Date: 25/6/2019 20:56

Customers Q&A on Air Arms S510 TDR PCP Air Rifle, FAC, Walnut

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  • Nick from USA asked:

    I thought this was now regulated. Is this old stock?

    • ANDRE from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

      I'm not getting to purchase the S510 TDR in .177 . Why not ?...I'm only seeing .22

      • Charles from USA asked:

        What are the best height rings to put on the TDR?

        • Mark from USA:

          High rings so the scope tube clears the magazine.

      • Arthur from USA asked:

        What does Extra FAC mean?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Xtra means that it has the longest air cylinder Air Arms produces, though in this case, the TDR is not an "xtra" length gun. FAC means it is high power (over 12 FPE).

      • Martin from USA asked:

        Is there a hammer spring adjustment to this? If not, is it possible to adjust the hammer spring at all?

        • Tyler from USA:

          No, there is not. but it does have a transfer port power adjuster on it

      • Russ from USA asked:

        Hi, what is the length of pull for this one? I watched the video and am a bit concerned about the fixed stock as I usually go for a shorter LOP on adjustable stocks.

        • Michel from Canada asked:

          Has the regulated version made it to market?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Not yet, still haven't heard a firm timeline on the non XS regulated guns

        • seth from USA asked:

          How many pump does it take to fill to max.?

          • Benjamin from USA asked:

            I believe that the .177 is a FAC as well, is it not? If it is what the fpe? THe specs clearly states the fps which is 1035 fps, but not the energy. Nor can I find this anywhere else. Do you have any idea what it would be?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Yes it is FAC. Should max out around 20 FPE.

          • Douglas from USA asked:

            This isn't true? Just got an email that says "QUIETEST RIFLE 86DB AIR ARMS S510...". For the sake of clarity, this may be the quietest rifle Air Arms sells but it is NOT the quietest air rifle you can buy.

            • Tyler from USA:

              The entire email was specific to Air obviously it's referring to only the Air Arms line, no one is saying it's the quietest rifle on the market, though, as far as PCPs are concerned, out of the box it's certainly close.

          • ANDRE from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

            Which scope would you recommend for the AIR ARMS S510 TDR ?. Price range $150-$ 200.

          • ANDRE from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

            Does this ship with a good scope ?,I'm not seeing it in the description .

            • Tyler from USA:

              No, a scope is not included.

          • Eric from USA asked:

            Air Arms S510 TDR. can the moderator be removed for cleaning/ barrel maintenance?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Not the moderator by itself but the entire shroud (with mod attached) can be removed for cleaning, etc.

          • Richard from USA asked:

            How many shots on the power w/ .22 caliber pellet before the point of impact is effected?

            • Tyler from USA:

              That is going to depend on what distance you are shooting. Using 50 yards as an example though, with the amount of velocity variation shown in the video, probably 10-15 shots.

          • Charles from USA asked:

            How much does this gun weigh? Specifications do not say.

            • Tyler from USA:

              Yes they do. 6.2 lbs