Date: 24/3/2019 12:20

Customers Q&A on Ataman AP16 Regulated Standard Air Pistol


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  • Alain from USA asked:

    Hi, I would like to know which is the best choice for precision between the standard and the compact? From France

    • Tyler from USA:

      It does not matter, I would go with the standard length though as it shoots a little faster and will get more shots per fill

  • Brad from USA asked:

    Does anyone know the Belleville washer configuration on the regulator?

    • Petar from USA asked:

      Does anyone know how te change the hammer spring on the Ataman AP16 Pistol?

      • Brad from USA:

        there is a screw in the front under air chamber/ regulator

    • Brian P from USA asked:

      How do you adjust the factory open sights??? mine is shooting low and to the left. thanks I cant figure it out... Brian

      • repeaterrepeater from Canada asked:

        Conflicting information here. Is the shroud, in fact, a supressor? Thank you.

        • Tyler from USA:

          No, it is not.

      • Brian P from USA asked:

        Hey Tyler, I thought you wrote in another answer that Ataman or someone somewhere has a barrel extension,(AKA suppressor) available...does someone have the simple but complete unit?? if you go to you tube the foreign videos all show it coming with one.. I know a little different in USA, but someone makes them..

        • Tyler from USA:

          I'd recommend going to one of the various forums, like the yellow, GTA or Airgun Nation. I'm sure someone will be able to provide a source

      • Armando from USA asked:

        can be adjust to 12fpe power?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, the hammer spring adjustment in the back of the grip frame area should allow you enough adjustment to get down to 12 FPE

      • Marc from Netherlands (Holland) asked:

        What is the threading to add a suppressor?

        • Tyler from USA:

          13x1mm female

      • David from USA asked:

        Do you have adapters to fill spare tanks off the pistol ? Can I get the AT 16 LDC ?

        • Tyler from USA:

          We do not have an adapter to fill the cylinders off of the gun. Pyramyd does not carry an LDC, but the end of the shroud is threaded 13x1mm female.

      • Nao Thai from USA asked:

        Quick question will the Ataman AP16 Come with a suppressor ?????

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Jim from USA asked:

        Are the air tanks interchangeable ? Are additional tanks available and if so what is the cost

        • Tyler from USA:

          The cylinders can be removed and changed. Still waiting on their availability and pricing.

      • Jim from USA asked:

        I guess it would be better to get the larger tank if you can't fill it over 3300 lbs ??

        • Big Shady from USA:

          Your question is confusing to me. But I Think this is the answer you are looking for. This Ataman AP16 Pistol takes a WHOPPING 4350psi = 300Bar. The Air Valve is Regulated down to 3000psi = 200Bar. Its A New Feature For Airguns. Really puts them in a Higher Class being able too shoot 20 full power shots. Transportable, No Extra Weight Added.

      • Barry from USA asked:

        Can the pistol mag be loaded while it is seated in the pistol like the Ataman long guns.

        • Marc from Netherlands (Holland):

          Yes I can. The upper 2 slots are loadable while attached to the gun. I add a pellet after every shot and never take out the magazine.

        • Tyler from USA:


      • bokes from USA asked:

        Are the grips standard 1911 style? Any known shoulder stocks that would fit?

        • Tyler from USA:

          They are not standard 1911 grips. And I do not know of any shoulder stock options for it at this time.

      • Ashton from USA asked:

        Does this gun use Co2 cartridges? Or how do you reload it?

        • Stanley from USA:

          No uses high pressure air filled with a hand pump or tank (A PCP ) .

      • ANTHONY from USA asked:

        Is the maximum shots per fill. From a300 BAR fill? If so, what is the maximum number of regulated shots from a 230-250 BAR fill?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, max shots are from a 300 BAR fill. From 250, you should be able to get 10-15 good shots, should be right around two magazines worth.

      • David from USA asked:

        This air pistol is more than twice as expensive as the Benjamin Marauder pistol. What makes it worth so much? It's late to market (more than 3 years) with similar technology and performance. I don't get it.

        • Big Shady from USA:

          The Cycling Action is much smoother. When being built they dont just slap a part on, they inspect their workmanship. Quality Control is expensive. Its very light weight, built in silencer. $1000 it should shoot a true 1000fps for my money. I would prefer 8 harder shots over 15 shots at 600fps .25 caliber for stopping power or higher.

        • Franklin from USA:

          It is a compact, multi-shot, high powered, hoslter-able performance pistol. It is THE MOST powerful multi-shot pistol to date for its size and configuration. It is not a rifle that has been shortened to "pistol” size. This pistol is easy to carry compared to the marauder, AT P2, Talon P and others. Sure the Talon P has more power but it is more like a carbine than a pistol.

        • NotEnufAir from USA:

          A regulator, higher fill pressure, finer build quality

      • Robert from USA asked:

        Pictures have changed, but the description has not. Does this pistol have open sights or not? Description says no, pictures say yes...

        • Tyler from USA:

          Please re-read the description, Open sights are included.