Date: 26/9/2020 1:27

Customers Q&A on Air Arms S510 XS Stealth Carbine PCP Air Rifle

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  • SD from USA asked:

    How low can the power on .22 or .25 be set?

    • Mark from USA:

      Right around 600 FPS

  • Raphael from USA asked:

    Has anyone had the problem of air blowing by the fitting when trying to fill up this gun? The fitting locks on, and there are two O rings, but the air blows out, so I can't get it to fill. I've tried with a pump, and with a Nomad.

    • Mark from USA:

      First cock the gun. You need to set the valve to fill the gun. If that does not work the fill assembly may be defective.

  • fender from USA asked:

    Does the power selector have a click detente ?

    • Mark from USA:


  • jonathan from USA asked:

    can this be configured left handed ?

  • Liv from Canada asked:

    I am curious what the maximum shot count might be given that this gun has a smaller 188cc cylinder vs 288cc in the others If we consider the .177 version, and adjust down the power to the lowest setting possible, What kind of FPS and shot count am I looking at with this now regulated gun?

    • Mark from USA:

      A typical shot count is 40 shots in .177 cal. At the lowest power setting you will probably get 45-50 shots per fill.

  • Frank from USA asked:

    What is the length and diameter of the Q-Tec moderator? Do you have a decibel reading for the gun in .177? Also, is that a power adjustment on the right side?

    • Mark from USA:

      The moderator is 8" long and 1 3/4" in dia. We do not have decibel readings. The power adjuster is on the right side of the receiver.

  • Paul from USA asked:

    The PA specifications for the AA S510 XS Stealth Carbine (w/ poplar stock) show the weight as 8.37 lbs. The PA specifications for the AA S510 XS Ultimate Sporter (w/ laminated stock) show the weight as 8.37 lbs. Both the same. Is that correct? I would expect the weight of the gun with the poplar stock to be lighter. Thanks for checking on that.

    • Mark from USA:

      The S510 Stealth Carbine Poplar is 6.6 lbs. The S510 Ultimate Sporter Laminate is 8.37 lbs

    • Paul from USA:

      Can anyone answer this question?