Date: 20/2/2019 21:45

Customers Q&A on Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC Sidelever PCP Air Rifle

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  • Greg from USA asked:

    How many shots per fill on the .177? Also, there seems to be a difference in opinions. Does the S510 Xtra FAC Sidelever PCP Air Rifle come with one or two mags.

    • Tyler from USA:

      That depends on the power setting and what you deem to be a "good shot." I would say 30 good, consistent shots on high power. One mag.

  • William from USA asked:

    Can you update the specs on this rifle and the others in the S510 class. Whats in the catalog does not jive with whats on the web. Is the regulator like the Huma type.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not sure what you mean? This particular rifle is not regulated. The S510 XS, is the regulated version. Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate...

  • Jeffrey from USA asked:

    Nothing in the specs about the air pump adapter. Does this thread on or accept the Air Venturi MK4 female quick disconnect fitting?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The fill adapter that comes with the gun is threaded to 1/8" BSPP. So you can either remove the QD fitting from your hose and thread the fill adapter in, or purchase a Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"... and it will then have a male qd to attach to the hose.

  • vic from USA asked:

    Why is the S510 poplar model rated at 35 ft/lbs of muzzle energy and the walnut stock model at 42 ft/lbs in .25 cal.? Aren't they the same rifle rated with the same weight pellets?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Good question, probably a misprint

  • Thomas from USA asked:

    I really like the S510 PCP air rifles, but I am left handed and want to know if any models come in a left handed stock? Please be specific about .22 caliber models of S510 and what might be possible. I really like the S510 Xtra FAC, so would like that in left handed version or ambi. Tx..

    • Rodger from USA asked:

      what is the trigger pull weight?

      • Tyler from USA:

        It can be adjusted into the sub 1 lbs range easily

    • Greg from USA asked:

      Are tall scope mounts needed to clear magazine?

      • Tyler from USA:

        That depends on your scope. If you want to play it safe, high rings are the best bet

    • Skinnymitch from USA asked:

      What does fac mean

      • Tyler from USA:

        Fire Arm Certificate, it is what you would need in the England to own a rifle over 12 FPE. All of the export AA guns that produce more than 12 FPE are marked as FAC to denote that.

    • Jonathan from USA asked:

      Are there any restrictions on fitting this gun with an AA Q-tec moderator? If not, do you stock it or can it be special ordered? Price and lead time?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Pyramyd does not offer moderators. It cannot be special ordered. That aside, the end of the shroud is threaded to accommodate a mod.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      I'm considering getting the .22 with the 231cc tank. How many shots can I estimate getting? (On average or @ Hi & Low if you know)

      • Tyler from USA:

        On high power, you are looking at 30-35 good shots.

    • Dan from USA asked:

      Comparing the S510 TC to the extra FAC how is it that the weight of the gun goes from 7.65 one tank to 7.55 for 2 tanks. What changed to make that possible? Trying to decide my next gun purchase

      • Joseph from USA asked:

        What does the initials "FAC" mean?

        • Val from USA:

          In UK, this air rifle would require an FAC - Firearms Certificate. Just a designation that this is the model that Air Arms produced for USA market (no restrictions on power)

        • Stanley from USA:

          Fire Arms Certificate.

      • Mike from USA asked:

        Is the xtra quieter than the carbine?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Sometimes longer barrels can be quieter?

      • Qin from USA asked:

        Is s510 rifle has better power and accuracy than s510 carbine ? I have hard time deciding which one that I should go with!

        • Stanley from USA:

          Longer barrels can be more accurate as well as being better for longer ranges.

      • Lee from USA asked:

        Any talk of a 9mm / .357 version in the future ?

        • Tyler from USA:

          At this point, no.

      • Jim from USA asked:

        Is this rifle regulated? I mean is there a built in regulator that governs the power of each shot?

        • Val from USA:


      • carroll from USA asked:

        will the bug buster fit the air arms s510

        • Stanley from USA:


      • peter gonzalez from USA asked:

        Does it come with a magazine?

        • Stanley from USA:


      • Timothy from USA asked:

        You didn't answer the question about the left hand or ambi walnut stock. Is the S510 in walnut available with these options?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Ambi stocks and right handed stocks are available , but the bolt is not reversible for left handed shooters.

      • Marcus from USA asked:

        Is it possible to upgrade the power for heavy pellets (i.e. war valve or specialty shop)

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Pyramyd doesn't offer parts like that.

      • Marcus from USA asked:

        Will the .25 S510 shoot the Eun Jin 42.2 grain pellet?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Only if you don't use the magazine.

      • Don from USA asked:

        Does the stock come pre-drilled to mount a bi-pod? If not, how difficult is it to mount a bipod to the stock?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          No. Not hard. You just need to make sure you drill properly and buy this: GrovTec Wood Screw & Swivel.... From there, most bi pods come with a swivel screw adapter.

      • Ron from USA asked:

        Is the Air Arms S510 Xtra (with walnut stock) offered in a left handed stock ? Or ambidexterous stock (same gun w/walnut stock)

        • michael from USA:

          The s510 ultimate sporter stock is adjustable but it is laminate. The bolt is not reversible for lefthanded shooter.

      • Zogkas from Greece asked:

        Is S-510 barrel chocked?

        • Jerry from USA:


      • james from USA asked:

        What does F A C stand for?

        • Edith from USA:

          Firearms Certificate. This gun is made in England, where airguns over certain energy levels are considered firearms and require owners to jump through hoops to get and keep their guns. This gun shoots over 12 ft-lbs., so that makes it a firearm by English standards. Since this gun is made for both the U.S. and the U.K. markets, Air Arms decided to label all the powerful guns as FAC no matter which country it was going to.

      • Gio from USA asked:

        Can you buy the black or Stanislaus steel magazine's

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          You can only buy the stock magazines for this rifle.

      • Paul from USA asked:

        How many magazines are included?

        • Mike from USA:

          The Ultimate Sporter comes with two

        • gary from USA:

          One mag is provided with the AA s510 extra fac air rifle