Date: 26/1/2021 4:12

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi TR5 Multi-Shot Target Air Rifle

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  • Jorge from USA asked:

    Whats the bottom rail for?

    • Herman from USA asked:

      Will a Williams peep sight work? On this gun?

      • Tim from USA:

        It will attach to the gun, but the gun won't put pellets where you aim, so it won't work.

      • Mark from USA:

        Yes. The 11mm base unit.

    • Gerard from USA asked:

      I'm curious to know how this version compares with Baikal's rifle. I like my Baikal but it is neither robust nor really accurate. And I'm sorry about that because I like the design. I'd be interested in this Air Venturi version IF it is any better. Do you guys have thoughts about that? Many thanks,

      • Tim from USA:

        It's much worse than the Baikal.

      • Jeb from USA:

        Definitely fragile compared to other guns. Four out of six used by our Scout troop were broken after a day of use.

      • Mark from USA:

        This is no better than the Baikal. It is not particularly robust or accurate.

    • ict815 from USA asked:

      Any idea if Air Venturi will offer separate magazines soon (other the IZH ones)? Thanks!

      • Mark from USA:

        We will have TR5 magazines in the near future.

    • Phil from USA asked:

      Is there a schematic of the TR5 somewhere ?

      • Jeb from USA:

        I disassembled a broken one and I don't think it's designed for user servicing. I bet if you send one in for warranty repair, they'll just send out a new one.

      • Phil from USA:

        I guess not

    • Debbie from USA asked:

      Will the Air Venturi diopter sight work well with the current front sight on the TR5 ? And, Will extra cartridges be available soon? And just one more... What pellets are working great in these rifles?

      • Cameron from USA asked:

        The stated velocity is 500 PS? From your testing, what is the actual velocity? Pellets used?

        • Jordan from USA:

          Probably 7.0gr

      • Ed from USA asked:

        Are there any available accessories for the UIT rail?

        • Tom from USA asked:

          Can it be used without the clip?

          • Jeb from USA:


        • Frank from USA asked:

          This gun is a copy of the IZH61 , I have one of those I bought it from PA , about 4 years ago I love it if this about the same let me know please!!!!!

          • Val from USA:

            It was inspired by IZH 61

          • Mark from USA:

            The AV TR5 is based on the IZH-61. It performs similarly. Time will tell if it is as good as the IZH-61

        • Howard from USA asked:

          Will this rifle be legal for 10M shooting? Thanks.

          • Tyler from USA:

            Seeing as it is brand new, it has not been approved for 10m competition (sporter) at this time (Feb. 2019). If that changes, you will likely see something on the product page or in the 10m rules reflecting that.

        • matt from USA asked:

          Will izh 61 magazines work in these?

          • Tyler from USA:

            I have been told that they do work in this gun.

        • Gregory from Canada asked:

          Canada's gun law states that an airgun must exceed both muzzle velocity of 500 fps AND muzzle energy of 4.2 foot-pounds/5.7 joules to be considered a firearm and this air rifle probably won't exceed both and so it should be available to Canadian customers. The crosman 2240 & 1322 are both available to Canadians here from PA, and they are both more powerful than this cool new side lever air rifle. The .22 caliber Diana chaser pistol & rifle kit are also more powerful and do ship to Canada.

          • Tyler from USA:

            The manufacturer rates it at 500 fps, we will see where they are at when they come in energy wise and go from there.