Date: 30/11/2020 9:54

Customers Q&A on AirForce TexanSS Big Bore Air Rifle

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  • Bill from USA asked:

    I have a Texan 357 ss and like to mold my own ammo is there a mold that can give me the accuracy I need

    • Wayne from USA asked:

      How load is this rifle?

      • Mark from USA:

        The firing report is somewhat less than a 22 lr. It is still fairly loud.

    • William from USA asked:

      I am interested int the 308 How well does this gun shoot 30 cal.pellets... I have no need for slugs

      • Mark from USA:

        Texans shoot very well.

    • gary from USA asked:

      Is this rifle capable of reaching the goals of 760 fpe...?? If so I will buy it now but if its not going to deliver the power as the the video showed then no Im not going to waste my money plz give me accurate information

      • Mark from USA:

        Yes . The Texan SS is capable of 760 FPE.

    • Gen from USA asked:

      Does this distributor sell the model that comes with the TX2 valve?

      • Mark from USA:

        Current production has the TX2 valve.

    • William from USA asked:

      What scope is used in the .457 video w/ TP ?

    • Matthew from USA asked:

      Looking for different a different grip... will standard AR furniture fit? Talon tunes is trying to sell me a trigger guard assembly first...says that will allow for AR grips. I do not like their option. I'm looking for something a little wider with thumb rest... any ideas?

      • Mark from USA:

        No . AR furniture will not fit the Texan. Only specific aftermarket grips will fit. Or the Talon grip base /trigger guard kit.

    • Robert from USA asked:

      How many shots per fill for .45?

      • Mark from USA:

        5-6 shots per fill.

    • Joey703 from USA asked:

      Is it still a normal foster fitting like talon ss. How many yards would u recommend as a zero. How many yards is a 20 for 20 set for zero

      • terry from USA asked:

        Can you shoot air bolts out of the ss model

        • Gregory from USA asked:

          can this gun do airbolts like it louder brother?

          • Fielding from USA asked:

            Can this gun shoot .458 copper projectiles or only lead?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Lead only is recommended

          • Fielding from USA asked:

            Can you shoot .357 bullets from a .458-.357 plastic sabot like the ones used with a muzzleloader? Or will it interfere with the baffles?

            • Tyler from USA:

              I suppose it could be done, but I would definitely recommend calling Airforce up and asking before you try anything.

          • Mark from USA asked:

            Does the power wheel make a big difference? How many fps does it reduce the power when you go from the highest setting to the lowest one?

            • walter from USA asked:

              does the Texan take a special scope

              • Tyler from USA:

                No, any scope will work

            • Michael from USA asked:

              would i be able to use 457 or 458 caliber bullets for reloading instead of pellets

              • Tyler from USA:

                I don't see why not if sized properly. You wouldn't want to use something coated though, stick to straight lead.

            • Michael from USA asked:

              what grain pellet would was used for the 930 fps reading

              • Tyler from USA:

                147 grain

            • prince mark from Philippines asked:

              $1149.99 with this price, its already has a extra tank and contains telescope?

              • Tyler from USA:

                No, that price is for the gun only

            • mark from USA asked:

              i would like to purchase the texan ss with mount, rings, and scope. is there a good quality package that comes with what i would like?

              • Thomas from USA asked:

                Has anyone taken any big game with this air rifle (.45) ? If so at what range?

                • Thomas from USA asked:

                  What scope is he using in the video?

                • Edward from USA asked:

                  What fps do the air venturi 118 and 133 gr go out of texan ss 30 cal??

                  • Reynaldo from Germany asked:

                    Is it possible to use the normal, unsilenced barrel on this model ?

                    • Jennie from USA:


                  • David from USA asked:

                    How many shots can you get on a full tank?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Depends on caliber and bullet weight. Anywhere from 10-15 good shots with light weight roundballs in the .308, to 4-5 with the heavier pellets in the .45

                  • lucas from Brazil asked:

                    or if you want to donate one of this I will be very grateful every week I will post on my channel here in Brazil!

                    • lucas from Brazil asked:

                      Is this value and I are dollar or real?because I'm from Brazil I'm very fond of this weapon!

                      • Eric from USA asked:

                        Is it a dovetail rail that the hand rest is attached to, located before the shroud. If so is it removable to add an dovetail to weaver adapter? Thank you

                        • Tyler from USA:

                          Yes and Yes.

                      • Joseph from USA asked:

                        Can the texan ss air tank be filled with one of the airforce compressor hand pumps?

                        • Tyler from USA:


                      • andrew from USA asked:

                        Hi do you ship to France ?

                        • BRAD from USA asked:

                          I have the first version Texan .45cal - can this unit be retrofitted with the new silenced barrel ?

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            You'd have to ask Air Force. Bear in mind, the barrel length is different between the Texan and the Texan SS, so you'd likely have to purchase a second barrel if it's possible.

                        • Bruce from USA asked:

                          How many refills could I get with a Benjamin 90 cu inch tank?

                          • Todd from USA:

                            From 2k to 3k = 3 full fills and some leftover, but if you recharge at 2150 then 4 fills. Per the online cal I use which is pretty neat:

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            About 5-6 full fills from 2000 back to 3000 psi. That's assuming you have the full 4500 psi in the Benji tank

                        • Alan from USA asked:

                          Will the Benjamin hand air pump work to fill this or do I need the Air Force pump?

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            Yes, the Benjamin pump would work

                        • Craig from USA asked:

                          When will this gun become available? It has been on Pre-Order for quite some time now.

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            Hopefully by November

                        • carlos from USA asked:

                          what is the length of the shrouded texan?

                          • Tyler from USA:


                        • Mark from USA asked:

                          I have seen that there are potential upgrades to 4500 psi for the Texan. Are these upgrades supported by AirForce? Are there any safety considerations with the gun operating at 4500 psi?

                          • Big Shady from USA:

                            You would need a valve regulated to 2000psi. Some new airguns coming on the market have 2000psi regulated valves and tanks 4350psi

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            You'd have to call Airforce and ask but I highly doubt that they are supported by Airforce

                        • julio from USA asked:

                          Sound decibels?

                          • Stanley from USA:

                            Specs say # 4 medium high?

                        • Robert from USA asked:

                          Which bipod is that in the photo?

                        • Ray from USA asked:

                          Where can I find range ballistics chart for this rifle?

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            Airforce is still in the testing process with these but they'd be the ones to contact

                        • Dan from USA asked:

                          It went from a loudness of 5 to 4. Added almost a pound of weight and $150.00. More bulky than the original. Do you still need hearing protection? If so what is the point !!

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            I have been told by Airforce reps that hearing protection is no longer needed but we will not know for sure until they actually arrive or we see some test results.

                        • VITO from USA asked:

                          They will sell it on the .357?

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            At this point, only .45

                        • Dave from New Zealand asked:

                          what effective range does it have

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            That is more based upon accuracy than anything, and we have seen game taken out past 100 yards with the standard Texan.

                        • Joseph from USA asked:

                          Interesting. An almost .50 cal air rifle. What would be it's effective range? And about how far would this .45 pellet (almost wouldn't want to call it a pellet) travel overall? Thanks-

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            In terms of effective distance, there's no reason that you wouldn't be able to take game effectively out to 100 yards, probably further. But that will depend more on accuracy than energy. In terms of total travel distance, theoretically, probably just under 1000 yards if fired at the perfect angle. But in terms of energy, you'd probably get a few hundred yards out of it with over 100 fpe of energy at point of impact.