Date: 22/4/2019 15:4

Customers Q&A on Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle

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  • Alex from USA asked:

    What oil or grease do I use for the spring? Also if anything is it possible that you guys can service my gun if my spring breaks or seals go out as I know nothing about that stuff please let me know ? (TX200)

  • Alex from USA asked:

    What's the barrel's twist rate?

    • Tom from USA asked:

      What are the dimensions of the spring for this particular air rifle?

      • Alex from USA asked:

        What screws do I need to tighten what's the action screw? TX200

        • steve'sdental lab from USA asked:

          600.00 for a spring powered air rifle ? Which is more accurate a springer or a gas ram ? Why are gas rams more expensive if springers are more accurate ? Why aren't any gas rams winning any field target matches ?Watch this video this guy is saying the only good thing about a spring gun is that its easier to work on . It sounds like to me in the video that gas rams are better but you never see them at field target shoots why ?

          • Louis from USA:

            Gas Rams are designed for more power than is allowed. American Hunter Class Field Target is 20fpe. That is why springers are used, they can be tuned down to meet class. PCPs as well can be tuned to meet class.

          • Paul from USA:

            Man that's a lot of questions,my advice is to use google and study study and study some more. I'm quite sure you will fine most of the answers to your questions.

        • Bob from USA asked:

          Has anyone tried to use a TKO moderator on this gun?

          • Paul from USA:

            I don't know why anyone would it comes with a fully shrouded barrel already.

        • Ronnie from USA asked:

          What is the condition of refurbished units? (scratches, defects, etc.)?

          • Paul from USA:

            If you go to the home page and go to navigation then scroll down to Remans/Refurbs it will explain your question.

        • Fred from USA asked:

          What are the torque specs for TX200 stock screws (inch-pounds). Right now I am torquing the from stock screws and the rear trigger screw until they squeak, and lightly torquing the front trigger guard screw. Using blue locktite on the front screws, but not on the trigger guard screws. Thanks.

          • David from USA:

            When you here that one squeak, STOP! Try not to over torque this rifle. This is a great shooter, and you risk damaging the rifle (and possibly voiding your warranty) if you over torque the rifle stock screws. Use a very small amount of locktite, a little goes a long way.

        • Vernon from USA asked:

          What pellet seems to shoot the best in 22 cal?

          • David from USA:

            For this rifle, I would suggest H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 grain), JSB Exact Diabolo (13.43 grain), or if you enjoy the heavier pellet JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy Diabolo (18.13 grain). All of these have tested well at our indoor range here at Pyramyd Air. I would personally avoid wadcutter pellets, as they make loading a bit more difficult.

        • Scott from USA asked:

          All Ya'll, it would be of interest ( to me anyway ) to find out the percentage of TX owners who went with a Vortek or other kit. Also when, like how far into your ownership? What were your results? I'm waiting for the long brown box to show up very soon. %^)

          • Paul from USA:

            You'd would be better off asking this question on the yellow forum or the field target forum.

        • Lajos from USA asked:

          What is the LOP of this rifle in inches?

          • Paul from USA:

            Mine measures 14.25 inches.

        • Harry J from Canada asked:

          I live in Ontario Canada. Do I need a pal to purchase this gun? Thanks, Harry

          • David from USA:

            Yes. Any airgun that shoots MORE THAN 495 FPS must have a PAL. If you don't, the customs folks will be enjoying your rifle for a couple of days before sending it back to Pyramyd Air.

        • anthony from Canada asked:

          Do I need to use the artillery hold for this airgun

          • Paul from USA:

            You don't "need to" but you'll probably get better results if you do.

        • Rey David from USA asked:

          The BKL rings mount works well in the TX200 MK3 ? or not?

          • James-M. from USA:

            Two piece BLK rings on my mk3 .177 would not hold. I tried three different design BLK 30mm sets. I used all of the tricks that I could find to make them hold. They still creeped back. Then I switched to a one piece BKL mount. It's ok. Also, heavy scopes creep more than much lighter scopes.(which is a no brainer)

          • james from USA:

            I use a 14.00 dollar one piece high mounts and works just fine

          • Paul from USA:

            I have BKL rings on mine they work fine.

        • Kazuki from Japan asked:

          Can it be uncocked after I cocked this gun?

          • Paul from USA:

            I'm not sure but if it could be done, you would need 3 hands, one on the cocking lever, one on the safety and one on the trigger.

          • James-M. from USA:


        • Samuel from USA asked:

          What is the length of pull from the trigger curve center to the center of the stock butt? Thanks.

