most shots per PSI) Shot 28 = 694 FPS Shot 29 = 693 FPS 2500 PSI Shot # 30 - Shot # 33 = Bullseye 10 yards Shot #34 = 697 FPS Shot #35 = 700 FPS Shot # 36 = 700 FPS Shot # 37 = 700 FPS Shot # 38 = 696 FPS Shot # 39 = Bullseye @ 40 yards (using top arrow on scope) Shot 40 = 702 FPS 2400 PSI Shot 41 = 696 FPS Shot 42 = 703 FPS Shot 43 = 704 FPS Shot 44 = 702 FPS Shot 45 = 705 FPS Shot 46 = 700 FPS Shot 47 = 705 FPS Shot 48 = 703 FPS 2300 PSI Shot 49 = 690 FPS Shot 50 = 705 FPS Shot 51 = 703 FPS Shot 52 = 705 FPS Shot 53 = 708 FPS Shot 54 = 707 FPS Shot 55 = Bullseye 40 yards (using top arrow of scope) Shot 56 = Bullseye 40 yards Shot 57 = 700 FPS Shot 58 = 707 FPS Shot 59 = 706 FPs Shot 60 = Bullseye 40 yards Shot 61 = 713 FPS Shot 62 = 707 FPS Shot 63 = 708 FPS 2200 PSI Shot 64 = 716 FPS Shot 65 = 710 FPS Shot 66 = 704 FPS Shot 67 = 701 FPS Shot 68 = Bullseye @ 40 yards (using top arrow on scope) Shot 69 = 707 FPS Shot 70 = 708 FPS Shot 71 = 705 FPS Shot 72 = Bullseye @ 40 yards Shot 73 = Bullseye @ 40 yards Shot 74 = 705 FPS Shot 75 = 708 FPS Shot 76 = 706 FPS 2100 PSI Shot 77 = Bullseye @ 40 yards 1/4" to right Shot 78 = 697 FPS Shot 79 = Bullseye @ 12 yards (one mil above cross hairs) Shot 80 = 699 FPS Shot 81 = Bullseye @ 12 yards 1/4 inch to right Shot 82 = Bullseye @ 12 yards Shot 83 = Bullseye @ 12 yards 2000 PSI Shot 84 = 698 FPS Shot 85 = Bullseye @ 40 yards (using top arrow on scope as usual) Shot 86 = 690 FPS Shot 87 = 699 FPS Shot 88 = Bullseye 12 yards (use one mill above cross hairs as usual) Shot 89 = Bullseye @ 12 yards Shot 90 = Bullseye @ 12 yards 1900 PSI Shot 91 = 695 FPS Shot 92 = 694 FPS Shot 93 = 696 FPS Shot 94 = 695 FPS Shot 95 = Bullseye @ 40 yards Shot 96 = Bullseye @ 40 yards Shot 97 = 694 FPS 1800 PSI Shot 98 = 692 FPS Shot 99 = 684 FPS Shot 100 = 683 FPS Shot 101 = Bullseye at 40 yards Shot 102 = 678 FPS Shot 103 = 680 FPS 1700 PSI Shot 104 = Bullseye @ 12 yards Shot 105 = 671 FPS Shots 106 - 110 - Bullseye @ 12 yards but shot low @ 40 yards 1600 PSI Shots 112 - 120 = average of 640 FPS End of test period

      • Cyril from USA:

        I got 30 today and my 30th shot on the chrony showed 879 FPS (with a 25.4 grain pellet) I still have 1800 PSI in my tank and I will shoot it down to about a 1000 PSI = which will give me about 45 shots per fill at above 800 Feet per second on my 45th shot. The sweet spot on my rifle seems to be 2,000 to 1,000 PSI = Each shot only requires about 33 PSI drop in that zone. ...... My power setting is 3. ... BTW ... 800 FPS with 25.4 grain pellet = over 36 FPE == which is higher than any springer I've ever heard of.

      • charles from USA:

        I am getting 20 when the tank hits 2300 the grouping is bad so where is medium ? it depends on the shooter i guess mine needs to kill rock chucks I am also using poly mags that I oil

      • Lynn from USA:

        I get an easy 30 shots out of my .25 caliber Condor SS.

    • Matt from USA asked:

      Are the screws under the gun supposed to be loose?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Not sure which screws you are referring to, but if they are loose just tighten them up.