Date: 23/11/2020 16:53

Customers Q&A on Air Arms Pro-Sport

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  • Marcus from USA asked:

    Is there a gas piston cylinder that will easily replace the spring piston in this rifle or the TX200?

    • Mark from USA:

      There is no gas piston available for either the Prosport or the TX200 MKIII.

  • joe from USA asked:

    The specifications say 3lbs for a trigger pull. Does it go lighter than that?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Absolutely. I've adjusted them down to the 1 lbs range safely

  • Mark from USA asked:

    I would like some feedback about having this gun tuned with either the... VORTEX PG2 SHO or the VORTEX PG2. It looks to me like the VORTEX PG2 is the most popular. Also... does the price include having Pyramyd Air install it? I plan to buy the HC. I also want to buy the bug buster scope and want PA to do the 20 for $20 before shipping it. I want the box for collector purpose so after the scope is zeroed they can remove it for shipping. To TUNE or not to TUNE... THAT is the question. Any and all advice will be welcomed.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The price for the kit is $79.99. The installation price is another $79.99. Personally, I like to shoot a gun before a tune so I can better measure the improvements and changes. If you never shoot it before it gets a tune kit, you'll never know. Just my opinion though.

  • Mark from USA asked:

    I noticed 3 holes near the back of the barrel. Are they for mounting a picatinny rail, and if so, what rail is best on this gun for mounting a bug buster scope?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, they are for a stop pin. Many dovetail mounts come with stop pins that can be lowered into those holes as added security to keep the mount in one place.

  • Lew from USA asked:

    Further to an unanswered question: what pellets shoot best in this gun? Tks

    • Paul from USA:

      Which caliber??

  • gary from USA asked:

    is there any way to load a pellet and not cock it ? that way all ya gotta do is cock it and dont have to waste time loading it and miss a good shot on a rat or such,, i got fat fingers and loading a pellet takes more time than a skinny fingered person ,,

    • Matthew from USA:

      My TX can be decocked I suppose its the same with this one

  • Albion from USA asked:

    Is there an ambi or left hand option to this rifle?

    • Paul from USA:

      Doesn't appear to be.

  • Gonzalo Jr from USA asked:

    What pellets are you guys getting the best results with the .177 Prosport?

    • David from USA asked:

      is this a 12 foot pound rifle ?

      • Paul from USA:

        No.The spec. say 950 F.P.S. using a pellet of say 8.4 gr. that would be over 16 ft. lbs.

    • Don from USA asked:

      Can I find out what the problems were, by calling PA, on the Refurbished Pro Sports AR?

      • Paul from USA:

        Give it a try, what have you got to lose.