Date: 14/8/2020 19:10

Customers Q&A on Alfa Proj Competition PCP Pistol

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  • Andrew from USA asked:

    More Alfa adventures! I was trying to see where the Alfa falls off its regulator. It never did. After a 200 bar fill from my Nomad II it finally vented on the 120th shot (FX chronographed it at 400 fps) with Crosman Premier 7.4gr Wad Cutters. There was no telltale vertical stringing of shots on the 10m target like my Bandit or Marauder when they fell off. The Avg: was 424 fps with a STD Dev: of 16.7. I'm a target shooter and I'm trying to find the point that the group starts to open up. Maybe my methodology was wrong? Id' rather not shoot strings that long to verify when I could spend that time practicing. Everyone stay well!

    • Andrew from USA asked:

      I just received (PCP newbie) and filled (200 bar) my Alfa Proj and it dumped its air (vented out the barrel for 1-2 seconds) on the last shot. I probably got at least 80+ shots before this happened. Is this normal for a PCP gun? I paid the for 10 for $10 service so I'm thinking it shouldn't be a lemon. I love this community! Everyone stay well.

      • Mark from USA:

        That is normal. You shot it below the pressure to seat the firing valve . Only shoot about 60 to 65 shots in a Alfa Proj and then refill.

    • Ernest from USA asked:

      Will this work with the Air Venturi G9 Hand Pump, or will an adaptor be needed? thanks.

    • Terry from USA asked:

      How do I mount a dot sight on this? Rail looks close to 13mm.

    • Kevin from USA asked:

      If you added the male quick disconnect to the gun would it work??? It looks like it has a cover of some sort over the fill probe...

    • Lawrence from USA asked:

      when should I stop filling the gun, to what psi?

      • Val from USA:

        According to the manual, max operating pressure is 200 bar (3000 PSI)

    • Glen from USA asked:

      When I charge the gun, I can hear the air leaking from somewhere in the pistol. I checked and lubed the O ring where the reservoir attaches to the action and it contiues to leak. Any suggestions?

      • doug from USA:

        Try cocking the gun first

    • Lee from USA asked:

      How do you fill the gun with the adaptor provided. Mine bleeds air and can't form a seal at the adaptor. Review the instructions and you will see a different adaptor.

      • Virgilio from USA:

        Lee. You can use bees wax or clay to plug up the hole inside the fill adaptor. That's what I had to do to fix the leaky adaptor. I use the bleed valve on the pump or air tank instead of the one on the adaptor.

    • MAGGIE from USA asked:

      How many shots can you get on a full tank?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Around 80.

    • James from USA asked:

      I have a din valve scuba tank. Do I need any special adapter to fill the Air Arms Alfa Proj PCP Pistol?