Date: 15/8/2020 4:59

Customers Q&A on AirForce EscapeUL Air Rifle, Spin-Loc Tank

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  • Caleb from USA asked:

    Does it come with an air tank? If so what adapters would I need to fill it with my air compressor?

    • James from USA asked:

      Does a hand pump come with it?

      • Stanley from USA:

        It does not thats another 200 to 300 dollars.

    • James from USA asked:

      Can you shoot out to 100 yards with the escpe Ul

      • Stanley from USA:

        Maybe 75 yards depends on pellet and shooter?

    • jasper from USA asked:

      So the 80 fpe would be enough power to drop a coyote at what rang with heart shot?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        50 yards definitely, maybe even out to 75 yards.

    • jasper from USA asked:

      Can u tell the differents in that lil velocity drop from the escape and ul?

      • Jerry from USA:

        The difference will be very insignificant

    • Toshi from USA asked:

      Can EscapeUL use HFIRE Tank Adapter?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Hard to say. You should call Airforce at 1-877-247-4867 and check to be safe.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes an HFIRE tank adapter can still be used. It is still the same basic frame as the Talon / Condor. The biggest difference is the shroud length .

    • Mark from USA asked:

      The ad states 80 ft/lbs from a 4lb gun, yet the specs on the 25 cal only show 61.11. Am I missing something?

      • Craig from USA:

        Yes. Airforce tested the gun using 35 grain round, which produced 80 ft/ibs. The specs which State 61 ft/ibs is using a 25 grain round.