          • Paul from USA:

            14.5 inches

        • Keith from USA asked:

          I recently bought an Air Arms TX200Mk3 (walnut). I cannot stop the front trigger guard/action screw from backing out. I have degreased the threads on the retaining screw (which I know is secure and not moving) and on the front trigger guard screw. I tried BLUE Loctite first (didn't help) and then BLUE Permatex gel threadlocker on the threads and let it cure for several days without shooting. I marked the screw with a gray Sharpie and notice after about 20 shots it will back out 1/8-1/4 turn and keep moving from there. I torque it 'just enough to stop movement in the stock', good and snug -as the owners manual indicates and do not over-torque it. I tried this 4 times now and it is getting very frustrating. All I need to do is notice my accuracy going and look down and sure enough, that screw is backing out. I have even wrapped some aluminum ductwork tape around the retaining screw so when I place the action into the stock there is zero forward and aft movement and the action is not moving at all in the stock when I cock the rifle. Some advice would be appreciated! Thanks

          • Everett from USA:

            Also keep in mind, there is a shelf-life on all Loc-tite thread-locker. At work, we use Loctite 222 alot. We've had expired adhesive used on threads that never seems to cure. We learned the hard way. There is a shelf-life.

          • JetChopperDude from USA:

            02-June-2016 - Not sure how old this posting is, but here's my 2-cents worth. I've noticed when I occasionally use LOCTITE, "A Little Dab Will Do You"! From my understanding, that stuff is like SUPER GLUE, in which that product sets up with an absence of air, plus a little bit of moisture. Haven't you ever wondered why your fingers get stuck, with that stuff? With the LOCTITE, having that liquid oozing out a little outside of the threads, could be your problem area. Just put enough on the beginning of the threads, then tighten. I had this happen to a friend, when he couldn't get a snug acceptance on his motorcycle bolts (there was LOCTITE liquid out by the bolt head). I told him to remove the bolt; clean off the excess; reapply, retighten. Problem solved.

          • James-M. from USA:

            I have had mine apart many times. With no problems. I wouldn't want you to damage your rifle, but It sounds to me like your understanding of "snug" may not be snug enough. You could snug it your way, then let someone with more experience check it to "feel" if it's tight to their liking. Good luck and safe shooting.

        • Jim from USA asked:

          What scope doesn't cover the loading port ?

          • James-M. from USA:

            To update my comment. I'm now using a BKL one piece mount. Never the less, loading is still the same.

          • James-M. from USA:

            A scope will not block the loading gate. A scope is to be mounted on top of the rifle. The loading gate on the TX is on the right side, not on the top. My scope goes beyond the loading gate, but does not get in the way of loading. I have a 30mm scope tube(Hawke Airmax 8x32x50) on low mounts BKL-S305MB[PY-A 5708].

          • Paul from USA:

            I have a Hawke Sport Optics 3-12x50 AO Sidewinder 30 SF Rifle Scope, Ill. 1/2 Mil-Dot 10x Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 30mm Tube, Sidewheel and with out the sun shade it doesn't cover the loading port.

        • Dennis from USA asked:

          Can I get this with walnut stock?

          • Paul from USA:

            Go to the gray rectangle box at the top of the page and click on it and all the choices will come up.

          • Stanley from USA:

            The order page shows walnut stocks in .177 and 22 caliber both left and right handed configurations.

        • Bill from USA asked:

          The instructions say not to oil the rifle except the hinges.but I read you should oil the spring.

          • James-M. from USA:

            The AA TX200 Mk3 users handbook says nothing of oiling the spring.

          • Paul from USA:

            Where did you read the part about oiling the spring?

        • Bill from USA asked:

          Does this gun come with a scope. does this rifle come with a scope

          • Paul from USA:

            Not unless you order a scope at the same time when order the rifle.

        • William from USA asked:

          Can I shoot this in the winter?

          • Val from USA:


        • Bob from USA asked:

          Anyone find the "Magic Pellet" in .177 for this gun?

          • Bob from USA:

            My magic pellet is the JSB Exact Heavy Diablo 10.36gr. It shoots well with every 10.2-10.6gr I have tried.

          • James-M. from USA:

            @Randy. 9 different ones are not enough for me. I test more.

          • James-M. from USA:

            Kodiak Match.

          • Randy from USA:

            It took me 9 different ones before I tried H&N field trophy, it seems best for mine.

          • Paul from USA:

            I'm having a heck of a time finding that magic pellet also. The best one so far has been the Beeman Kodiak match in 10.65 grain.

        • Robert from USA asked:

          Is it possible for the TX200 to have barrel droop? Doesn't seem possible.

          • R.B. from USA:

            Robert: If your point of impact is dropping, check your action screws. I kept having to adjust the scope because the poi was dropping. I checked the action screws and tightened them. After this phenomena happened a second time, I blue Loc-Tited the screws and the problem was resolved.

        • Michael from USA asked:

          Is there a good way to put a sling on the awesome air rifle for hunting?

          • Glenn from USA:

            Yes, there is. Uncle Mike's 1051-2 split barrel band that goes on the cocking arm. I used some loctite to keep the split barrel band more secure. When I use the sling, I carry the rifle upside-down which keeps most of the pressure on the rear, screw-in swivel. This may not be necessary, I'm just letting you know how I do it.

        • R.B. from USA asked:

          The rubber bumper on the bottom of the barrel broke off. There is still a little bump but the dimple itself came off. I put a rubber "O" ring on the cocking lever to help cushion the lever when I cock the gun. Is this something I need to send back to get repaired or can I let it go as is?

