Date: 18/9/2020 15:33

Customers Q&A on Air Arms S510 XTRA Ultimate Sporter FAC Air Rifle

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  • Eduardo from USA asked:

    Can this rifle be shipped to California ?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Greg from USA asked:

    What makes the "FAC" different from regular model?

    • Tyler from USA:

      FAC is standard for the US market, means "Firearms Certificate." In the UK, they are limited to 12 FPE airguns unless someone has an FAC, so Air Arms marks the higher power export models as FAC models.

  • Eaton from USA asked:

    Can you remove the moderator?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Craig from USA asked:

    How does the sound report compare to an unmoderated S510 on high power?

    • Tyler from USA:

      It is much quieter.

  • alan from USA asked:

    Can the existing air connection be safely changed out to a male quick disconnect?

    • Tyler from USA:

      There are one or two places that offer such an adapter, so yes it can be done

  • Guido from USA asked:

    what's the difference between this ultimate sporter and the regular s510?

    • Kevan from USA:

      Ultimate Sporter has adjustable laminate stock and Q tech moderator that is caliber specific.

  • mwbutcher from USA asked:

    Do you know if the actual barrel is 19.5 or is that the length with silencer attached and the barrel portion is shorter than that?

    • Anak from USA asked:

      What's the difference between this S510 ultimate sporter XTRA FAC, with the regular sporter carbine? I want to buy the shorter one. This one seems to have a longer OAL and a longer air cylinder. Please help.

      • Paul from USA asked:

        Could you get the 12ftlbs version on this here in the US? Thxs

        • Richard from USA:

          Power adjuster can be set for 12FPE , use a chronograph to confirm.

      • Michael from USA asked:

        The stock is ambidextrous, but can the cocking mechanism be moved to the other side for left-handed use?

        • Tyler from USA:

          No it cannot be changed

      • Tim from USA asked:

        can i use one of the benjamin hand pumps with this gun

        • Cory from USA:

          Yes, but I would recommend using a high pressure air tank to fill the gun as the air will usually be dryer when supplied by a high pressure breathing air compressor.

      • Larry from USA asked:

        Are you aware of any plans to make this stock available for the regular S510 so that the standard stock could be swapped for this one?

        • Jamie from USA:

          Yes, Air Arms catalog offers this stock for sale.

      • Geoffrey_K from USA asked:

        How many shots does one get from the 177 or 22 ? useable shots please. thank you

        • Tyler from USA:

          You can expect about 50 good shots on low power and roughly 25 on high power. That will change slightly depending on the weight of the pellet in use. On high power, the sweet spot spans about 15 shots, all within 10 fps of each other.

      • Gio from USA asked:

        If I buy more magazines do they only come in yellow? I like the steanlis one's

        • Val from USA:

          These come with standard magazines. Only 30the anniversary limited edition rifle comes with stainless steel magazines.