          • Paul from USA:

            Most every one I've seen has been torn off. Don't worry about you did the most common fix.Now go shoot and have fun.

          • Tom from USA:

            Mine came off also at the second tin of pellets, and I too got an o-ring. Isn't there a better engineering fix ?

        • R.B. from USA asked:

          Once again my thanks to Dan the Man. The more I shoot this rifle, the better I like it. The groups keep getting smaller. The advertised muzzle velocity in .22 is 750 F.P.S. I took my rifle to the range the other day. There was a fellow there with a chronograph. Muzzle velocity range from 657 F.P.S. to 686 F.P.S. I'm shooting Beeman Field Target Special 14.66 grain pellets. I've got under 200 pellets through the rifle. Will the muzzle velocity increase or is my pellet heavier than the factory uses to measure muzzle velocity?

          • R.B. from USA:

            Thanks to Dan & Tyler. I sent an email to Air Arms inquiring about the pellet weight. Their response follows: "The technical department have advised that we set up on AA field 15.9 g".

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            It might increase a slight bit, but the speed should stabilize more over time. Your accuracy will also increase the more you shoot it.

          • Tyler from USA:

            It may be slightly heavier but that difference is not something to be concerned about. Your velocities seem to be right on for the FTS pellets. If I had to venture a guess, they use a JSB 13 grain exact RS.

        • R.B. from USA asked:

          My thanks to Dan the man for answering my previous question. Is there a way to apply the safety to this rifle after it has been released? This morning I removed the safety to shoot a squirrel. He heard the click and ran off. I noticed the safety will not engage once it has been disengaged. I thought about pulling the cocking lever but was concerned that I may disrupt the timing if I pulled the cocking lever without having the spring tension against it.

          • Tom from USA:

            Easy to reset the safety. The last click of the cock is the safety, just pull the cocking lever back again, no problem, the spring is already loaded. Or, de-cock, pull the cocking lever back and while holding firmly, pull the trigger then the anti-bear trap lock. Caution, any slip here could result in busted knuckles.

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            No problem. As far as the safety, I wouldn't mess with it. Besides, I've heard if you leave a spring piston airgun cocked for more than 10 minutes, you'll damage it.

        • R.B. from USA asked:

          My TX 200 III was delivered yesterday. Mounted the scope and zeroed the rig. The rifle shoots really well. Good fit and finish for the wood and metal. What maintenance is required to keep this rifle shooting well?

        • Paul from USA asked:

          Is the barrel shrouded?

          • DOM 4915 from USA:

            yes it is shrouded with a few baffles built into the end of the shroud just before the muzzle anyone who says it is not shrouded dosent know anythign about this rifle

          • Paul from USA:

            The TX200 does have a full shroud watch the video with Paul Capello

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            No, just the Pro Sport is shrouded.

        • Mach-1 from USA asked:

          Where is it made? Hoping the USA.

          • Val from USA:


        • Leon from USA asked:

          This is listed under specs as having a 9" barrel and the Hunter carbine has a 9.53" barrel??

          • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

            That is the information that was provided directly from Air Arms

        • Randall from USA asked:

          Does this rifle shoot the Crossman premiere hollow-points well in .177 cal.?

          • Tyler from USA:

            That will depend entirely on your barrel and what it likes. My personal TX likes the boxed Crosman Premier lights a lot.

        • Michael from USA asked:

          Is Refurbished covered under a warranty?

          • Val from USA:

            yes, same warranty as new (through Air Venturi)

        • PaperPunch1 from USA asked:

          Exactly what does REFURBISHED mean?

        • Peter from USA asked:

          Did this rifle, historically, ever have a nine inch barrel?

          • James-M. from USA:

            The hc yes, not this one. This one is 13+" rifled the full length of the barrel.

          • Jerry from USA:

            9" is the rifled portion of the barrel

        • Papa from USA asked:

          what is worinty.

          • Tyler from USA:

            It is a 1 year warranty.

        • Stephen from USA asked:

          How much does it weigh?

          • Tom from USA:

            That 9.3 lbs is bare bones. With the pyramid package, mount, scope and 1 heavy pellet, my gun is 10.5 lbs.

          • Val from USA:

            9.3 lbs

        • Mike from USA asked:

          What scope is most recommended? And... what pellets for the 22?

          • Paul from USA:

            I put a Hawk sidewinder 3-12x50 on mine. I feel it a very good match for this rifle. As far as the cretin remark that makes no sense this rifle is made to be scoped that's why there's no front sight.

          • Tom from USA:

            Only a cretin? I didn't realize I was that bad off. I haven't noticed many photos of a TX200 without a scope.

          • david from USA:

            Suitable front sight for TX200 rifle and a Lyman 48 grade for the rear??. Only a cretin would scope this rifle in walnut.

          • Val from USA:

            Mike, depends on what distance you are planning on shooting. We have a few scopes recommended for the rifle